From: Chief Analyst Lyric

To: Head of Department

Re: Subject A5437.6

Initial Observations

Apparent Age: Late 20s
Sex: Male
Height: 1.98 meters
Weight: 89 kg
Species: Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Home world: Unknown
Family Members: Unknown
Weapon(s) of Choice: Custom dueling sword. Detailed below.
Special Aptitudes: Unknown
Former Occupations: Unknown

Scientific Analysis - Underway

Subject A5437.6 Analysis Recordings-

Extended cryogenic-type hibernation: Approximated 4000+ years.

Subject's vitals appear stable.

Retina scans inconclusive of identity.

Finger-prints not contained in any known database.

Deeper investigation needed. Will proceed on schedule.

Weapon(s) Report - Initial


Type: High energy bladed weapon.
Estimated damage potential: As per lightsaber when activated.

Findings: Instead of a standard all energy blade, this uses crystal, waveguide and mirror technology to create an energy field around the actual weapon. It is a sword, the blade estimated to be of high grade Mandalorian iron. The hilt is hollow and estimated of the same material. Inside superficially resembles a lightsaber.

Overall Length: 91.44 cm.
Blade Length: Est. 66.2 cm.
Blade Thickness: Est. 5 mm.
Blade Material: Unknown.
Handle Material: Precisely machined metal, of unknown composition, with brushed metal finish.
Scabbard: Dallorian alloy.

Findings: The sword seems to be locked within the scabbard, and we are so far unable to remove it or locate the locking mechanism. Further study will be needed.

History - Initial

Ship data banks contain no information on the subject. No NAV-computer was located: planet of origin thus remains unknown. Using our location as a starting point, possible points of origin are being cross-referenced.

Hard copies of what appear to be journals located among the wreckage. Current status: Not translated.