What Happens With a Kiss

Her pink and white skirt with lace and beads trimming the bottom was flowing weightlessly at her bare heals. Her flip flops making the faintest sound as she walked. Click, clack, click, clack. Her hand was clasped in her bestfriends' as they walked through the moonlit park. 'She has no idea how much I love her. I wish she had a clue. I wish I could tell her' thought Sora. Little did Sora know, Mimi was thinking the same thing beside her. Was it possible to fall in love with your best friend?

"The moon and stars are beautiful tonight." Mimi said gazing longingly into the infinite sky above.

"Yeah," said Sora in awe. She had beautiful auburn hair and ruby eyes that seemed to light up every time she saw her bestfriend. "It's like a different person comes out of you when you seerain clouds. Beautiful, but different. You love the rain."

"I know one thing that'll never be different. I'll never leave! I love you too much!" Mimi said grabbing her other hand. Mimi spun Sora around and she laughed as they twirled and collapsed beside eachother in the cool night grass.

"Hey Meems, look up. It's gonna start raining."

"I love the rain!" Mimi exclaimed, "Let's stay and dance!"

"I don't know Mi. What about that movie we were gonna see?"

"Screw the movie. Come on Sor, please. You know how much I love the rain!" she begged batting her eyelashes.

"Oh, all right." Sora was defeted my Mimi's sweetheart attitude, like she always was.

"Yey! I love the rain! I hope it thunders too!" As soon as she said that it started pouring; the lightning dancing off the clouds like streamers. "It's so beautiful! Don't you think so Sor?" Mimi asked. But before she could reply Mimi grabbed her hands. "Come on lets have some fun!" They danced in the rain to an unheard song, following the beating rythin of their hearts as one. Mimi's eyes were lit up in a flash of lightning and Sora could see something in them, something that was never there when she was with anyone else. Love. True love. The love that was only meant for Sora and she somehow knew that she just saw something in Mimi's eyes that no one else ever had and she loved Mimi for it. Sora loved Mimi for everything she was. The way Mimi's long brown hair stuck to her face and the way the raindrops landed on her eyelashes. Sora wrapped her arms around Mimi's waist. Mimi leaned over and pressed her smooth lips against Sora's. They were lost in a moment of uncertainty then comfort knowing that this was right. This was the way things should be between them. Mimi's freshly chap-sticked lips felt so soft to Sora. She thought they felt like angels lips. Mimi thought Sora was and angel. She was falling for her best friend. Was it possible to have a girl friend and have her be your best friend too? She'd just have to wait and find out. Their kiss brought peace to the thunderous storm raging around them. Mimi wrapped her arms around Sora stroking her wet hair. Sora in turn wrapped her arms around Mimi moving them up and down her back in comfort. Sora pulled away and brushed the hair from Mimi's face and looked into her eyes.

"I love you," she said "I love you now and I always will no matter what."