Pain. That was the first thing that his mind recognized through the darkness of oblivion. But it couldn't be oblivion if he felt something, could it? Struggling to open his eyes, Arloth almost screamed in torment at the flood of bright and artificial light. It was all he could do not to claw at the offending orbs in his skull.

The thrashing and momentary lapse of discipline caught the attention of one of the scientists in the lab; she spent a long moment watching him carefully. Both remained silent until she approached the force field barring the open field of Arloth's cell.

"How do you feel?" The woman's sweet voice snapped his head up instantly, and the green eyes settled on her with a predatory gleam.

"E ryja hu tacena du cbayg fedr oui."

She reached into one of the pockets of her lab coat and produced a small personal universal translator. Flicking first the power switch then placing the ear piece in her own ear, Lyric repeated herself. "How do you feel?"

Arloth's face narrowed in annoyance. "Mayja sa ymuha, fusyh."

Beep. Beep. "No linguistic match." The translator answered. Lyric frowned, and activated the wireless broadband connection. It would link the small personal device into the greater storage capacity of the main computer.

Smiling nicely, she thought of another question to ask. "Can you tell me anything about yourself?"

"Ev ed femm syga oui mayja sa ymuha cuuhan, E femm yhcfan ouin xiacdeuhc."

The translator hummed softly for a second and is sought information from the main computer, then relayed the same message. "No linguistic match."

"Ask your questions, then leave me alone." Came a surprisingly rich and silky voice. Lyric started in surprise, looking up at the man behind the force field.

"What did you say? You can speak galactic standard! This is great!" She removed the ear piece with glee and set the little machine to the side. Quickly she sprang to the force field and smiled inside at her subject.

"Ok, first question. Uhm- what was that you were speaking?"

"A language" He replied. "Where am I?"

"A planet." Lyric quipped. "Who are you?"

"My name is Arloth."

Narrowing her eyes slightly at the stubbornness of her subject, Lyric thought for a moment how to rephrase herself. "We know WHO you are. But who are you?"

A slight quirk in the right brow of the man, and he snorted. "Quite the philosophical question for a scientist."

"I minor is philosophy at the academy...-" She looked up at him in surprise. Wasn't she supposed to running the interrogation? "That's not the point! Please answer my question."

"Very well. I am Arloth...Legeannor. Scourge of the clans."


"I'll ask you again, who are you stranger?" A raspy voice came from the shadows. An ancient withered man appeared a second later, leaning heavily on a walking stick. "But only this once more." He added.

"I'll not tell anything to you, old man. Leave me be before I leave you in bits." The black haired warrior replied.

"Such strength of purpose, and such arrogance. Tell me, boy, how do you intend to do that? You're without a weapon and your clothes are in worse shape than mine!" He cackled with amusement at himself, leaning heavily on the cane.

Arloth sprang forward awkwardly, muscles screaming in protest from years of misuse. He ignored them and went straight towards the old man, the only thought in his mind to rip out the insolent tongue. To his great surprise and dismay, however, the old man was fast.

Spinning his frail looking body with the grace of a dancer, the old man slipped just past the younger warrior, and whacked him in the back of the neck with the cane. Hitting the ground hard, Arloth rolled onto his back and leapt to his feet. "How dare you strike me old man!"

"You wander into my domain and then have the gall to accuse me?" Almost giggling the old man approached and offered his hand. "Come with me, stranger. You have skill and spirit, but your abilities are unrefined. I will hone them and turn you into the greatest warrior this world has ever seen."

Taking the hand suspiciously, Arloth allowed himself to be dragged back up to his feet. "Who are you, to make such a claim?"

"My name is Legeannor, but you will call me Master."


"Hellooo? Arloth?" Lyric prodded verbally. The man before her had grown silent not a moment ago, and seemed to have fallen back into his coma. "Wake up!" She yelled.

Blinking his eyes once, Arloth focused upon the woman before him. "What is it now?"

"You phased out of consciousness for a moment. I think there may have been some psychological effects from your cryo sleep. How do you feel?" The scientist asked again.

"I will answer no more questions, fire hair. Leave me be." Arloth said, turning his back to the force field and returning to the small cot in the corner.