Lily Potter glanced at her twin boys. So different… They were nothing alike, she could tell already, though they were just babies. Her husband, James, was holding a cherry blonde babe with healthy pink skin as he should, being only 15 months old. She had named him Zaniel.

While her husband cooed at the giggling child, Lily cradled her first born. Though born only minutes before his twin, Harry was the exact opposite of his brother. He was pale, had jet black hair and- but for his emerald eyes so like her own- he was an exact look alike of James. Rather than looking like any happy baby, power rolled off him in waves that were beyond anything she had ever felt but for the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore.

Looks weren't the only thing her boys differed from each other with. Harry was so much quieter, he rarely smiled, cried or even snored, she noticed. He had a sense of maturity in the green eyes. Zaniel was like her husband, loud, cheerful and reckless. Just as a normal one would be.

'Why do I keep using the word normal?' Lily asked herself, wiping a stray strand of hair from her baby's face. ' I know what this must mean, it has been in my family for centuries.' She guiltily looked to the ground. ' I was simply hoping my bloodline's ability wouldn't be passed on to my children. Such a curse, yet at the same time a blessing.'

Lily Potter couldn't escape it. She was an angel and it had been passed to her twins. Just as it had been with her sister, one was dark and the other light. Needless to say, she was the Sun and Petunia the Shadows.

"Lily? Lily- Are you even listening to me?" Lily's head snapped up and she looked apologetically at James. "I'm sorry, Dear, I drifted for a moment." James gave her a concerned look but continued speaking. "Dumbledore just sent an owl, we are too go to his office for an Order meeting in a half hour. He told us to leave the kids here, we need to get ready for battle, quick."

Now alert, Lily nodded sharply and bounded up the stairs, James in tow, and headed to their children's room. The small room was decorated soft tones of red and gold, on James insistence, and a single crib sat in the middle of the space, a little more than three feet wide. Lily gently placed Harry in the crib and James did the same with Zaniel.

"Mivby?" Lily called softly after James left the room. A crack came from directly in front of her and a houself looked up at her with large yellow eyes. "What can Mivby be doing for his mistress?" He asked, high voice sounding excited and ready to serve. " Take care of them, Mivby, " Lily whispered. "If anything happens, find me and James." Mivby nodded and scuttled over to the crib, sitting down with his arms crossed.

Lily ran from the room as she heard James call for her. They would be saving lives today- hopefully. They could possibly lose their own instead.

Voldemort smirked at the sight he saw through his crimson eyes. Before him was a bloody battle- the strong will live, and the weak will die. Buildings had crumbled, dust floated in the air, making it difficult to see your opponent. He had gone past all the dueling figures but two.

Voldemort glared at the man and woman that cursed, hexed and spelled any of his minions. The Order of the Phoenix's best fighter, ex Dumbledore, of course. Voldemort growled grudgingly as several of his servants fell to the couple and he gave the water he was looking into a rough swipe, making it ripple in its well.

But again a smile graced his lips, a cruel one my it be, 'The Potters are notorious for there ability to think on their feet, but they will never be able to realize they have been duped in time. When they do, I will have been rid of the angel children and fled.'

With that, Voldemort swirled around, black cape whipping behind him, and left his private chambers and the well of water to glisten in the torch light as a blood colored liquid over whelmed.

Mivby was currently speaking soothing words to Zaniel, who was crying with no sign of stopping. "Please, hush, young masters!" Mivby squealed in panic. Zaniel didn't listen, or couldn't, instead he started screeching louder. As his brother blubbered like a whale, Harry had his tiny hands covering his ears and was glaring at his brother. The dark haired child lifted one hand and moved it horizontally through the air. Zaniels mouth, like a zipper, pulled shut. Zaniel looked as his twin with hurt watery, hazel eyes and sniffed.


An hour or so later, Harry let the wandless spell he cast unravel, there was crash from down stairs. Mivby leapt from where he sat, eyes widening in terror. Running down the stairs, the houself gave a choked scream as green light hit him in the chest.

Voldemort stood at the top of the stairs now. The houself out of the way, he could kill those brats now and be free of any worry of them in the future. Black as night cloak hung around him as he strode slowly toward the twin's room. He sneered in disgust at the red and gold walls and made his way toward the crib.

He looked down at the children, his shoulder length black hair cascaded down to frame his pointed face. Pulling out an ebony wand, he fingered it lovingly, and pointed it at the black haired one. The baby looked at him and he froze. Those emerald eyes. They were so like his filthy mothers but…they held power. He could see it now, The Great Salazar Slytherin had eyes like those before they turned blood red, like his own, too.

"I shall take this child…This, Dark Angel…" Voldemort muttered, and if his servants had been there they would have thought him madder than before. "One test…we shall see through one test…" Raising his arm, Voldemort hissed "Avarda Kedavra!" The curse hit the baby, but it did nothing, instead, it seemed to be absorbed into him.

"Yes, you shall be my successor!" Voldemort reached into the crib, completely forgetting the other twin until it kicked his hands away from his brother, glowering at him. Voldemort snorted and waved his wand at the babe. It fell back into the crib and lay motionless, stunned. Voldemort took the Dark angel child and apparated from the Godrics Hollow.

He next appeared in London, where his Death Eaters were fighting. Voldemort had the boy in his arms under the cloak, no one would suspect a thing. He sent the Dark Mark high into the sky, the skull glowed green and the snake came slithering from its mouth hissed.

"My faithful!" Voldemort shouted, the fighting stopped and the Order members froze in horror at the sight of him. "Come! We have completed our mission!" The Death Eaters all apparated with him, away from the ruined city and Dumbledore stepped forward.

"Something has happened," He muttered quietly, though all could here him in the silence. "He knows something we don't, we have been tricked, swindled." There was a gasp from behind him. Lily, covered in dirt, covered her mouth with her hand and tears streaked down her dirty face. "James!" She cried and latched onto her husband's arm.

"He might've…! He could know!" James looked at her a moment in confusion but then his eyes widened. He cursed and the two apparated to Godrics Hollow. Lily gave a strangled sob. The Dark Mark hung over the house, she ran inside and despite James better sense he ran after her.

The first thing Lily saw was Mivby lying at the bottom of the stairs, his face twisted in horror, and unmoving. He was dead, Lily knew, but she felt guilt press on her heart as she ran up the stairs because she realized that she didn't care so much about the elf's death.

Bursting into the Twins room, she threw herself at the crib. There was only one baby. Panicking, she reached in and felt for a pulse. Tears flooded her vision, at least she knew one of her children were alright. But where was her beloved Harry?

James entered the room a moment later, pale and feeling ill. He found his wife, in the Twins room, sobbing over the crib. "James peered inside, dreading what he would find. "E-enervate!" Lily choked out. The baby awoke with loud screams. Lily grabbed him and hugged him to her chest. "Harry isn't here!" She wailed as the pain clutched her heart and squeezed tightly.

Voldemort held the baby, who he now knew as Harry, close to his chest. His eyes glinted as he stared down into the well and he smirked triumphantly. "I win." He chuckled gleefully. He looked at Harry and began to think. He couldn't have his heir named Harry Potter. He would have to change that name, and maybe even adopt the child through blood to change the way he looked. Harry was far too alike his father, physically.

The boys father, James Potter.

A sudden protectiveness began to reveal itself in him. The boy had already grown on him, with his emerald eyes and air crackling magic. Voldemort walked to his bed and place the baby down on it. Taking a jade knife sitting on bedside table, he slit his wrist and caught the drop of blood on his finger. Lifting the baby's head, he pushed his finger into the boys mouth, forcing him to taste his blood. Next he recited a few Latin words and something in the air popped.

The child on his bed would change. He knew it, in a few years the boy would look more like him than his true parents. But what would he name him? He would use his muggle fathers surname, though he loathed it, because he would be sending the boy to Hogwarts, or maybe Durmstrang, Beauxbatons? He had absolutely no clue how much like a parent he sounded. It him then.

Harry James Potter became known as Belay Faiza Riddle October 31, 1981 just before the clock struck midnight.