Name: Thêta: A Spy Never Dies
Category: Missing Scene
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Notes: Just me being an idiot. I blame Batsutousai.

Haze was happily draped over Ash's form, nuzzling his husband's neck and enjoying the hand that stroked up and down his back. Then suddenly Ash said, "So, if we're going to do this, I wonder if you'll have hormonal issues."

Haze frowned and dragged himself up to a sitting position. "If? What do you mean if? I've already bloody well agreed to be your devoted slave for a fortnight, and you're suddenly saying if?"

Ash tapped him on the nose and said, "You should not talk back to your master, pet."

Haze rolled his eyes in an eloquently silent testimony. "You must have a reason for saying that. Now what is it?"

Ash's gaze slid past Haze's shoulder, a slow smirk forming on his face. "Yes, a reason. Actually, our dear Severus is spying on us from the hallway, and has been for quite a while. I wanted to see his reaction to your temporary slavery."

"What?" Haze whipped his head around, and sure enough, an incredibly embarassed Severus was lurking just that side of the archway to the hall, one hand pressed against the wall for support. Haze wondered just at what point Severus had started watching them make love.

"I think we may have woken him up, pet."

Haze turned back to stare at his beloved. "No, really?" Another look back showed that Severus had not moved. "Severus!" Once their friend shook his head as though to clear it Haze continued, "Care to come in and sit down?" A second later he was disengaging himself from Ash, completely unconcerned about his nudity, and producing his wand so he could cast cleansing charms.

"Where the hell are our clothes?"

Ash smirked at him. "I think the bedroom. Either a house elf tidied up while we were otherwise occupied, or I banished them. I'm really not sure." He glanced over and arched a brow. "Severus, do sit down. You look a bit unsteady on your feet."

Haze huffed and disappeared down the hallway and was shortly back, tossing a pair of sleep pants at his husband and nailing him in the face. "Get dressed, you hedonistic beast," he said, then grabbed Severus's arm and dragged him over to a chair.

"Enjoy your . . . nap, Severus?" Ash asked lazily as he dressed.

Severus looked up, a bit shaken in demeanor, then said quietly, "I think I'm beginning to understand the muggle fascination for pornography."