Black Roses-

After the Santi problem, Chris never went to jail, John stayed away from Nat, and an OC will be brought on….

Disclaimer- I have no ownership to OLTL I just like torturing the characters as much as the next person tortures. I'll return them in good shape though…

Tico stared at Christian, with hate in his eyes, he thought Christian was dead. Christian had never felt so much anger towards another human being in his life. Chris pulled out his gun and aimed it at Tico. Tico smiled " You won't pull that trigger Vega, you are not a killer. Not like your brother." " Shut up Tico, you made my wife's life miserable, you plan on framing my brother. You think I'm not going to kill you." Christian saw a small woman behind Tico and she was holding a gun on him. Tico noticed Chris's gaze and turned around to see his little sister holding a gun up at him" Lisa, what are you doing, put down that gun". Lisa kept her gun pointed at him "Tico, you had me sold into slavery. I was tortured, beaten, and almost raped. I hated you so much." Tico looked at her in total confusion. He loved his sister he'd never hurt her, he told Flynn to watch over her but never knew what Flynn did to her. " Lisa, you are my sister, I wanted to protect you. I even gave you a different last name." Lisa knew her brother loved her but what he has done was unforgivable.

She tried once more ' Tico, give up then, if you love me, let Christian live" Tico just kept his eyes on his sister, Lisa was a red headed stepchild literally, but she always loved her brother and Tico truly loved his sister. He also wanted to be the El tribuion. He heard the commotion downstairs and saw the police commissioner behind her, aiming his gun at her" Lady, drop your gun." Lisa didn't know who it was so she turned around, an officer shot at her, Tico grabbed Chris's gun turning to shot and Bo fired at him wounding him.

As the smoke cleared, Chris stood up and glanced at the two people lying on the ground. Lisa pushed herself to stand up and go to her brother, who was still lying on the ground. "Tico?" she rolled him over " Please call 9-1-1" she begged Christian. Bo walked over to her and tried to pry her loose " Miss, please come with me we have a few questions for you about Tico". "What about Tico, he's bleeding all over the place?" " We'll have an ambulance come here." Bo escorted Lisa downstairs; who until now seemed okay. Then all of a sudden, she broke down. Bo felt bad for the woman, she did do the right thing by calling Bo, but now Lisa wasn't sure about what she did.

The EMT's where taking Tico out on a gurney and Lisa stopped them. Tico looked up at her and turned his head away from her, he couldn't understand why she would turn on him. Bo grabbed her arm, and when she turned her head, Bo got a better look at her. Lisa was a smaller woman, a little plump, her hair was red and short, and she had a nasty scar under her left eye. Her voice broke his thoughts ' ok Commissioner what do you want to know?" her voice lacked an accent and she stared at him with a blank look.

Bo took her by the arm and lead her outside to the car " Come, down town with me to make a statement" she didn't fight him as he helped her into the patrol car and Bo watched as the car drove away. When he turned back around Antonio and Christian were behind him " I guess this case is over with Welcome back Christian" Antonio looked at his brother " What's wrong Chris?" Christian shook his head "Nothing, I just know that girl, she was on the ship with me, but I thought she was dead." Antonio wanted to hear all about it but he wanted to go find Jess first " Chris, lets just go home." The Vega left and Bo let out a sigh of relief, the Santi case was over, the body napping was over and it was time for a long over do vacation. As Bo turned to leave he closed and locked the door to the Lion Heart manor.


Christian and Antonio went back to find Jess and Nat, to tell them the great news. " Are you sure you don't want to tell me about 'Red'?" Chris looked at his brother "There isn't anything to tell, she took care of the slaves so to speak and one day she got into trouble and was beaten, thrown into a cage." "I bet Tico was behind it too" Antonio hissed Christian sighed " No I don't think so, because I could hear her threaten Flynn with her brother." Antonio frowned he couldn't imagine Tico being a good brother to anyone " Well its over Chris, now we can live normal lives" Christian sat back in the car and smiled a normal life sounded good right about now.

I'm breaking this up into two chapters only because I can….