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Summary: After facing the Lady in white, A windego, Bloody Mary, Hook man, and Bugs, what could be worse? Dean gets a call from their father sending them to Sunnydale, California where they are assigned to help others face the opening of the hellmouth. During all this, Sam keeps getting premonitions about our favorite redhead in Danger. What he doesn't know is that she's been having nightmares about him and it's not good.

Chapter One

Sam stirred in his bed as he could sense the dawn rising outside. He didn't want to wake up, but his mind became too busy to drift back to sleep. He headed up and about into the shower, when he realized that Dean was already in it. He decided to be the nice brother and fetch him a cup of coffee and some doughnuts.

Dean got out of the shower and saw that his phone was blinking.

One new voicemail

He flipped his phone and listened.

"Dean, it's dad. I'm a little happy I got your voicemail. I'm ok, there's no need to worry. I called to tell you that something Evil is about to rise. It was associated with the demon that killed your mother. You are to head to Sunnydale, California. There you will meet a Mr. Rupert Giles. He knows you are to arrive. He will explain what is going on. If Mr. Giles believes I am needed I will be there. Please go, That's an order son. Tell Sam I'm sorry about his girlfriend. I love you boys."

Just as the message ended, Sam entered the room.

"Hey, I Got doughnuts and Coffee." Sam said, placing the food and drinks on the table.

Dean still held the phone in his hand and was in shock.

"Everything Okay?" Sam added.

Dean took a minute to register the message, but didn't want Sam to freak out.

"Yea, I just got a call. One of Dad's Friends from California needs help with a demon. He says it might have to do with mom and Jessica's death." Dean explained.

Before Dean could grab his coffee, Sam had his coat and ready to get on the road.

Buffy and Xander stated their day as usual. Straight at the library to see what was on the demon agenda.

"Hey G-man, There better be some good news this morning." Xander said as he placed his backpack on the table. Giles had left his office with a ton of books, possibly for them to read…. Dun dun dun

"Ok, I guess I jinxed myself into that one, didn't I?" Xander added and grabbed the book.

"Yes, you did. What are we saving the world from this time, Giles?" Buffy asked. Moving over to the table, sitting herself up.

"The hellmouth."

It's happening again.

1:45 p.m.

Dean had been driving thorough every state for the past 2 days. They didn't attempt to stop. Sam would take the day shift as Dean would take the night. Dean knew this was something big. Sam still was determined to find Jessica's Killer. Sam could see the determination in Dean as well, but wasn't sure for what exactly.

Dean was asleep as Sam continued to drive. It was hard to drive with such anger. He figured that this was the best time to turn on the real radio and no more of the rock Dean loved so much.

The Led Zepplin tape was off and the radio was on. Nice soft music that he had missed so much.


Every time our eyes meet. This feeling inside me..

Before the song really began, Dean was up.

"What is this? This isn't mine."

"It's the radio. And you said yourself that the driver gets the choice of music." Sam said, still concentrating on the road.

Dean had a dumb, confused look to him.

"Yea, but I meant the music from my collection. Not this shit!" Dean whined and turned back on the tape.

Don't mess with my car or its music.

Sam started to have a headach. It was really bothering him. Then out of nowhere, he began to see flashes.

The girl was chained to the wall, as a man with a knife began to walk to her. She was trying to run, but the chains were too tight.

"SAM!" he heard and he saw the road again.

"Sam, talk to me, what happened?"

"We have trouble, and we have to get to California, FAST!" Sam Said.