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Chapter One

(You don't have to be read this first part to understand the story but I just thought the demon fox deserved some recognition. But you do have to read the part after this, 'The Present' to get it)

Kyuubi's Tale

The Kyuubi hadn't always been the demonic, human-killing monster he currently was. In fact, he used to completely different. This is the Kyuubi Tale.

The nine-tailed fox's first memories made him growl when ever he thought of it. Kyuubi had been sitting beside his two siblings when his most precious person returned. It was a figure of sheer power, a beast he had surpassed by far.

He and his siblings jumped up and began yipping like dogs, a trait Kyuubi was not proud of. The great fox creature that towered above him was the one and only guardian of the feared Kyuubi, his mother. In her steel crushing jaws were two unfortunate deer that had strayed from their herd. The pups wolfed down their meal and their life went on as usual.

One afternoon, their mother did not return. Kyuubi and his sister and brother sat at the entrance of the cave, now the size of adult red foxes but still pups. With no food, no protection they wandered. Kyuubi's brother was immediately killed when he fell into a stream. Now Kyuubi and his sister were left alone. They ate whatever strayed into their path, grasshoppers, bugs, mice, whatever they could get their paws on.

Kyuubi's sister eventually died of starvation. Kyuubi sat at her side uncomprehending her death, only whining and pawing at her, begging for her to stand again. After he finally left his dead sister he stumbled miraculously onto a dead caribou, almost picked clean by other scavengers. There he ate well for the first time in three weeks. Then he fell asleep until a familiar scent crossed his nose. His mother!

Kyuubi was on his feet following the scent until he saw the mountain of reddish fur that was his mother. He yipped in joy and bounded forward, only to stop and scent something strange. It was a scent he caught from his sister after she passed away. He crept forward cautiously and sniffed his mother's face. It carried the horrendous smell of death. Still, he fought with himself whether to try and wake her. His sister hadn't gotten up, but he knew his mother was stronger. He gently licked his mother's muzzle but there was no movement. He whined piteously and nudged her again. She was dead.

Kyuubi staggered away, realizing his mother would never rise nor would his sister. He had looked over his mother from all angles, catching her fear-scent and another creature's scent. He didn't recognize this creature or creatures. But he was filled with undying rage. Everything he loved was gone and he vowed to destroy that creature and all its kin.

For years and years he wandered, becoming wise and strong. He never forgot the image of his mother's lifeless eyes nor his sister's. He never forgot that creature's scent and when he finally found a creature with the scent, he killed it. When he was standing over the dead creature he realized that this was one dead creature but he had three of his kin die. He searched mercilessly and destroyed a creature's family of six. The blood on his claws and mouth seemed to enrage him even more. He went on a rampage and attacked village after village, leaving only death in his wake.

Then he came upon Konaha and met his fate. Now he sits in his chamber inside a boy, pondering what could of happened if his sister had walked fifty more steps to the dead caribou or if his mother had stood up even though she had died.

The Present

Naruto became obsessed in finding Sasuke. He trained everyday for the chance to go on a mission to find him. Having felt he broke his promise to Sakura, that Sasuke was almost sacred to her, finding the traitor was his top priority.

Hinata continued to watch from afar. She saw Naruto lose his always-cheerful attitude and his silly smiles over the next three years. He never cut his ties with friends but he became ever so slightly distant. Hinata could see him daydreaming with such an empty stare, not angry, not sad, just blank and empty. Naruto grew into a handsome young man, his shoulders becoming a bit more broad, his intelligence increased (significantly).

Naruto's promise to Sakura had gradually taken over his life. Naruto had retreated into himself, constantly muttering to about why he would possibly want to leave and where he went. His confusion became anger, as Sakura had gotten over it partly but he sensed the deep emotional scar that remained. He blamed it on himself. Naruto trained rigorously, literally pushing himself past his own limits and still making it to his home at night (maybe not every night).

Still, Hinata watched from afar, as Naruto plummeted further on his downward spiral. She noticed how he had begun to rely of his inner demon's chakra so greatly. She had been there when Naruto had snapped. He was on the verge of a rampage when Hinata had finally stepped from the shadows and restrained his immense power with a simple touch on the shoulder. Naruto had whirled around and snarled at Hinata in blind fury then realized who he had threatened. That was when Naruto realized he had wasted years on trying to save Sasuke and decided to finish it once and for all.

Then Naruto was gone. He simply vanished without a trace. He had even gained the respect of some the villagers by successfully completing assigned mission after missionbut it didn't matter to him anymore.

Then for three years Hinata was in shock. She had been trying to get Naruto's attention ever since the beginning and it hadn't been enough. When she should have called out, she had only whispered. When she should have waved she only glanced up shyly. It hadn't been enough. During those three years, Hinata trained so fiercely, few recognized her.

On the third anniversary of Naruto's disappearance, Hinata felt she was ready to leave. With a backpack full of supplies, she left Konoha and set foot into the wilderness.

Oh, how wild the wilderness can be. A storm lashed out a mere day after Hinata set out. She sat in a dreary cave for who knows long running over her plan. If Naruto was looking for Sasuke and Sasuke was looking for Itachi and Itachi was with the Akatsuki near the Hidden Village of Sand then Hinata must get to the Hidden Village of Sand. The only problem with that was the Hidden Village of the Sand was hidden, hence the name.

Hinata's eyes had taken an even lighter shade. Her hair had grown and the forehead protector had eventually migrated to her forehead. The young woman's attire hadn't changed much but her altered personality made her unrecognizable. As she sat in the dreary cave with the cold seeping into her body, Hinata pulled her blanket tighter and wondered for the millionth time what Naruto would look like now that he would have adapted to the wilderness.

Hinata felt her eyelids drooping and didn't care to try and keep them open for she thought the storm would last awhile…

Bright blue eyes scanned the ridge of mountains, attempting to spot any movement. Sasuke's scent was here very faintly. That was what always happened. It was like Sasuke was teasing Naruto, always leaving some small sign that he had been there but only to be miles away. Naruto cursed angrily and punched a hole through the stone wall beside him. The demon-boy clenched his sharp teeth in frustration. His glowing, orange-red tail swung from side to side regally.

Suddenly the boy's head jerked up. A long forgotten scent was being carried on the breeze. He turned wide-eyed to the mountain that loomed behind him. No, he thought. It couldn't be…


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