Black roses -2

I'm not sure how far I'll go with this since it really doesn't follow the story line today.

Lisa sat in Bo's office looking at John McBain " What do you want from me, I did nothing wrong". John could see the Tico in her coming out " Well lets start with something simple, Who are you?" Lisa straightened herself in her chair "I am Lisa Ann Santi, Emanuel's daughter". John smirked " You are a little light colored to be a Santi aren't you?" "I was adopted by him as a small child. He loved me very much and when he died, my brother sent me away to protect me ". John sat quietly waiting for her to keep going, but she only sat there "listen I'm sure that your life must be fascinating but you need to tell me why you were at the mansion and then you can leave Miss Santi".

Lisa gave him a disgusted look "I was there to talk some sense into him". " Do you know Christian Vega" " I saw him on a ship a long time ago". Lisa stood up and walked out of the office and right into Kevin Buchanan " 'I'm sorry" she looked t the handsome man " you are Lueint governor right?" He smiled at her " Yes, I am Kevin and you are…" " Lisa Santi, Tico's sister." She saw the confused look "please don't ask." Kevin nodded " Have you talked to Tico?" Lisa was surprised that he hadn't heard by now "He is at the hospital" " What? What happened?" "Do you want to go I'll fill you in." Kevin agreed and the left the police station heading towards the hospital.

Once at the hospital, Lisa asked the front desk about her brother, while Kevin sat in the waiting room. Kevin had thought his life was back to normal, he and Kelly had not gotten back together but they were very good friends and they had legally adopted a little girl she was 1 years old. Kara had captured his heart. Lisa came back "Well, he isn't well, I guess he only has a few hours left." Kevin pulled out his cell and called Adrianna. Lisa went back to Tico's room. The room was a little chilly but Tico had two blankets on him " Tico, Adrianna is coming, please hold on." Tico lifted up his hand to take his sister's "I never wanted this to happen Lisa, but I had to eliminate people for our family" Lisa knew he was trying to justify his wrongdoing. She sat down and prayed that God forgave him.

Adrianna arrived and spied Kevin " What is going on where is Tico? I have to see him" Kevin had realized how horrid Tico really was but he took Adrianna to him anyway. Lisa looked up at the young girl " Tico, Adrianna is here for you" she stood up so Adrianna could say goodbye to the brother she had just met.

Kevin looked over at Lisa, she looked tired and worn out, he noticed the ugly scar under her eye, closer to the cheekbone, other than that she was great " Have you a place to stay Lisa?" " Mr. B, I don't think I will be sticking around after Tico passes." "I mean until your business is over here, you can stay at the manor". Lisa smiled, she was very tired and decided to accept the hospitality of Mr. Buchannnan "Sure, I guess but only until this is over". Adrianna came out of the room with tears on her face " Tico, has gone into coma" Kevin embraced Adrianna in efforts to comfort her.

Lisa went to see her brother as a doctor walked into the room "Is there any chance of him walking up?" the doctor looked over his chart "Not too much, but since you are the next of kin it is your decision as to what you want to do". " Thanks I'll need a minute to think this over." The doctor nodded and left her in the room with her brother " Ahh Tico, you have always looked over me now it is my turn to take care of you. Tico may you pass into the grace of God and May you find the forgiveness that you seek" Lisa bent down and unplugged the machines attached to her brother. She hears the flat line of the machine then looked back at her brother, he finally looked like he was in peace.

Lisa came out and sat on the floor; Adrianna ran into the room and began sobbing. Closing her eyes she fought back the tears, it was up to Lisa to run the family now, she was the Last Santi standing besides Antonio. She heard Kevin walking over to her " Are you okay?" " No but I guess I'll survive, I'm ready to leave now". Kevin escorted her out of the hospital and she broke down.


Jess and Natalie sat quietly listening to the Vega boy's story. Jess spoke up "So wait a minute, this woman saved Chris, but she is a Santi. Shouldn't the police arrest her for anything, seems to me like she is dangerous." Antonio's phone began to ring " Vega. Um hmm okay its over bye." He turned off his phone turned back to his family and smiled " its over Tico is dead" that was all he said then walked out of the room. Natalie looked at her husband " You look tired Chris, how about we go home and take a nap. Mom invited us Jess and Kevin to dinner." Christian smiled " You know I could take a nap for a few hours." Natalie smiled at her sister and left with Christian right behind her.

Jessica waited for them to leave, looked at Antonio waiting in the doorway, as she walked towards him she took off the rings that Tico had given her on their wedding day.

That's all I have for now…