Flashing Lights

Written by Shaun Garin
Concept by Canis Black

Naruto is owned by Kishimoto.

Jiraiya had long since argued with Naruto constantly about the change of clothing. Bright orange did not make a ninja for the most part and Naruto constantly insisted on buying the brightest clothing possible.

The training was going well, soon Naruto would be strong enough to defend himself from those cultists, the Akatsuki. With any luck, they'd be seeing the boarders of the Fire Country in another three or four months or so.

Currently now though, Jiraiya had to get the flashing spots out of his eyes and regain all movement in his limbs.

It had started so good too; Naruto was learning the basics of Genjutsu in order to counter it, not perform it. There were a few things that the Uzumaki child was good at and Genjutsu was not one of them. Currently he was working his way through the latest one Jiraiya had put him in and Naruto was working on breaking free.

"What's the matter boy?" mocked Jiraiya laughingly. "You're just broadcasting your status from thrashing around like that!"

"Screw you!" retorted Naruto, his eyes spinning with the lights of the illusion as he ran around, trying to find the anchor point. "Once I find where you are old man I'm gonna make you pay for this one!"

"Oh ho? And how will you do that?" asked Jiraiya and Naruto paused in his thrashing. A foxy grin appeared on his face and Jiraiya grunted, knowing something stupid was about to happen.

It happened with Naruto's latest creation, a jutsu more perverted than the Sexy no Jutsu. And now it was happening today.

Naruto's hands came together in a string of mismatched seals. Jiraiya had a moment to blink before he called out "UZUMAKI FLASH!"

There was a brilliant flash and a burst of orange light from his clothing. "OH GOD MY EYES!" Jiraiya screamed, horrified as his eyesight was gouged out from the terrible flashing and thumping of the lights and it drove the sannin to his knees. The light burst from orange to purple to pink to a hideous orange and sunlight yellow mix and then around to orange again before Naruto let up and Jiraiya sank to his knees, babbling incoherantly as Naruto emerged from the Genjutsu. "Hey, you okay old man?" asked Naruto and Jiraiya stood there, eyes blank and drool dribbling from his mouth.

"Huh," said Naruto, tapping Jiraiya's skull. "The people at the dance hall thought it was cool. I guess some people don't have an accriment for taste."