Chapter 9

Willow began to open her eyes. She looked up and noticed Oz's face. Then she realized everyone surrounding her was staring at her.

"Willow?" Oz asked.

After looking at Dean and Sam, she began to cry. What she went though was unbearable. Oz took her in his arms and let her cry. Sam looked at Oz embrace Willow and wished he could be holding Jessica. He was grateful though, he was finally able to interact with Jessica.

On the drive home, Willow didn't say anything. The tears didn't stop, but she wasn't hysterical anymore. She felt better when Oz played with her hair. They rolled up into the school and parked.

"May… May I have a few minutes alone, please?" Willow asked, staying in the van. The others felt it was only fair.

"Of course you may." Giles noted and pulled the others out.

Willow looked at the men walk out of the van and then remembered.

"Dean!" She called. He turned to her and noticed her motioning to him. He walked over to the car window.

"Are you ok?" He asked. Very concerned as he realized she was growing more tears.

"Umm… I didn't want the others to know…but umm… when I was… when I… I didn't think it was going to be this hard." She tried to get out but it was just too painful.

"You don't have to explain right away." Dean assured her. She wiped the fresh tears away and exited the van.

The Next morning.

"How are you feeling?" Oz asked. , holding his hand in hers.

"I'm a little better. I guess dying put me into reality that I'm not going to live forever." Willow stated. He placed a little kiss on her forehead.

"Mr. Giles, thank you for your help." Dean said, shaking Giles' hand.

"I only wished your father could've helped. I knew you boys were looking for him." Giles said.

"It's alright, Mr. Giles." Sam excused, and took another look over to Willow.

"What I don't understand was I did call your father, The hellmouth was supposed to open. It was all prophesized in my books." Giles admitted.

"This demon can manipulate anything. He used our father's voice to call us. He could've easily re-worded your books. It's possible, Anything could happen." Dean said.

"Well, we're heading back east. Feel free to call us again." Dean said, saying goodbye to Giles.

The brothers made their way outside.

Buffy knew that this was the time to finally say something.

"Well, I knew we weren't on common ground, but I can't thank you both enough for your help." Buffy came out and admitted.

"Well, May I add that it was a pleasure to meet you. Your one tough girl!" Dean added. She smiled and hugged the two brothers.

"Thanks for saving my best friend. I'm in your debt forever." Xander said, shaking Sam's hand and then Deans.

"Our pleasure." Sam added to his comment.

Sam and Dean moved to over to Willow and Oz.

"This is so awkward. I can't just say 'thanks you saving me, have a safe ride'." Willow explained.

"There's no need, We're just glad you can go on with your life." Sam said.

Willow hugged Sam and Dean, as Oz shook their hands in thanks. They saved his Willow.

"We'll call." Dean noted to Giles before leaving the library. He shot one last look at Willow, then exited the library.

"Do you think she's going to be ok?" Sam asked. Dean shoot a look at him then answered.

"I think she'll be ok… But until we find that thing that killed mom and Jessica, She's still in danger." Dean noted before getting to the car.

When they got to the impala, they took one last look at the school. Before they could start the car, there was a tap on the window.

"Willow, is everything ok?" Sam asked.

"I didn't tell you everything. The night I was saved, I didn't explain to anyone what happened when I died. I think it's best I tell you in person then on the phone." Willow explained.

"What is it?" Dean asked with more concern on his face. He remembered the night she tried to explain.

"I was taken by that THING. I could feel it's anger, it's deception. Then it was as if I was stabbed in the chest, then I felt something hit my chest hard. I flew into a bright light, then I…I saw her. Your mother. She wanted me to give you a message. She loves you very much, and to tell you your father is fine. That you have more important things to face, and to have your father find both of you, not you finding him." Willow explained. Dean nodded, but Sam still couldn't believe.

"I know that Jessica saved me, gave me another life. But truthfully, she gave you another life too. Take it while you still can! I know I will." Willow said, taking his hand.

"I will. Thank you for giving me the chance to see her." He said, Grasping her hand back.

"Dean, When you find it, make sure you make it suffer before you kill it." Willow noted extra.

"You have my word." Dean said, shaking her small hand.

Dean started the impala and gave Willow a final wave.

Willow looked at the car drive away, and whispered to herself…

" Protect them, Mary. Their going to need it for what's coming."

The End

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