All They See

Welcome to the end of the Ponder Chronicles.

Welcome to the beginning of a newfanfic, too.

I'm sorry, everyone.

This is the ultimate betrayal.

All they see is a girl dressed in a black traveling cloak.

They see a girl running swiftly through the woods, avoiding branches and fallen logs.

Do they see an odd-looking lemur flying swiftly from tree-to-tree?

No, because she made sure that that wouldn't happen.

She knows where to find plants that will make you sleep for eight hours.

They don't hear a frantic brother's calling, or a worried friend's voice.

They're asleep too.

As she nears the harbor, the girl smoothes her cloak, and starts walking calmly through the sleeping streets.

The moon illuminates the silver path, and the girl feels as if she is walking through a dream.

It feels unreal.

The girl starts to dance in the streets, spinning and swirling, swinging her arms from side to side, humming an old folk tune.

Bring me the water, my dear

Haste, before our first frost

Before the flowers fall victim to the winter wind

Hurry, bring water, my dear

A forbidding ship sits silently in the water, and the girl waits for the door to open.

She walks aboard, accompanied by strange-looking people.

Her feet make hollow sounds on the metal; she is not accustomed to these shoes.

She sees him.

Her cloak swishes slightly as she comes to a stop.

"Welcome, my lady," He says, giving a slight smile and a bow, "You are welcome here."

She reaches up and undoes the cloak.

It falls into a puddle by her feet.

She appears older than she really is, carrying herself with an exuberant grace. Her head is held high, and she curtseys in greeting.

His eyebrows arch up, and he bows in return.

She is dressed in a fiery dress, a dress that clings to every curve and falls to her ankles. The material flows outward, floating on the salty breeze. The red, yellow, and orange would almost make you forget that she actually bends water, not fire.

Her eyes are lined in black, and gold bangles are on her wrist. The sandals on her feet complete the outfit.

He takes her hand and leads her to the bow of the ship, and he kisses her in greeting.

"Welcome, Katara. Welcome to my ship." He says.

She smiles at him.

"Where are we headed?"

"East, my lord, my love. East. That is where the Avatar is heading."

I'll let you know that I first wrote Ponder, and then this. Then some muse took over and put in all the other character's POVs. I put it in the third person because you needed to watch this one happening.

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