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By Yue Hime

Chapter 1 – The Truth Devoiled

People thought that I was a no-brain, stupid dobe. I was thought to be a baka with a big, loud mouth. Some feared me to go beserk and kill them all; others hated me for the deaths of their dear ones caused by the Nine-Tails. All because I am the Vessel of Kyuubi no Kitsune, the nine-tailed fox. People only looked at me with whether fear or hate. They thought of me as the Kyuubi that had killed their families. Why can't they look at me without thinking of Kyuubi? Why was I always looking down? Why can they see me as only the Vessal?

My friends thought I was somewhat stupid. Not that they would say that in front of me, but I always knew that. I had no problem with being called a dobe. After all, that was only a nickname I had aquired during my Academic Days.

But still. Dead-Last? Me? Uzumaki Naruto?

They didn't know me at all. Not that I let them of course. A secret is a secret. All my frigging life is S-Classified. How could they even know me? All they saw was the fake me… To be true with myself, I'm not as stupid as I looked like. In fact, that wasn't even my true appearance. I reached Elite Jounin Level at age of 10, became Anbu at 11, a year before my supposed graduation of the Ninja Academy. Currently, my Raw Chakra was almost at Senin's level. Of course, that included the Chakra Kyuubi provided to me, which was huge. Still, my own Chakra Reserve had more than normal Jounins, which was why I was promoted to Elite Jounin at an earlier age.

So why do they think I'm a dobe, even if they didn't know about my achievements?

Because I was, I am still, wearing a mask of stupidity; a mask of false happiness. How couldn't they be fooled? After all, it was me who each morning, yelling with such arrogance and confidence, that I would be Hokage one day… Me and my goofy smile; how convincing…

Although I was, I still am, hiding my true self, everybody was doing the same. Each one had their own masks, whether of one that looked cool or one looked weird or cheap.

Sakura was trying to impress Sasuke. She wanted to be looked as a popular, gentle, smart and tender girl that every boy would look at her in awe. Then, Sasuke might get jealous and go out with her. Her own fantasies created The Inner Sakura, which was composed of her arrogance, envy, and greed that everybody has. She may be a rabid fangirl, she was stil admirable; aside the fact that she was always fawning over Sasuke… and banging me on my head over and over again… Geez, what a violent girl… Anyways, she could be admirable if she got serious, and note that I said serious. Like that time when she fought the Oto Nins to protect Sasuke and myself while we were unconscious. I heard that she was amazing, never let go even she was banged on her head over and over again… I guess she could be a good friend once I reveal myself… if she would accept the true me of course…

Sasuke is a bastard. Yet, I'm sure he wasn't always this way… Itachi was the cause… If he ever knew… I knew Itachi when I was still young. He was one of the Jounins that had trained me when I was still a Chuunin. He was not as a bastard he is now. But anyways, I guess Sasuke was too much affected by the slaughter of his family. His hate for his brother motivated him to get stronger but it was also a stupid thing. The Uchiha Massacre made a really deep scar in his soul that pushed him to get more power. That eventually led him to Orochimaru that attired him with more power to overcome his brother. I'm sure that he was lonely inside. Yet, because of his ambition of killing his brother, he couldn't have any emotion shown before he succeeded. To push everyone aside, he hid behind his grumpy self.

Not only them, but also everyone had their darkest secrets hiding in the deepest of their soul, marking them forever. I knew about Sasuke and Sakura the most since they are my teammates. I'm not sure about the others even they are all my friends.

Neji I can actually understand a bit with his Destiny thing and his hate for the Main Hyuuga Family, since he thought that his uncle killed his father.

Hinata because she had low esteem and added to the facts that she was the Hyuuga Heiress, her little sister always beat her in battle and her father's constant comments. She always thought herself as a good for nothing.

Lee had that problem of being unable to mould Chakra which made him shunned somehow, added to the fact that he was an orphan like me. He may not show his sadness, but I could see in his eyes when he though no one was looking. Luckily, Gai may be not the sanest person; he was able to augment Lee's self-esteem and loved him like a father should. That's maybe why Lee always tried to copy was Gai did. With that whole stupid and weird hug and crying scene of 'Lee, Gai-sensai, Lee' and on and on and on…

Now for my own secret that had been locked in the S-Classefied Scrolls. I have been trained from the most Elite Jounins and Anbus of Konoha that didn't hate me since my 4th birthday. You could say that I am a genius. I have the most powerful bloodlines. Yes, bloodlineS. I have also a higher status than the Hokage, except that I don't have anything of the actual power, though I am something that the Hokage can never be: I am the Royal of the Fire Country.

I am from The Uzumaki Clan, the most powerful and secret Clan of Konoha. We are a group of people who wield the Legendary Amaterasu, The Heaven Eyes. Now, I think I'm one of the four people that had be left in the whole Clan since the Attack of Kyuubi.

The legends told that the ancestors of my clan were Tenshis who descended to earth. They married some of the strongest Shinobis and their offsprings created the Clan.

Their children have the powers of the Tenshis, although only the girls have all of the traits and powers.

The rare boys born in the family had only the physical traits, a rock mental will as well of a large amount of Chakra. That's what give my father the power and will to become the youngest, yet greatest Hokage of the history.

Uzumaki Clan had always been living in secrecy. Although everyone knew this clan, no one knew who we really were. We adapted different names across the Shinobi Countries. The men of the family were often named Kazama. My father was one of them: Kazama Arashi.

Yes, that's right. My father was the Yondaime that had sealed Kyuubi in me.

He was a genius of his own league. He had not the Uzumaki Bloodline but he made his own way to the stature of Hokage by working hard. He created so many Jutsus that most were labelled as Kinjutsus.

That's what I wanted to be; like him. Even though I was trained by the best of the best Konoha Ninjas, I still wanted to grow like a normal kid. I didn't want to reach the top only because of my bloodlines, my status or my wings.

Yes, I have wings.


Simply because I am a girl; one of the last of the Uzumaki Clan.

How is it possible?

I'm in a Henge that was casted by the most powerful Shinobis of Konoha. A powerful Henge that could hid me from the Sharingan and the Byakuugan.

To become a genin had made me do something to hide my powers. I have a seal on the top left of my back, sealing my bloodlines as well of my Chakra Control. But that only applied when I was a boy, so if I returned to my true gender, the seal will disappear, and all my powers will return.

So now, here I am, preparing for the second Chuunin exam. I wouldn't have an unfair advantage against other genins since all of my special powers were sealed. I am slowly working my way; just like my father did before me.

Even though I still flinch under the hated gaze of the villagers, I found great friends. Although the recent betrayal of Sasuke still hurt like shit, I still welcome his return with open arms. After all, he IS one of my precious people… Only he chose the wrong path. Now that he returned, I am happy. The pain of his Chidori through my chest faded a little bit…

I feel tense. It's time. Time to become Chuunin. Time to reveal after the exams. Time to reveal my true self.

Lies will be untold.

Truth will be revealed.

I fear their reactions when I return to my true gender.

I fear of the possibilities of their reject. But I'll be tough. After all, I am one of the last Uzumakis and the Heiress. As well of the proud daughter of the 4th Hokage, Yondaime, Kazama Arashi…

I tied my Hitai-ate on the upper part of my right arm. I am ready. No matter how hard the exam will be, I am ready. I am prepared for the worst. But I am proud. I will become a Chuunin this time!




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