Hinata's Secret

Disclaimer: No I don't own Naruto… Terrible isn't it?

Summary: Hinata loses her diary. Only trouble could happen. Naruhina maybe some other pairings later… R&R plz.

Hinata was just sitting up in her bed writing in her diary as she does every night. But who could

blame her. Just about every girl has a diary…

December 26

(Sigh) great… just great… Naruto-kun just had to get a mission the day before my birthday… But I'm glad he came by today and promised me a surprise. I can't wait until Naruto-kun comes back. But I hope the surprise would be that he confessed his love for me… stop dreaming Hinata. That day won't come. I would have to confess. "Naruto-kun, there's something I want to tell you…" He'd be like, "Yes, Hinata?" Then I'd be like, "I love you Naruto-kun." Then he'd be like, "I love you too. Wanna get married?" Then I'd be like, "Sure!" Afterwards we'd drive off into the sunset on his Harley Davidson with a sign saying "Just Married"… Hey I can dream ya know.

December 27

Today was my birthday! But, I didn't really feel like celebrating. I'm glad Kurenai-sensei and the rest of the team threw me a party. I don't think father would've thrown me a good one anyways. Ha. He's probably thinking to himself right now…

"How dare those inferior 'ninja' throw a party for my daughter, a party in which I couldn't even surpass!"

Haha… just like father.

December 28

The day after my birthday… Kinda depressing though. Even though I enjoyed the bath set Sakura-chan and Ino-chan gave me…Lavender, my favorite flower and color. In fact I think I'm going to take a bath right now. Trying not to think of Naruto-kun. Even though it could be hard…

December 29

Today I was waiting for Naruto-kun to come back from his mission…again. But how could I resist not waiting for him, he promised me when he came back he had a surprise for me. But I would wait even if he didn't have a surprise for me… It gets boring without his enthusiasm lighting up the village. Haha… I'm getting kinda worried here. What if Naruto-kun doesn't come back! What if something happened on the mission. I mean he's been gone for 3 days!(Sigh) hurry up and come back Naruto-kun--

(Knock) (Knock)Her daily biography was interrupted by knocking." You may enter."

"Oneesan, Otousan has sent me to tell you lights out." It was her younger sister, Hanabi.

Hinata glanced at her clock. It read 10:27 p.m.

"Hai, oyasuminasai."

"Oyasuminasai" and with that Hanabi closed the door and turned off the lights.

Hinata layed there in her bed for 5 mins… then she heard the hall lights being turned off and

doors closing. She muttered to herself," Finally…" Then she dove under her blankets and sheets.

She clicked on the nightlight on her pen. 'Now where was I.'Then she began writing again.


After a while she turned off her pen and went to sleep. After all she had a "top secret meeting"

tomorrow with the girls.