By Erico


Yes! After a long and extended hiatus, Erico returns with another heaping helping of various items that are not perfectly explained in the various Mega Man series. Perhaps later I'll decide to do a chapter completely dedicated to the Mega Man 'Timeline' as it were, and try to rationalize every single Mega Man series as little more than 3000 years of history we'll never see. But for the time being, I'll continue with my original premise. Thinking up concepts that Capcom likes to leave in the dark, and pulling out my super duper flashlight.

But what have we covered so far?

In review, the concepts of beam sabers, Mega Busters, X-Busters, double-charging, Hypercharging, Sigma's damnable longevity, the relationships between MM and MMX, Dash Thrusters, and why you never have anything from your previous games in the followups.

For the record, concerning that last entry…Yes, we all know that in X5 and X6 you get Armor sets from the previous games. But that follows the idea that the spiffy (And may I say rather attractive, if slightly dipsy) Alia is a whiz at reconstructing shyte. Which means that your X4 stuff, she rebuilds. Your X5 stuff, she rebuilds. Unfortunately for you, enough time passes that your loverly X1 Paladin and X2 Retribution and X3 Archangel and Gold Hyper sets(Yes, those aren't official names. Just what I call them, read IOA you fools) have no data left for her to reconstruct.

But we're skimming off topic.

So we move back on track with the idea of


Yes, we love these! They remain hidden from all, save from X when the need arises. But how do they work? How do they arrive precisely where X can get to them? How do they know when it's time to activate? And what mysterious rumors can we present about them?

Simmer down, bubsies. I'm on it. First off, how does X trigger the arrival of the capsules?

Simple enough. If you'll recall, X isn't a reploid. He's the prototype to all reploids. His inner workings are very much a mystery to most, much like Zero is. Because Zero is the Wily counterpoint to Light's X, if you can also recall.

Therefore, there's bound to be certain things inside of X that won't be noticed.

Like a tiny little transmitter deep inside his skull, bound to his brain as deeply as his control chip. Its reason for existence is simple;

Every time poor old X has to go face another bunch of nasties in a nasty situation(Redundancy intended, folks) That nice little transmitter gets a signal from his brain which could equate to the following…

I gotta kick me some ass for the common good.

Although I doubt X thinks exactly like that, that's more of Zero's style. But the concept is the same. X mentally thinks he's going to battle, and unknowingly, he triggers the transmitter. El transmitter sends out the signal, which is then received by the capsules.

Now, when the capsules get the message, they cross-reference it with a certain number of previous times he's had the thought. For instance in X2, X has already had to pull the hero bullcrap down once. Ergo, the capsules don't send him programs for the X1 set again. Where as in X1 X receives the Paladin Set as I call it(Because admit it, he looks like some sort of righteous holy warrior, if there is such a freakin' thing), come X2, the capsules realize this is his second go at it.

And seeing as its his second go, the odds are bound to be worse, right?

Exactly. That's why every time X has another game, the armor sets seem to get more and more powerful. X3's Golden Hyper for example is my favorite, combining agility, speed, defense, healing and ungodly offense.

But then that brings up another point; why in X5 and X6 does X(Or Zero) need to collect all four chunks before they become useable?

Capcom's official line is that it's for 'security reasons.' Bullcrap. The capsules only respond to that damned transmitter in X's head, or on the opposite side of the coin, the presence of a trusted associate, like Zero. You think it's only that damnable war message his freakin' embedded transmitter is sending?

Anyhow, why collect all 4?

Simple. My belief is that seeing as X5 and X6 take YEARS(Try 60+) after X4, the capsule's power cells are running low. They still can transfer data, but they can't replicate X's individual armor pieces to him on the spot. Makes sense, right?

Which brings me to another point…How do the capsule's messages in X5 and X6 become so personalized? Well, there's several views on this.

The most insane one is that Light found a way to transfer his consciousness into the capsules. Pshaw, right. A ghost in the machine? Gimme a break. The amount of memory needed to store his brainwaves would make the capsules useless.

The far more logical, and easily explainable option is that the capsules have been given an AI program of sorts, which uses data that X's transmitter chip sends to them to personalize the capsule's messages. Which is how Light's hologram could distinguish Zero as a friendly persona, even though he was probably responsible for the original Mega Man's (And almost everyone else from the original series') death. Simple.

I give you X's thoughts;

Zero is my friend…

Simple, logical. The capsules interpret that, and assign Zero a friendly rank, granting him clearance to carry X's armor data.

So then we get to the next point…how do the capsules get to where they are? I mean, In X3, X's Golden Hyper is buried in the lower levels of Doppler's Level 1 Lab lair!!! For Gawd's sakes. Well, I can confirm that in X1, because the entire game takes place in New Tokyo, the capsules need do little more than become burrowing mole buddies. They just sort of gear up a drill assembly on the upper portion of the capsules, and dig their way to a safe location where they know X can find them…although, outside of X's first set of Dash Boots, not without a little effort, intelligence, and skills that only he would possess. For instance, the presence of RT-55J guarding the X1 armor capsule takes extraordinary skill, even for X. I've got a theory that states Rt-55J is a modified Auto, built to protect that singular capsule, but most people don't agree with me, just as they don't agree Treble's Velguarder. Moving on…

But by X2, when the action moves away from mainland Japan and to a place that I affectionately call Cornus Island(Read IOA, Cornus is short for Cornucopia), the burrowing concept won't work. You've seen the stage select screen…it's a FREAKIN' ISLAND. An island that doesn't resemble anything I've seen on current world maps. Ergo, the right place for such an island would be in the Ring of Fire…the Pacific Ocean. Namely, north of Hawaii, yet still in the tropical band. This island has a variety of particular items…a lush forest, a thriving Energen Crystal mine, some righteous self-defense in that damnable Dino Tank, all property and rights to of the GDC, Global Defense Council. Yes, the same group that approved and pulls the strings of the Maverick Hunters and makes life even harder for these go-getters. All in all, a great place to start something…like the second Maverick Uprising. See where this all comes into play?

Anyhow, back to the Capsules. The entire game(Aside from the North Pole Maverick Fortress levels) takes place on this island! Obviously, burrowing through seawater isn't going to work for the capsules. But WARPING can…

And they warp, yes indeedy they do. Pulling information from X's head, they correlate positions close to the hot zones that can act as safe havens until their discovery. They pretty much stick to warping from that point on in the series.

Thus endeth the sermons on Thomas Xavier Light's upgrade capsules.

Unkosher Stuff

As is the case with all Fanfiction involving Mega Man, my ideas about Cornus Island aren't canon, but close enough that if enough people started believing it, Capcom would turn around and start calling it as such. Still, I'm confident about the burrowing part, and then the capsules switching over to warping. After all, you've seen the X1 Armor capsule pop out of the ground like a freakin' whack-a-mole.

Unless Capcom comes out and flatly states otherwise, I hold true to the policy that the Light hologram that talks to you is a learning AI program, and not the heralded soul of the great man himself. So, aside from mentioning that Cornus isn't what Capcom calls that island, I'm supremely confident in my theories.

Now, we move on to…


Really, I don't know why I bring this up, because it's so short and pointless of a topic, but I do it anyhow.

If you'll all recall, Mega Man lore would tell us that Protoman was lost in some sort of laboratory accident, probably the same one that (As me and most of my associates believe) made Wily begin to go nuts and drop down into his long spiraling road to insanity and evildom.

Most people believe this lab accident was caused by a warping experiment gone wrong. Still, after that, Light and Wily got the wrinkles smoothed out, and believed their very first next generation robot, Protoman, to be gone and dead. Sadly, they were wrong.

By the time Wily nabs the first group of six Robot Masters in MM1 for his attempt at World Domination, Light's managed to give his second creation DL#001, Rock, a smaller, more toned down version of the warping system, something I call the warp generator.

The years go on, and with the warp Generator comes the Exit Module, which as you all know, allows us to leave a stage once the bad guy at the end is fried. This is an added enhancement Light can never fully build into Mega…

He CAN however, give it to X.

Quite simply, warping is nothing more than having a secondary computer system scan your body, break it down into tiny sections, turn some of those sections into energy, and through some very high tech (Beep) that we today don't have, send your scattered particles and energy patterns countless miles until you arrive at your destination.

Now, I'm assuming you true blue Mega Man freaks have read Maelgrim's work, 'Rockman: The Robot War'? Quite frankly, this is a masterpiece, and I think it puts my efforts to shame, but I'll let you judge that. Anyhow, Maelgrim has it that Wily has his own little warp generator. Sadly, the technology of the time, and as I surmise, even into the Mega Man X series, doesn't make warp travel safe for humans. It makes Wily even nuttier than he was!!

So for Mega Man, it's only robots…and then REPLOIDS who are able to safely use warp generators to their advantage.

Lastly as a small note, it's my belief that each warp generator and each person it belongs to, has their own distinct signal pattern. Read IOA for a further look into this.

Now, didn't I tell you this was a short topic?


Frankly, warping was never given any full explanation by Capcom, except to state it's how you enter and leave stages. So if you don't like my view on it, make your own! The field's open for suggestions.

Lastly, we end this Session of the Mega Man Physics with something that we see only in MM and MMX…


Now, you all know how it goes in Mega Man and Mega Man X. Find the boss, beat the boss, get the boss's weapon. Use the boss's weapon on another boss to rack up some serious damage. Simple, right? Hey, keep it simple if you want, I'm trying to ground this crap in logic!!!

Weapons Copy…If you can recall, Mega Man was originally built (When he was Rock) to act as a lab assistant to the venerable white bearded man himself. One of his amazing abilities was to take any tool and instantly know what he could do with it. That really doesn't enter into this, but I thought I might mention it.

What DOES enter into it is how the Weapons Copy works.

Basically, Mega and X don't use the EXACT same weapon that the boss has. Rather, they use a modified version of it, modified to fit their Buster's limitations, or transversely, its fullest abilities.

Let's focus on stuff like blades for a moment. Boomer Kuwanger or Cut Man. They kept their nifty blade stuck on their head, then calmly pulled it off and threw it at ya. Well, that works for them. Still, Mega Man's gonna look a little DAMN ODD WITH A PAIR OF OBLONG SCISSORS ON HIS SKULL!!!

So what their Weapons Copy function allows for is it turns to the synthesizing modules of their Buster. It's not only plasma these things are capable of making!!

The synthesizing nodes basically have a schematic of what the Weapons Copy version of the original bad guy's weapon should look like. It starts pulling in dust, dirt, air, hell, WHATEVER, and focuses it, solidifying it, giving it form.

All within less than the blink of an eye. Pretty nifty, huh? Thusly, X or Mega can hurl said pair of Cutters at whoever as if they'd always had it. And aside from the color change(A side effect of the Weapons Copy??) that comes with every special weapon, they're left unchanged in form.

But what for the weapons that don't have physical form, like Storm Eagle's Storm Tornado?

Simple. If you'll recall, Storm Eagle's Storm Tornado didn't do any actual damage to you. It merely tried to push you off the side of his ship so you would plummet to your death. In effect, a big gust of wind.

However, when X accesses his Weapons Copy version of the weapon, that blasted purple gust of wind takes on DESTRUCTIVE tendencies. How? Storm Eagle's didn't cause damage…

Simple. What does X use? An X-Buster. What do X-Busters shoot primarily?


And what would happen if the Weapons Copy ability peppered in some of this plasma into the gusting wind storm?

Well, simply stated…


The Weapons Copy doesn't give X or Mega an exact replica of the weapon their enemy had. It provides a modified version that will be compatible with their Busters.

For time, I'm not going to touch on how Zero's Z-Saber gets all its damn nifty special techniques. Expect THAT in the next issue of Mega Man Physics, along with whatever else I haven't killed off.


It's Mega Man, it's Weapons Copy. It's something Capcom never explains. It's something I've pondered on for six months straight. Makes sense to me!!

So there you have it, my adoring audience. Another informative session of Mega Man Physics! Keep it real, and remember…

"For every age of robotics, when a threat stood tall…there was always a man in blue. There was ALWAYS a Mega Man."