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Three years later.


The girls was certainly pretty, brunette curls flowing down on her back and big blue eyes all ready to go teary if she needed help. A very normal teenager girl, that is. And what normal teenager girls do, is to longingly stare on some pretty boys. This certain girl strutted in to a small grocery store, not really needing anything from there, she just had heard a rumor concerning a gorgeous sales clerk. So, the instant she stepped in, her eyes drifted to the till.. and... ohmygosh, she winced aloud and blushed. That boy was certainly.. wow. Her teenagemind couldn't comprehend it, when she stared at the tall, lean figure standing there, dark eyes scanning the customers. The girl hastily grabbed a chocolate bar and strutted to the cashier.

"Hello!" She said and smiled a smile she thought was flirtatious. She shivered when a pair of cold, dark eyes settled on her. He only nodded. Sasuke Uchiha, it said on his nametag, took the money she offered, his lips twitching into a sarcastic smile for a second.

"Ano...Sasuke-kun..." The boy raised his eyebrow, looking a little tired. The girl felt nervous, suddenly.

"Gooutwithme?!" She suddenly said, shooting a pleading look towards the boy. Unfortunately, his only answer was a smirk.

"Is that so..." He leaned forward, his smirk not reaching to his eyes, not enough to chase away the distant, cold look in them.

"I don't prefer kids that way." His voice low and threatening, that smirk still not leaving his face.

"But! But! I'm already fifteen!" She stuttered, not caring about the forgotten chocolate bar. The boy sighed, his smirk fading.

"Too young. Go away." She sniffled and ran, muttering something about 'evil gorgeous bastards.'

"You know... you don't really have to be that mean." Another girl's voice said, a stern voice that is. Sasuke turned. Tenten was watching him, that annoying grin on her face. She felt like a big sister everytime she looked at him. He had grown, still not as tall as Naruto, but much taller than he had been. He had gained back his natural weight - still too skinny to some people's eyes - and had also gotten back that cat-like grace in his movements. His sickly white paleness had disappeared, they had cut his over-grown hair and now it spiked more in the back. Tenten had no trouble understanding why people liked him, even though he pushed him away. All in all, he had changed. A lot. Not just the outside, but inside too.

Gosh. Tenten really felt like a proud sister.

"Whatever." Sasuke snorted and turned his back. He tugged annoyingly at the strings of his apron.

It was way too hot for his liking... in the start of this damn summer. He wiped his forehead and sighed.


"...?" Tenten scratched her head and smiled.

"You can go home. I can manage here. Isn't it time for Naruto to come home as well?" Mentioning the sunshine's name, she grinned and he sighed, taking off his apron. He grabbed his bag and took off without a goodbye. When he stepped outside, he breathed a sigh of relief. It was at least a little windy here, so it made him feel a little better. He started to walk, other hand in his pocket, the other clutching his bag. He knew the route so he took it almost automatically, black eyes staring blankly in front of him. He went to the second floor - elevators made him feel claustrophobic - by the stairs and opened the door with his key. He put his bag beside the couch and flopped on it, sighing.

Naruto's apartment - he still didn't dare to call it his apartment too - was pleasantly cool so Sasuke leaned back comfortably and closed his eyes.

He almost drifted to sleep, so he didn't hear the door opening and murmured 'tadaima.'

"Sasukekun" The newcomer said right beside the sleepy boy's ear - and what worse, blowed in it. Sasuke was awake in an instant, cheeks red.

"You... you..." He stuttered.

"Me... me?" Naruto said innocently, blinking his blue eyes trying to get that puppy-look in them again. It didn't work as well as it had few years and many centimetres ago. Yeah, the blond sunshine had also grown and matured, in the outside, not in the inside, really.

"Usuratonkatchi.." Sasuke mumbled and slid back down, hiding his face behind his hands. Naruto was still hanging over the backrest and staring at him.



"Can I have a hug?(1)"

Sasuke turned to look at him, eyebrows raised in disbelief.

"You serious?" Sometimes it was so hard to believe that this too tall blondie here was already twenty.

"As serious as I always am! ... no, don't take it like that.. I want a hug!" Naruto asked pleadingly, knowing very well that this kind of action always either annoyed Sasuke or made him do what he wanted. Sasuke rolled his eyes.


"But Sasuke..."

"I said no."

"Sasuke... why are you being so mean?" ...geez. Now the big blond was actually pouting.

"Because I like being mean. Especially at you." Sasuke smirked, liking this superior feeling.


"Oh, just shut up, dobe." Softness creeped to Sasuke's dark eyes. Naruto frowned at him and leaned a little forward.

"Sas-!" The raven-haired cut him off by grabbing the boy's tie and pulling him down to kiss him. Not like those small pecks they had shared. Naruto's eyes widened.Sasuke's eyes were closed, but the corners of his lips were curving upwards. Oh boy did he feel superior with this idiot, even though.. Sasuke backed away, feeling his face go red.

"" Naruto was too dumbfounded to say anything, no sound coming out of his open mouth.

"Close your mouth, you look like an idiot." Sasuke whispered, glancing at the other through his bangs. Naruto did as he was told.

"Anyway... I need to take my medicine." He said quickly and stood up, escaping to the kitchen without even trying to hide his smirk. Naruto sighed and wiped few hairs from blocking his face.

"Oh my boy, my boy..." He sing-songed and followed Sasuke. Maybe Kakashi's style had rubbed on him.

In the kitchen Sasuke was downing his water glass, sealing again away his pills for the next day. Still too many, he had lost count.. at least he didn't have to take sleeping pills anymore, since he could sleep well nowadays, not exactly thanks to Naruto. Sasuke remembered too well the first nights he had slept in the same bed. Two things: the bed wasn't that big. Naruto enjoyed rolling around and snoring. Loudly. Poor Sasuke couldn't even count the times he had fallen of the bed, since he had slept at the edge of it. Naruto could have hit him otherwise accidentally. In the end, he got used to it and could sleep peacefully. Fortunately Naruto didn't hit him accidentally in his sleep.

"Did my boy take all of them?" Asked a cheery voice behind him. A finger slid down his spine covered by his darkblue shirt. Sasuke shivered and turned, opening his mouth to nag.

"Yeah, yeah, don't do that...couldn't help the temptation." Naruto raised his eyebrows suggestively and grinned. Sasuke could only blink and shake his head.

"Kakashi really must have made you into such a perv when I wasn't looking." Only then he realized his position. He quickly slid away from between the Great Big Idiot and the table.

"I'm not." Naruto whined, slipping back from his fox-like state to his childish manners. Sasuke just shook his head.

"You didn't even answer my question" Now it was back to purring and touching in a less than a second, when Naruto hugged his companion from behind.

"Didja?" Sasuke chuckled quietly, patting Naruto's hand resting on his rib.

"Yes. I did. And no, Naruto, they're not candy, I don't take them all the time. I know when to do that. Idiot." His voice had deepened. If there was a color darker than black, that color were Sasuke's eyes now. He leaned back and pushed his traumatic fear of closeness away. Only with Naruto he could be like this. The blond purred, his fingers tickling Sasuke's hip-bones.

"Okay, that's enough, you got your hug." Sasuke pulled himself of the embrace, hiding his chuckle behind his hand.

"Now go whine to someone else." He went away, perhaps to read some book or something in the small balcony. Naruto sat down and started to laugh. He really did like Sasuke, that sarcastic attitude that he had gotten, his hair, his chuckling, his body, all of it. He was happy that Sasuke was here, that he himself was here. It was summer and life was not kicking anyone's butt.

In days like these, it was good to be alive.


(1) that was actually a sentence from a great Zack x Cloud-fanfic in deviantart in where Zack asked the same question in the same manner. I love guys like that. XD

Sorry if I disappointed someone with this not-so-great-epilogue. But gosh, I want to draw Sasuke. Anyway, I hope you read my other stories.. I'll start to write that book thingy sometime, I already have half of the first chapter. :3

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