Yes, this is it. The short epilogue I've written for Kyuubi tale. I kind of left it to a sequel but I doubt I'll ever write one. Well, thanks for reviewing and enjoy!



Naruto's body had been pushed passed the limit by achieving the Kyuubi's form and there had been many touch and go moments for several days afterwards. Meanwhile, the village had been rebuilt slowly but surely to its former glory as the stories and rumors had flown.

But even after being somewhat lit on fire on the inside, Naruto had recovered quite well, with some help from the Kyuubi, of course. Everyone was astonished to see him and his blood red eyes among villagers, carrying wood planks or carefully aiming a hammer while holding extra nails in his mouth. It wasn't just because most of the Konoha citizens were frightened of him, but because he was up on his feet after almost dying a week or so before. Naruto ended up healing before Hinata.

Months passed, wounds healed and lost ones were mourned. Naruto and Hinata became the deadly duo of Konoha. They went on the hardest missions and came back alive one way or another. The love-struck pair were legendary.

New Year's was a time of celebration in Konoha and the missions that weren't absolute emergencies were left off until the next day. Naruto, Hinata and their circle of good friends were actually in the Uchiha mansion, partying. It wasn't just New Year's to them. It was the anniversary of Naruto's and Sasuke's return and that was reason to celebrate.

Several certain drinks were about along with favorite traditional foods in the mansion. Over the mountains, fireworks were being set off and the friends had gathered to watch, many of them in pairs.

Naruto was jumping, spinning and causing general chaos around the posts of the veranda that bordered the house with his quite potent drink sloshing in its cup. Naruto wasn't one to let his senses be dulled in such a careless way but this was a special time. The others, Sakura, who could only stay for a short while especially, would have normally been chiding him and getting angry at his antics but they were all in a festive mood. Even cool Sasuke warmed a bit.

The demon boy had just performed a flying leap off the roof, hit the ground with a back hand spring and did several aerial flips for his audience when Hinata emerged from the doorway clad in a lovely but casual outfit for the occasion with Sakura smiling at her side.

"Er, Naruto, I have to tell you something," she called to him, blushing.

He looked at her with pure love and cart-wheeled to her side. "Anything for you, Hinata," Naruto said, grinning and taking another sip before setting his drink down. Hinata could tell that wasn't his first cup by the dazed look on his face. Hinata's blush suddenly grew as she bent down to whisper in his ear.

Naruto made a choking sound and his drink sprayed from his mouth. His face went sort of pale as his friends looked at him strangely, a tad worried. The buzz from his drink dissolved into nothingness. He wiped his sleeve across his mouth hurriedly, blinking in surprise. There was a sort of disbelieving half-smile on his face as he held Hinata's arms and looked her straight in the eye. The demon boy cried out with a tone somewhere between panic and delight,

"You're WHAT?"

-:-; THE END ;-:-

Haha, i wonder what 'what' could possibly be? ... uh, most of you should be able to assume it. I know this is a little happy compared to the last chap but i didn't want it to be too down. Thanks for reading my fanfic!