Warnings: Yaoi, mpreg, adult situations later in the story, and adult language. Also, I will be ignoring the 'Ed going to Munich thing'.

Spoilers: Ed has his flesh limbs back and Al has his body back with (just like in the anime) no memory of the past four years (now it's 6 years…but whatever.)

This takes place two years after Ed performs his human transmutation to bring Al back and succeeds. The Homunculi are 'gone', but I'll probably have Envy show up some time or another. You can't have FMA without Envy, now can you?

Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist. That joy belongs to Hiromu Arakawa.

Pairing: Roy/Ed

Nine Months and a Year

Chapter One: The Beginning

Ed groaned as the sunlight streamed in from the window, repeatedly stabbing at his eyes rather painfully.

The blonde alchemist stretched under the sheets, cracking all of the kinks out of his back from the night before. After he was done he sat up, scratching at the wild blonde locks that had somehow escaped the prison of his braid during the night.

Another rustle of the cloth around Ed's hips made Ed blink. What the hell?

Golden eyes wandered over to his companion and nearly screamed out loud.

Wild raven hair fell over the white silk of the pillow, creating a vivid contrast. Long, thick lashes were closed over usually mocking onyx eyes. Pale skin blended into the creamy white of the sheets, which were clinging loosely to the tall superior's pale and well-defined chest.

Ed stared and shook his head, only to bite back a loud groan as an imaginary jackhammer wielded expertly by the bitch known as 'hangover' pounded its' way into his head and every cell of his body. The pain seemed to concentrate specifically below his waist.

He looked over at the elder man and blinked at the red lines on his shoulders, like something had used him as a scratching post. The Fullmetal Alchemist took notice of the blood staining the sheets, along with how sticky he felt. His ass felt like it was on fire, for lack of a better term.

Edward Elric damn near choked on the visions of the memory of what had happened to him the night before came rushing back with a vengeance.

He had been bored, and Havoc had talked him into going drinking with him. He consented because he had nothing better to do.

Ed had gotten drunk, and the Colonel found him making out with another boy whose name Ed couldn't remember for the life of him.

The Colonel had dragged Edward out of the club and didn't know where he lived, so he took the alchemist to his house.

No sooner had they arrived that Ed kissed his superior. Roy, more than slightly drunk himself, didn't do anything about it other than fuck him into his bed about two hours later.

Mortification, meet Edward; we're all sure you two will become the best of friends!

Wincing, he slipped out of the bed and went on a search for his clothes, noticing that the articles of clothing were thrown all around the house. He slipped on the Colonel's boxers as he treaded carefully down the staircase, rolling his eyes as he pulled on his boxers and leather pants. Locating his shirt he pulled that on too, along with his gloves and both of his jackets. (Both the miniature black jacket-vest and the large red one.)

As silently as he could, he slipped out of the house, hoping to anything that would listen (he'd be damned if he prayed to God for help) that Roy wouldn't remember.

He ran to work and slammed very painfully into his chair behind his work desk to finish up some paperwork after saying a quick hello to Hawkeye and Hughes. So far, besides the surprise when he woke up, things were going normal. Except for the fact that he was actually doing his paperwork for once. But he would do anything to get Mustang off of his mind.

He went through the day like he always would, finishing his paperwork on time for once and even having time to go to the shooting range to help Hawkeye with setting up targets.

No one noticed anything off about the Fullmetal Alchemist that day.

Colonel Roy Mustang, Flame Alchemist, came into work about half an hour late with a pounding headache and little memory of what happened the night before.

Mustang trudged into his office after only half-listening to the lecture Hawkeye gave to him at gunpoint, nodding and pretending to listen avidly.

Ed was seated on the couch in the Colonel's office, yawning.

When Mustang passed Ed to get to his desk, a memory from last night flashed across his mind. It had looked like him and Ed making out, shirtless, on his bed.

Mustang shook his head. That was impossible. Even if he had been drunk last night, he would have never acted upon his lust for the young State Alchemist.

And who wouldn't lust for him?

Golden hair gleamed soft and silky to hang in his eyes, sweeping his shoulders lightly in a tight braid to mid-back. Eyes the color of molten amber and honey shining with the light of the sun, teasing and mischievous. Skin a natural tan color like creamed caramel pulled taut over lean muscles. Edward Elric, at age 17, had grown at least a little from when he'd been eleven. Where he used to be 4' 11", he was now at least 5'. Still short for a seventeen-year-old male, but he was getting there. He still had to deal with cracks on his height, or lack thereof, constantly.

Ed looked up at his superior and forced a smirk across his face, beating down any urge to blush. "Hey Colonel. No missions for me today?"

"No Fullmetal. You don't have a mission as of yet. So why don't you just…go do something productive."

Ed snorted. "I've already finished all of my paperwork, Colonel Shit. And I've even helped Hawkeye with the setting up of the shooting range."

Before Mustang could utter another word, the aforementioned trigger-happy Lieutenant leaned her head into the room. "Edward, I need to see you for a moment."

Ed blinked, but shrugged and left the office with the blonde. "Yes, Hawkeye?"

"Edward, I've just received a letter from your brother. You are aware that he is currently back in Risembool, aren't you?"

Ed nodded. "Yeah. He wanted to go see Winry." He smiled to himself at the thought of the wrench-wielding blonde girl and his little brother. It was obvious that Al had a crush on Winry, even though he was twelve and she was seventeen, just like Ed.

Hawkeye nodded. "Alright Edward. Just making sure you were informed. And Edward is something hurting you? You've been limping all day."

Ed blushed. Damn, I thought nobody would notice! "Oh, um…I kind of had an accident with my leg this morning. It still hurts but I'm getting over it. Nothing to worry about."

Hawkeye eyed him suspiciously but nodded nonetheless. She saluted him and then left.

Ed awkwardly returned the salute. No matter how long he was in the military, he would never get used to that.

Ed sighed as he remembered why he was still in the military at all.

Al had confessed that he wanted to be a State Alchemist so he could be just like his elder brother.

And there was no way on God's green earth that Edward Elric would let his little brother be in the military without him there to keep an eye on him. Even though it seemed that Alphonse kept a better eye upon Edward than vice versa.

Ed blew his bangs out of his eyes and walked to the barracks of the military headquarters.

Ed opened the door to his room and flopped onto his bed, sighing tiredly.

Ed had been lying all day when people had asked if he felt okay. Ed felt way less than okay. He felt like someone was shoving a tree up his ass repeatedly and then hitting him in the head with it at the same time. It didn't help that he felt queasy too.

The blonde shook his head and picked up a book, Jude the Obscure, and continued reading the book he had been immersed in for the past few days; laughing at the misfortune that seemed to continuously befall the young man named Jude and his love triangle between his cousin Sue and his wife Arabella. (Really good book, if you've never read it.)

After about half an hour, Hughes leaned his head into Ed's room to find the blonde sprawled out on his bed, book open on his stomach, fast asleep.

Hughes shook his head and removed the book before placing Ed under the covers and gently smoothing out Ed's hair.

He couldn't remember how many times he'd offered to let Ed stay with him and his family, but the blond always refused, saying he didn't want to be a burden even though Gracia loved the boy to bits. So did Elicia for that matter. She always called Ed 'big brother' and Ed responded in kind by calling her 'little sister'.

Ed had once confessed that he'd always wanted a little sister, so Elicia was his little sister in a way now.

Whenever Hughes would bring Elicia to work, she would always cling to Ed until the day was over and then beg for Ed to spend the night at her house.

Hughes could also tell that his daughter had the world's largest crush on the blonde alchemist. Especially when he transmuted an old and tattered rag doll that she hadn't wanted to let go of into a beautiful Raggedy Anne doll.

Elicia had been absolutely ecstatic.

The Lieutenant Colonel smiled down at the blonde. "Have a nice sleep, Ed."

God knew the boy needed it more than any of them.

If only they all knew…

::Two Months later::

Ed was jolted out of sleep by a sudden wave of nausea.

The blonde bolted from his bed and into his bathroom, only to kneel and empty his stomach rather noisily into the toilet bowl.

Ed groaned when he could finally not let out anymore, as there was nothing left in his stomach.

Ed blinked and he wiped at his mouth with a washcloth after gargling mouthwash to get the bad taste out.

He couldn't be sick, could he? Ed looked at himself in the mirror. He didn't look any different. Except he looked a little more tired than usual.

The pain in his head and hips had gone away eventually, but his stomach wouldn't stop churning.

Ed sighed, leaning his slightly warm forehead against the cool glass of the mirror.

Why couldn't things in his life ever go right?

Ed pushed himself away from the sink and took a quick shower, but noticed that his chest felt a little more…tender than usual.

Ed just brushed it off as a misconception.

Ed exited the shower, dried off, and got dressed in his usual black tank top, black cargos and black combat boots before braiding his hair and heading off towards work.

All of Ed's day was spent at a desk, twirling a pen between his gloved fingers and ignoring everyone around him. There was no paperwork for him today; he had no missions…what the hell was he supposed to do?

About lunch time, Ed felt another wave of nausea hit him and ran off to the bathroom, rushing past Fuery and Breda on the way before collapsing into a stall, emptying his stomach for the second time that day.

Fuery, ever the worried one, looked into the bathroom and saw Ed bent over the toilet bowl, holding his stomach. "Ed? Are you alright?"

Ed coughed for a second before straightening up and cleaning his mouth with a piece of toilet paper and flushing whatever had landed in the bowl. "Y-Yeah. I'm fine, Fuery. Sorry for worrying you."

Fuery gave Ed a worried smile. "Ed are you sure you're alright? You haven't seemed…well, yourself of late."

Ed gave Fuery's smile right back, only a reassuring one. "Don't worry about me, Fuery. I'm fine. Just having an off week."

Ed washed his hands then meandered to the lunchroom to chat with Hughes.

Another month after Fuery found Ed in the bathroom; everyone in Ed's department had noticed his frequent trips to the bathroom.

Finally, Hawkeye and Havoc had enough of Ed saying he was fine and made an appointment for him with a doctor.

Ed glared at them fiercely from the backseat of Hawkeye's squad car.

"Glaring at me won't change the fact that we all know you're sick Edward." Hawkeye admonished. "And we need to fix it right away. You never know when you'll be dragged away for a mission and you can't do that when you're sick."

Ed grumbled. "I hate the doctor and I'm NOT sick!"

Havoc laughed. "Aw, c'mon boss, it won't be that bad."

"Yeah it will." He 'grumped.' (Meaning he was pouting like a two-year-old denied a cookie.)

All too soon for Ed, the three parked in front of the hospital and walked up to the reception desk.

The receptionist, a kind-faced girl with blonde hair in pigtails, glasses and blue eyes wearing the traditional white shirt and skirt nurse uniform, smiled at them. "Hi, welcome to Central Military Hospital. Do you have an appointment?"

Hawkeye nodded. "Yes. For Edward Elric."

The nurse, Clara by her nametag, checked a list. "Alright then, please come with me and I'll take you to see Dr. Unada."

Hawkeye kept a firm hand on Ed's shoulder to make sure he didn't try to get away until they entered a standard examination room.

Clara told Ed to sit on the table, removing his coat and hanging it on the chair. "You two can have a seat." She nodded to Hawkeye and Havoc. "Dr. Unada will be with you in a minute."

The three blondes sat down on their respective chairs, Ed sitting on the examination table with some help from Havoc, glaring at his boots.

Not three minutes later, a cheery voice came into the room via the now-open door. "Hello!"

Ed blinked in surprise. Dr. Unada was a girl?

Dr. Angela Unada had a very kind 'perfect mother' face and shining green eyes shadowed by her black bangs. Her black hair was pulled behind her head in a loose bun kept together by chopsticks. She wore the usual white doctor's coat but she had on a black turtleneck and khaki slacks for a more casual look. A stethoscope hung around her throat. "So you must be Edward, correct?"

Ed nodded, still slightly taken aback.

"Well, then let's get down to business." She smiled, taking out a notebook and then looked at Hawkeye. "So, what are his symptoms?"

Hawkeye blinked in surprise for a moment before regaining her composure. "He's been sick for about three months, we think. Every morning he wakes up and has to run to the bathroom to throw up. He also does it around lunchtime as well, according to some of Edward's subordinate's.

"He's been having mood swings even worse than usual. Usually he'd just go from happy to solemn and from agitated to pissed. But he's been blowing up over the smallest things, bursting out laughing over insults, and crying his eyes out over other insults then screaming at them. He's complained a few times of what appear to be stomach cramps.

"I asked him if he felt any different and he said that his chest felt a little tender for some reason he couldn't explain. He also felt…well, nauseas more than half the time. He's also been eating very strange food and not thinking anything about it. Just yesterday he ate a turkey sandwich with ketchup instead of mayonnaise. And that, in itself tells me that something is wrong. Edward hates ketchup almost as much as he hates milk."

Through the whole description, Dr. Unada was taking down notes in her notebook. "Alright…well, let's see here." She stood and held out a thermometer. "Hold this under your tongue, Edward. Okay?"

Ed nodded and held the thermometer in his mouth as Dr. Unada checked his pulse and cholesterol level. She smiled. "Well, everything appears to be normal so far."

The thermometer beeped, showing a temperature of 98.6. (Fahrenheit.)

"Okay…" she muttered, she placed her stethoscope in her ears and then reached up Ed's shirt to touch his chest with the cool metal circle. "Okay Ed, take a deep breathe."

Ed did as told and she repeated the same thing for his stomach, lower and upper back.

She ran her fingers over the sides of his throat and pressed just under both sides of his jaw. (I'm going through this like my doctor would me.)

"Alright Ed. I can't really find anything wrong." Her eyes darkened for a second as she remembered his symptoms. "Ms. Hawkeye, Mr. Havoc. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave for a moment."

Both blinked for a moment but did as told. Dr. Unada was a very nice woman, but when it came to her patients she was ferocious as a mother lion.

As soon as the door clicked shut, Dr. Unada searched through the drawers of the room for a moment and pulled out a cup. "Mr. Elric, would you mind re-explaining your symptoms to me?"

Ed did so, albeit with a very confused tone. She already knew what was wrong with him, so why did he need to explain it again?

Dr. Unada paused. "Edward…I think you might be pregnant."

Edward burst into laughter, holding onto his stomach. "G-Good joke, doctor. Now, really, tell me what's wrong."

"That IS what's wrong, Edward. You have all of the symptoms at the right time. But what I don't understand is that you're male…" she paused. "Edward…you had prosthetic limbs didn't you?"

"Yes. I did." He nodded, slightly reluctant.

Dr. Unada gave him a small smile. "Edward, nothing that is said in this room will leave the room. Doctor-patient confidentiality."

Slowly, Ed gave her a smile and sighed. "I got the prosthetics after I failed a human transmutation…" then Ed explained about the transmutation.

"Who did you learn about all of this from?"

"Izumi Curtis."

"And did she perform a human transmutation as well?"

"Yeah. And she couldn't have kids afterwards…"

"Well that explains it." Dr. Unada said, slapping her hands together so Ed jumped.

"What do you mean?"

"Well you said that after the transmutation your teacher couldn't bear any children. That is because, unbeknownst to most alchemists, a human transmutation takes away the ability to bear children. But seeing as how you are male and can't do that, I think it had the opposite effect and gave you the ability."

Ed's eyes were wide, his hand on his stomach. "I'm…pregnant?"

"Yes, Edward." Her eyes shone with excitement.

Inside, Edward didn't know whether to be scared shitless or to jump up and down in joy. For some reason, he knew that he was carrying Roy Mustang's child inside of him. The child of the man he loved.

A smile came across his face at the thought. "I'm pregnant…"

Dr. Unada then coughed. "Well, we can't very well have everyone knowing about this, now can we?"

Ed shook his head. He didn't know what would happen to him if anyone found out that a male could get pregnant. Damn, he'd be carted off to a laboratory and experimented on until he was nothing more than a vegetable.

He couldn't have that happen.

"But Ed, before we talk anymore about anything else, I have to ask you a question. Do you want to keep the baby? It's still early enough that we could abort it."

Ed looked at her, horrified. "No!" Ed was very strongly against the thought of abortion. He thought that it was the same thing as murdering a human being, and the mere thought of killing a baby!

Dr. Unada gave him a smile. "Good. Even though they're illegal and I could get fired or worse for performing one, there are those who still think that they are above the law. I hate abortions." She fell deep into thought for a moment. "Edward, you'll need to get away from Central and to a place with people that you trust with this secret. Non-military people. Don't go anywhere that the military would definitely look for you. I'll just say that you had a stomach virus and that you've been overworking yourself and need rest. That is a very believable story, don't you agree?" She smiled at him and he nodded.

Ed could tell that he really liked Dr. Unada. Someone willing to keep a secret as big as this and trying to help her patient protect him/herself and his/her baby was a very admirable thing.

Dr. Unada and he talked for a few more minutes until she finally filled out a slip of paper for a medication to settle his stomach, or rather multiple medications. They were really vitamins and mineral supplements to help with the baby. She knew that he hated milk so she also gave him a prescription for a calcium supplement. (I don't know if they had all of this back then, but you can't really have a pregnancy without all the pills and stuff, now can you?)

She gave him a smile and a pat on the head. "Now make sure that you give me weekly letters on how everything is going. I've written on this piece of paper," she pointed to the paper she had slipped into Ed's coat pocket, "what you need to expect for each week and trimester. Also what you need to eat to keep yourself healthy. Don't overwork yourself but make sure you stay active. It's good for the baby. Jog, swim, walk or something."

Ed nodded and gave Dr. Unada a hug, which she heartily returned before shooing him out the door.

Now all he had to do was figure out what to do to get out of town…