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Pairing: Sasu/Naru (So traditional) and a bit of one-sided Naru/Saku (In the beginning.)

Summary: He couldn't let Sasuke go to Orochimaru, he wouldn't let him, he promised Sakura that he'd bring him back, and he'd be damned if he broke that promise.

Genre: Angst, Romance

Rating: M-15 – R for semi-graphic sexual situations.



When he had first heard the news, that Sasuke had gone with Orochimaru, he was filled with an incredible sense of loss, before it was quickly overcome by anger. That bastard! Did Konoha mean nothing to him, was revenge the only thing that mattered in his mind? He vowed to himself that he'd bring Sasuke back, and his promise was intensified as he swore to Sakura he'd do it. He would never let Sakura down, never.

And now he stood here, a giant waterfall separating them, Sasuke gazed confidently back at him. 'Now it's time to see which one of us is really more powerful Sasuke-teme!'

They had fought for what seemed like hours, both of them never giving in, but as Sasuke turned into some sort of monster in front of his eyes, he knew that there was a good chance, that he had lied to Sakura, and to himself.

"Chidori!" "Rasengan!" Their final attacks were powerful enough to create a force field, Naruto could feel his energy depleting, it was then that he'd came up with his plan. He allowed himself to be blown away by Sasuke Chidori, and he feigned unconsciousness, gathering up what little energy he had left and caught his breath. He heard Sasuke's footfalls right beside him and was about to move when.

"Can't you see dobe?" Sasuke kneeled down beside him and had begun to whisper, allowing his hands to run through Naruto's hair.

"Can't you see I'm doing this all for you? I won't let Itachi take you away, I'll defeat him and then, you'll be mine."

As shocked as Naruto was, this was his chance to keep his promise, Sasuke's guard was down. "Hey Sasuke!"

Sasuke had quickly turned around and was met with a fist in the stomach, he met eyes with Naruto, and then blacked out, falling to the rock ground below him.

Naruto could feel his eyes getting heavy, he had to put all of his energy into that last punch after all, but the only thing he could think of as he flopped on the ground and let darkness take over was. 'I'll be his?'

He had woken up in a hospital, covered from head to foot in bandages, this was definitely not his day. 'I know! Ramen will make me feel better!' He was caught in the hallway, and brought back to his room, then he was caught just outside and was brought back to his room, and just when he'd finally made it to that Ichiraku and that mouthwatering combination of noodles, broth and spices, and he was caught by Shizune.

And now here he was, tied down to his bed, bored out of his mind. It was then that the door creaked open, Naruto perked up. 'Yatta! Someone's come to visit me!'

"Hello Naruto." Naruto's eyes snapped to the door and there Sasuke stood in all his glory, not a bandage in sight. 'Why the hell is he here?'

Sasuke slowly walked over to the bed where Naruto was bound. "You were faking it weren't you Naruto? You heard everything I said." He reached out a hand but stopped when he noticed Naruto flinch away. He brought his hand back with a frown. "Now that you know, I will not hold back-" 'Trying to kill me?' "in winning your affection." With that said he left the room leaving Naruto to ponder over two things.

'What the fuck was that about!' And, 'At least he didn't try anything with me strapped down to the bed.'

The lifestyle in Konoha quickly turned back to normal, as if Sasuke had never tried to betray them all, the fangirls stalked him, the people talked of his wonderful talents, it was enough to make Naruto want to vomit. 'If I ever pulled a stunt like that and came back of my own free will, they'd probably have me burned at a stake.' And Naruto didn't forget their little 'chat' in his hospital room, not that he could, he could feel Sasuke's eyes watching him whenever he was outside, it was rather… Disturbing. 'Damn it, why does that bastard have to be so creepy!'

It had been going on for weeks, as often as he could Naruto would just stay inside, whenever he went out he made sure he was completely aware of everything around him, and whenever Team Seven had a mission he was sure to stay in sight and never stray to far from Sakura or get to close to Sasuke. It was a fairly bland existence, but Naruto was getting used to it, then it happened.

It was a boring mission, just going grocery shopping and cleaning the house for an elderly couple who had decided to go on a little vacation and they were to busy packing to do anything else. Sakura and Kakashi handled the shopping which left Naruto and Sasuke to clean. Sasuke was doing the top floor and Naruto was cleaning the basement, which Naruto thought was really unfair since the top floor seemed a lot cleaner, but Naruto had an answer for that.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Within ten minutes the kitchen, living room and bathroom were completely clean, spotless, spic and span. 'Ha! Take that Sasuke-teme!' He thought as he ran up the stairs, ready to shove his small victory in Sasuke's face, only to find Sasuke, seemingly waiting for him, at the top of the stairs.

"Sasuke, what ar-" Naruto didn't get a chance to finish his sentence as he felt himself hurtling down the stairs. The last thing he saw before all went dark was Sasuke's face, smiling.

"Is he okay?" "Che, the idiot fell down the stairs, he'll be fine in no time." "Still, I think that someone should take care of him while he's hurt." Naruto eyes fluttered open, his head was resting on Sakura's lap and he grinned, almost forgetting why he was in this predicament. "You can play doctor anytime you want Sakura-chan." Sakura twitched. 'Oops, did I say the out loud?" "NARRUUUTTTOOOO DAMN YOU!" With a mighty crash of her fist against Naruto's skull, the blonde was unconscious once more.

Sasuke took a deep breath, remaining as calm as he possible could, he turned to Sakura, hardly able to keep the hatred out of his eyes. "I'll take care of the dobe, it might prove to be amusing." "Hai, whatever you say Sasuke-kun!" Sasuke turned away, feeling the Sharingan activate of its own violation, when Naruto was completely his, no one would be able to hurt him like that, especially Sakura, the damned girl, Naruto took her abuse and still followed after her like a lovesick puppy. 'Once I claim him, he'll never even think about Sakura again.' Sasuke smirked, letting out an inward cackle.

Naruto awoke, only aware of the painful throbbing in his head. 'Owwww. Sakura-chan needs to lighten up.' His eyes fluttered open and he stared at the unfamiliar ceiling. 'Okaaaay then, where am I?' He slowly shifted into a sitting position and glanced around the room, eyes catching on one symbol he could never forget. The paper fan of the Uchiha.

'That bastard! He pushed me down the fucking stairs! Why the fuck am I at his house?' Naruto growled to himself as he stomped out of the room, only to find himself in a long corridor, two doors lining each wall, at one end a staircase lead up, and the other end a staircase lead down. 'Oh hell, how am I supposed to find Sasuke-teme if I don't know where he is?' Naruto crossed his arms and pouted, glaring at the two different staircases. Left or right? Up or down? Naruto snorted. 'I suppose the king of the castle would have his room on the highest level.' Making up his mind Naruto went right and up, he had a bone to pick with Sasuke, what the fuck was he thinking, pushing him down the stairs and then kidnapping him!

Meanwhile, at the bottom level of the house Sasuke had been cooking for what seemed like hours, but he had to feed Naruto something other than ramen, the blonde needed some nutrition!

First he made the Yakisoba, Chinese style noodles served with vegetables, meat and ginger. He was sure Naruto would like it. Next was the Yakizakana, grilled fish. And then for dessert they were going to have some freshly made odango.

'Ah, a candlelit dinner for two.' Sasuke sighed with a blush, slipping into his unknown (to the public) lovesick personality. 'Oh Naruto, this is going to be so wonderful.' He quickly snapped back to himself, glancing around to make sure the blonde hadn't been around to see his loss of composure. "Where is the dobe anyway?" He asked aloud, smirking. Naruto would definitely be up by now, probably sneaking around trying to find him. 'Well, I'll just make it easier for my little koi.' And in a flash Sasuke was off, he'd have Naruto eating with him before the food even started to cool.

Meanwhile Naruto had searched all of the room on the top floor and had found something very interesting in the last room he had been in. A trap door on the ceiling leading to a small, attic like structure. It was fairly dark and musty, reminding him of a cellar, the only light streamed from a small window. Naruto crawled forward and opened the window, climbing out and onto the roof of the Uchiha main building.

"Wow. It's beautiful up here." Naruto murmured, sure it wasn't like at the top of the Hokage Monument, but at three stories high the building had a view that was breathtaking. You could see all the way to the forest, where the sun had already begun its slowly decent behind the trees.

"Lovely isn't it." Naruto tensed, eyes narrowing as he glared up at Sasuke, who simply smirked down at him. "Of course, I can think of something much more beautiful." Naruto's pupils narrowed even more. "What, don't you like my compliments?" "You bastard! You pushed me down the stairs and now you're complimenting me!" Sasuke looked unfazed by Naruto's outburst; in fact he was examining his nails in a bored fashion. "Well, how else do you expect we'll be able to spend time alone together?" He drawled out and Naruto growled, standing up to his full height and glaring up into Sasuke's eyes. "Why the hell would I care about spending time with you!" In a flash Sasuke had him pinned to the roof, his face hovering inches above his own.

"I told you in the hospital Naruto, now that you know of my feelings, I will not hold back in courting you." Naruto flushed, caught between angry and embarrassed. "What the hell is courting!" Sasuke's face slowly inched closer to his own until Naruto could feel the boy's breath against his lips. "It's like dating, only more serious and more likely to lead to marriage."

Naruto couldn't help but throw his head back and laugh, it was a hollow abrasive laugh that soon turned hysteric, but he couldn't seem to stop until he felt a hard punch against his face. The throb in his cheek slowly dulled down to a sting. But he laid there, glaring up at Sasuke who seemed to be surprised by the death glare he was getting from the blonde under him.

"Listen up Uchiha and listen close 'cause I'm only gonna say this once." Naruto growled out lowly. "You and me have never been on the best of terms, you should consider yourself lucky that I still think of you as my friend even after you tried to join up with Orochimaru, and right now, you're pushing it. We'll never be more than friends Sasuke. Now if you'll excuse me, I want to go home." He pushed Sasuke off him, the dark haired boy seemingly in a state of shock. 'Well, proves how much of an ego he has, thinking I'll swoon just like one of his fangirls.' Naruto walked over to the edge of the roof, looking down to the ground and estimating how painful it would be if he landed the wrong way…

"Wait Naruto." The blonde glanced behind him. 'Aw damn, I thought he'd be off in a daze for at least a couple more seconds.' "Naruto, if you refuse to stay here and allow me to court you, I will go to Orochimaru."

Naruto stilled, his heart beating faster and sweat beginning to bead on his forehead. "You-you wouldn't, I'll tell everyone!" Sasuke walked a step closer. "And who will they believe, you, or the genius heir of the Uchiha." He took another step. 'Damn, he has a point.' "Think of it this way Naruto, as long as you're here you can observe me, make sure I don't go 'wondering off.'" Another step taken, one more to go. "Come on Naruto, it that too much to ask?" Naruto opened his mouth to answer, his eyes narrowing in rage, but he never got to answer as he crumpled in Sasuke's arm, unconscious.

Sasuke glared at the sunset, he really shouldn't have threatened Naruto with that, but it was far too late now, with a sigh he went inside and once again laid Naruto down on the bed in the room across from his and then he went downstairs to eat, silently hoping that Naruto wouldn't hate him too much when he awoke.

It was early the next morning when Naruto's eyes fluttered open, staring solemnly at the dark ceiling above him, thinking over the ultimatum Sasuke had given him the night before.

Allow Sasuke to court or whatever with him, or Sasuke goes straight on back to Orochimaru…

It really didn't seem like he had much of a choice. But he had too, he couldn't just allow Sasuke to be used by that sick, twisted freak, and there was only one way to keep him in the Leaf…

When this was all done with and everything was back to normal, Naruto was going to kill something…

Sasuke had been up since five, following his morning routine of running around the city twice in 45 minutes and then doing katas in the Uchiha garden until seven, when the making of breakfast began. Sasuke had walked into the kitchen, wiping some sweat from his forehead, and was slightly surprised to see Naruto up, kneeling at the table with a serious expression on his face, had the situation not been so dire, Sasuke would have asked who this imposter was and where he had hidden the real Naruto. Instead, he opted to stand there and listen to what the blonde had to say. Naruto muttered a bit, his voice barely above a whisper, and from across the room Sasuke could barely hear the soft rumble of noise emitted from the other boy's mouth.

"Excuse me, but could you repeat that a little louder this time." Naruto huffed and said it again, his voice was hardly louder than before, but Sasuke stained his ears and heard. "I'll let you doing this courting business so long as you don't leave again, just don't expect me t-" Blue eyes widened considerably as lips were pressed against his, Sasuke pulled away mere seconds later, Naruto stared at him in shock, cheeks turning an amazing shade of red. "H-hey! Don't do that!" Sasuke smiled and turned away. "Hey! Don't turn your back on me!"

Things were finally going to go according to plan.

The next several days were very similar to each other, Naruto would wake up, and it seemed that Sasuke was always there to pamper him or talk to him or listen to him, occasionally stealing a kiss whenever possible.

It scared Naruto to think of it, but he really wasn't minding the occasional peck on the lips Sasuke bestowed upon him. In fact, sometimes he kind of felt like kissing the other boy back, but then he remembered why he was agreeing to allow Sasuke to court him, and the urge to kiss him back quickly left his mind. But still, with Sasuke as his only company, it was completely normal for him to seek out his company, right? He just didn't like being alone.

By the end of the week, even Naruto wasn't fully believing the stuff he told himself.

"Hey Sasuke?" "Mmm?" "Just how long do you think they're going to believe that you're taking care of me? A little fall down the stairs," He cast a small glare in Sasuke's direction. "Shouldn't take a week to heal, especially if you know how fast my body can repair itself."

Sasuke looked as if he was taking this into consideration, and then he grinned, Naruto couldn't help but feel a little nervous, smiles like that did not mean good things.

"I've already taken care of that." "Wh-what?" "Well, the day you said you'd allow me to court you; I went and told Tsunade that you had decided to move in with me." "And… She believed you?" "Of course, and since we're on this topic, we should probably move your stuff out of your apartment, after the mission tomorrow of course." "Wait, we have a mission tomorrow?" "Yes." Naruto clenched his fists, glaring at the calm boy sitting across from him.

"And when were you planning to tell me this?" "The morning, I suppose, at least for the mission, talking to you about you moving in with me probably could have waited a couple days though." "And I have no say in this stuff at all? What if I want to move back into my apartment when this is all over!"

Sasuke's face was suddenly a meager inch from his own, Naruto could practically feel their breath intermingling. "When this is all over, you'll never want to leave." With that he left and Naruto wasn't sure if he should feel scared or angry, he decided on angry.


The mission was simple, boring, nothing worth mentioning, the usual. Naruto had felt eyes watching him the whole time, but he never turned confirm who it was. After the mission, he lazily walked through the village, Sasuke walking just ahead of him, obviously trying not to get to far ahead. Naruto nearly cried with joy when he saw Iruka.

"Iruka-sensei!" The blonde, in a sudden burst of energy quickly ran and tackled the older man. And using his 'powers of persuasion,' conned the man into buying him ramen, Sasuke didn't let him eat ramen, and as Naruto walked away with Iruka, feeling the burning gaze on his back, he couldn't help but think. 'It's your own fault.'

He arrived 'home' later that night, he had talked to Iruka for hours, happy to have someone other than Sasuke to hang around. He carefully tiptoed inside, trying to get back to his room undetected.

"You were gone a long time." Sasuke's voice eerily echoed in the entrance hall as he stepped out of the shadows. "We were supposed to bring your stuff over here today, remember?"

"Oh yeah…" Naruto scratched the back of his head thoughtfully, he had forgotten all about it. 'I guess Sasuke's a bit pissed off at me now.' Naruto's eyes carefully focused on Sasuke's form, the other boy was just staring at him with those deep, black eyes of his, there was no movement from either of them, they just stood there, waiting for something to happen.

It did.

Naruto wasn't sure when exactly it happened, but he was suddenly pressed against the wall, Sasuke's arms at either side of him, the taller boy slowly leaning in, his breath ruffling Naruto's bangs.

"S-Sasuke?" Black eyes burrowed into his own and Naruto felt himself shiver.

"I missed you." Sasuke whispered before gently locking their lips together.

Naruto eyes widened, Sasuke had missed him? But he was only gone a couple of hours! And he was being so gentle… Naruto's eyes drooped and he was just about to kiss back when Sasuke withdrew his lips. The older boy ran his hand through Naruto's hair tenderly.

"We can move your things in tomorrow. And, if you promise to spend some more time with me, I promise I won't make any more decisions behind your back."

Naruto stared in shock. 'What the fuck? First he's blackmailing me, now he's bargaining with me?' "Sasuke, why-" He was silenced as a pale finger pressed against his lips.

"It's just, it doesn't seem to work when I try and force you to like me and-" Sasuke felt his cheeks go pink and he looked away. "I just want to spend some time with you."

Naruto blinked a bit before a small smile crept on his face, Sasuke looked so vulnerable, it was kind of cute. "Okay." Sasuke's head snapped towards the blonde, shocked expression on his face before it morphed into a relived, triumphant look. "But I still get to go with Iruka for ramen!" Slightly less triumphant, but still relieved Sasuke answered with a, "Whatever you say." And a quick kiss on the lips, this time though, Naruto kissed back.

If you had told Naruto two weeks ago that one day he was going to someday think of Sasuke as a lot more than a friend, he probably would have laughed, looked at you funny when you didn't laugh with him, then called you a pervert and punched you across the face as hard as he could.

But spending two weeks with someone, even if the first week was a bit nonconsensual, kind of makes you re-evaluate the person.

Not that Naruto suddenly found out that Sasuke wasn't arrogant, was a complete saint or actually felt flattered by the affection he gets from all his fan girls. But he did find out one very important thing, Sasuke was a very good kisser when you actually began kissing back.

Naruto loved being kissed by him, the way Sasuke's tongue would beg at the seam of his lips, pleading for entrance. The way that, once inside, Naruto could feel his mouth being explored, and how whenever Naruto built up the courage to play along with his own tongue, Sasuke's won. Naruto loved kissing Sasuke, but sometimes, when he felt Sasuke's hands going a little too far or too low, he felt kind of... Wired, like Sasuke was just going a bit too far.

But he wasn't going to talk to Sasuke about it, just so long and Sasuke didn't cross the line, then everything would still be okay.

But every once in a while, when Naruto found himself lost inside of Sasuke's kisses, he'd feel the hands gliding along his covered skin, and it made him nervous.

"Hey Sasuke." "Yes?" "Can we have ramen tonight?" "No." "Pleeeaassee?" Big blue eyes were batted in the direction of one frigid boy. "No." Naruto pouted. "But we never have ramen here!" Sasuke sighed. "That's because it's not healthy at all, you can have all the ramen you want when you're with Iruka, but when you're with me, you're going to eat whatever I make." Naruto let out a cross between a whimper and a whine. "But how will I live the rest of my life!" Sasuke gazed at Naruto and smirked. "Does that mean you're going to be with me for the rest of your life?" Naruto blushed and quickly turned away. "No!"

Naruto ignored Sasuke, focusing on the very interesting wall in front of him, Sasuke's voice becoming a monotonous drone behind him. 'Stupid Sasuke, twisting my words like that." Naruto's blush deepened. 'Just cause he's really nice to kiss, and nice to talk to, and listens to me and holds me, doesn't mean that I'll stay around him forever.'

Arms embraced him from the back and Naruto felt Sasuke's breath against his neck. "What do you want?" He asked, turning his head away from the one on his shoulder.

"I only want you, your happiness, and my happiness. Only three things, is it really too much to ask?" Naruto sighed, and Sasuke spoke up again. "But, if I have you, then I'll have my happiness, and I'll make you happy, so really, I only want one thing." "But… How can you be so sure you'd make me happy?" Sasuke's arms tightened around him. "Haven't I made you happy these last few weeks? I've been here for you, listened to you, smiled and laughed with you. Naruto." Sasuke turned to boy around and looked his straight in the eyes. "I've kissed you so many times that anyone else wouldn't be able to keep track. I remember our every kiss, and each of them, just remembering them, it makes me feel…" Sasuke drew their faces closer. "Complete, happy, content." He gave Naruto a small kiss on the cheek. "And then, I just want more of you, all of you."

Lips clashed together and tongues battled for dominance, Sasuke's hand pressing Naruto as close to his own body as he could, thriving on the feel of the small body against his own.

He'd had a crush on Naruto for years, and that first accidental kiss, that was when Sasuke had first decided to take action. Not know much about the ways of love he tried to recall anything he knew, which was the love/hate relationships, and that boys always pick on the girls they like.

Sadly it hadn't worked, but right now he had his Naruto, so his aforementioned failures didn't count.

The heat of the moment was getting to him, he wanted, no, needed Naruto, now. He was already halfway through tearing off Naruto's orange jacket when he felt the blonde push him away.

"Stop it Sasuke." Fingers froze, Naruto backed away, Sasuke watching him, breathing heavily. "Wh-why?" Naruto blushed and fidgeted nervously. "I just don't like it when you touch me like that, it makes me nervous, like you're going to do something really awful."

Sasuke felt his heart begin to crack. "But you like me kissing you."

"Yes, kissing is okay. But when your hands wander, I guess I'm just not used to it, I'm used to punches and kicks, not gentle or feverous caresses." Naruto blushed and Sasuke mentally cursed, he should have known that Naruto wouldn't feel comfortable being intimate with someone, he'd had no experience!

"Naruto." He took a step forward and hooked his fingers under Naruto's chin, eyes searching. "I'll go slower if that's what you want, but someday Naruto, I will have all of you as my own." Sasuke walked away and left Naruto standing there. Alone and awkward with the feeling of guilt slowly spreading over his body.

'I shouldn't feel bad, he's the one who overdid it.' But even as he told himself this, Naruto could feel his own need for Sasuke growing. He sniffled a little as he walked to his room, blushing when he heard muffled moans and a short cry of 'Naruto' in the room across from his. 'I hope he's not doing anything wired, like using a shadow clone that he transformed to look like me.' Naruto shuddered a little at the thought before entering his room, flopping on his bed and drifting into a dreamless sleep.

He woke up when the sun began shining over his eyes, which he blinked open blearily. He yawned as he slowly rose out of the bed, glancing at his clock, in was 10:43 am. He had a mission at 12:00.

As Naruto began getting dressed memories of the night below slowly filtered through his mind and he couldn't help but feel a little scandalized. 'If I hadn't pushed him away, we would have… we would have done 'IT'!' Red spread over his face, he seemed to be blushing a lot these days, and it was all Sasuke's fault!

Naruto stomped down the stairs, not feeling any of the guilt he had been last night, he was just about ready to attack, when he smelt something. A delicious, familiar, soothing, exciting smell that Naruto linked with everything good in his life.

Sasuke had made ramen.

Naruto crept into the kitchen, watching as Sasuke transferred the noodles and broth into two separate bowls.

They do say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, this was very true in Naruto's case, and if it was ramen you were giving him. Bonus points!

Sasuke turned around, placing the two bowls on the table and Naruto sat down across from the quiet boy, picking up his chopsticks and eating with zeal.

"Naruto, I just wanted to-" "I know, I forgive you." Naruto knew that Sasuke hated to vocalize his apologies, and he knew that Sasuke had made ramen to get back on his good side. 'Heh, we're already like a couple. I know how his mind works.' Naruto joked with himself, and for some reason, the thought didn't make him cringe like it once did, it made him feel... Nice.

The mission was once again tedious and Naruto found himself looking over to catch Sasuke's lingering gaze more than once.

When they finally arrived home Naruto was sure that if Sasuke didn't kiss him soon, he'd have to take the initiative.

So when Sasuke didn't give Naruto what he wanted within the first five minutes they were home, Naruto jumped him, attacking him with a barrage of kisses.

This time, when Sasuke's hand began tugging at Naruto jacket, Naruto didn't push Sasuke away.

When Sasuke's lips began kissing their way down Naruto's chest, Naruto did nothing but moan in reply. When Sasuke began taking off his own shirt, Naruto watched hungrily.

Naruto had been thinking about what Sasuke had said before all during the mission. Sasuke had made him happy these last couple of weeks, and if kissing Sasuke was as great as it was, then why shouldn't they be more intimate?

Butterflies began pounding in his stomach when both he and Sasuke were stripped down to nothing but their boxers. He reached out uncertainly, hands shaking slightly, and he pulled Sasuke's underwear off. He stared at the erection with wide eyes, his mouth suddenly dry. If guys had sex how Naruto thought they did, then he was going to be in a hell of a lot of pain.

Sasuke, thankfully, seemed to sense his discomfort and lightly embraced him. "It'll be okay Naruto, you just need to relax." He whispered softly as he pulled down Naruto's boxers, his hands roaming up and down Naruto's thighs, coming close, but not close enough to touch Naruto's sensitized flesh. It was sheer torture for them both.

Sasuke gazed hungrily at the boy under him, he had wanted this for so long. He could feel his own excitement build up as he prepared Naruto for their union, he was almost ready to burst when Naruto murmured. "I'm ready."

That was definitely one of his favorite phrases.

He carefully pushed into the body below him, trying not to hurt Naruto too much, but he could tell that Naruto was feeling uncomfortable, if the nails digging into his back were any indication. When he was finally completely inside Naruto he took a deep breath to calm himself, before slowly rocking his hips, Naruto groaned under him and Sasuke started going faster, his thrusts striking deeper into Naruto's body, as Naruto writhed and moaned under him. He could feel that the end was near for both of them when Naruto's eyes rolled back and he breathily called out Sasuke's name, Naruto tightened around him and Sasuke felt a though fire was coursing through his veins, he closed his eyes and with a final thrust he emptied his seed into Naruto body.

The two lay there in each other's embrace, panting from their recent love making.

"Was it as bad as you thought it would be?" Sasuke joked lightly as he nipped Naruto's ear affectionately, Naruto just snuggled in Sasuke's arms. Sasuke's eyes softened as he looked down at Naruto peaceful face.

"I love you, Naruto." He almost didn't hear the murmured. "I love you too." But he knew it had been said. Holding the boy closer, he quietly asked. "Does that mean you will stay with me, forever?" Naruto whispered a yes as he drifted into sleep and Sasuke hoped beyond hope that Naruto would remember his answer in the morning.

He did, and this time he sealed his promise with his most favorite of all actions, the kiss.