Dark Love

By Tsuki

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Chapter One: Bite Me

Sakura sat down on her couch, which was now fully equipped for her long night of movies. The couch had three total cushions on it: the left one holding cheesy popcorn, soda, and a few napkins; the right cushion holding buttered popcorn, about ten boxes of candy, around thirty DVDs loosely stacked, and wheat thins and that really good cheddar cheese in a can (omg yuuum); and of course, the middle cushion held none other than Sakura herself!

I mean, what else would a single teenage girl be doing on a Friday night, right?

She decided to watch a thriller first so she wouldn't be able to fall asleep later. (AN: I'm not gonna put any specific names of movies in here so that I don't have to add them as I go in the disclaimer . )

About three movies later she was running out of snacks (at about two in the morning) so she had to go to the kitchen and get more. Her kitchen was the only room in the appartment with a window in it, and that window was open on the hot summer night.

Sakura shivered. "Man, it must have dropped five degrees since I was in this kitchen!" she said to herself. She walked over to her thermometer. The temperature was slowly and constantly dropping right in front of her eyes.

"Damn, what's going on?" she asked herself as she walked over to the window. She put her hand outside and it was perfectly warm out there.

Sakura blinked in confusion. Why is it just cold in here? I don't have AC… the freezer's not open, either!

She quickly turned the heat slightly on and went back to her movie.

"A vampire's presence always make a place colder…" she heard a husk voice say.

Sakura's eyes widened. "Wh-who's there?" she asked. She heard something land behind her and felt the presence coming closer.

A cold, pale hand carressed Sakura's neck and she began to shiver again. A… a… vampire! In my appartment… Oh, Lord, I'm going to die! But at just the right moment…

Hyuuga Hinata, one of Sakura's best friends, burst in the door. "SAKURA-CHAN! YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS!" (AN: Ok… so Hinata's a little out of character here…)

Sakura jumped at her friend's outburst. She turned around and nothing was there…

"Oi, Hinata-Chan! It's 2:30 in the morning! What in the damned hell could you have to tell me right now?" asked a ticked Sakura. She had actually… wanted to see the vampire.

"Well, since I knew you were watching movies and wouldn't be watching the 2 AM news, I decided it was important for me to tell you myself!" exclaimed Hinata.

"And that would be…?"

"Sakura-chan… there have been numerous vampire sightings lately. It seems everyone in Konoha knows about this vampire, but it still kills about five people a night. I just wanted to warn you," finished a now breathless Hinata.

"I already know, Hinata-chan," sighed Sakura, "He was just here."

Hinata gasped. "Did he bite you? Are you okay? Let me see your neck!"

Before Hinata could tackle and examine her, Sakura put a hand in front of her to stop the hyper girl. (AN: Okay… so Hinata is like a female Naruto in this fic, ok?)

"No, he didn't bite me. He was going to just before you rushed in here. Then he vanished. I don't know if he's still here or if he's roaming Konoha for new blood," stated Sakura.

"Want me to stay over here in case he comes back?" asked Hinata after a moment of silence.

"No, it's alright. I can handle myself pretty well."

"Alright, if you're sure," said Hinata hesitantly.

Sakura nodded in confirmation and Hinata left without another word.

"Come out, Sasuke-kun," ordered Sakura when Hinata was gone.

A cloaked figure came out from the darkness. "How—?"

Sakura sighed. "After all those years we were friends, you don't think I'd be able to forget the voice of the boy I once loved?"

Sasuke grinned, bearing his large white fangs. "Of course not," he said simply.

"But do tell me, when did you become a vampire? You're all the rage in Konoha," said Sakura with a hint of sarcasm.

"I was bitten a few years back and lived, making me a vampire."

"And now you have to hunt and whatnot, am I correct?" continued Sakura. Before he could answer, she spoke again. "Why did you pick me to feed on? I'd think you'd at least be kind enough to spare a childhood sweetheart."

"Sweetheart? Barely," grunted Sasuke. "I've been wanting to see you again, but I can't let you go without killing you—you know too much."

Sakura sat down on her couch, her back to Sasuke. "Pity."

"Yes, it is," Sasuke agreed. He began to carress her neck again. "I guess this is goodbye, Sakura."

Sakura smiled. "I guess it is."

Just then a voice popped in Sasuke's head. 'You idiot! Make her your mate! You must have one by the next full moon or else you will die as well! Seize the opprotunity!'

"Ne, Sakura-chan, I thought of a better idea," Sasuke finally announced.

Sakura blushed. He called me Sakura-chan! she thought. "And what would that be?" she said cooly.

"Rather than killing you," he started, "I could just make you a vampire as well…" He paused before finishing. "…and my mate."

Sakura stood up, eyes wide and blushing madly. "What!"

"If I don't have a mate by the next full moon, I'll die. And if I have to mate, it might as well be someone I care about," Sasuke said with a smirk.

Sakura turned to face him. He cares! He cares about me, she thought excitedly.

Sasuke moved towards her and bore his fangs to their full extent. He grabbed her neck and moved his head to it. "Sakura-chan… this will only hurt for a moment…"

He slowly sunk his fangs into her neck deep enough to mark her blood, but not enough to kill her.

Sakura let out a scream of pain for about five seconds. It's like a thousand knives piercing my neck! she thought. Before she could pull away from the sharp pains, she passed out in Sasuke's arms.

He licked his lips from the blood. "A mate and meal in one," he told himself. He placed her on the couch beside him and left through the window, as he had come.

Ino, Sakura's neighbour, came in a few minutes later, having heard her scream.

"Sakura-chan!" she shouted, rushing to her friend's side. "You're so pale and cold…"

Ino began to investigate Sakura's body for what might have caused the scream. She thought of everywhere but Sakura's neck until she had checked every single other place. Finally, Ino looked at her neck and saw the bite mark.

"Oh, Lord… Sakura-chan's been bitten!" exclaimed Ino. "Dammit, Sakura! Don't die! I'll call Naruto! He can save her, Sakura! Just hang on!"

Ino rushed to Sakura's phone and dialed Naruto's number. (AN: Naruto has a fascination with vampires in this, ok?)

After about twenty minutes, Naruto finally came in.

"Godammit, you bastard! What the hell took you so fuckin long?" shouted Ino.

"Calm down, Ino!"

"Calm down! My best friend has been bitten by a vampire! Bitten! For all we know she could be dead by now!" screamed Ino.

Naruto tied her to a chair with some spair rope he had (don't ask why…). "Shut up and let me investigate the bite. She could still be alive." He began taking tools and doing creepy stuff to the bite.

"How?" asked Ino, starting to calm down a bit.

"Well, one, the vampire might not have drained all her blood. And two, he could have made her a vampire as well," said Naruto. Now he was using a probe-like thing to go into her bite and see how deep it was.

"I won't accept that she's a vampire as well!" announced Ino, very determined that the case was result number one.

Naruto sighed heavily as the probe-like thing came out. "I'm sorry, Ino-san…"

"What? She's dead?"

"Ne, she's not. But the bite's not very deep. It just barely reaches her blood stream…"

Ino's eyes widened. "N-no! He's marked her! She's a vampire!"

Naruto untied and hugged the now sobbing girl. "I'm so sorry, Ino-san…"

"Wh-what should I d-do?" Ino asked, shaking.

Naruto began to pack his things. "She'll be out for a few days, her body is transforming. Most likely, if you leave her alone, the vampire will come back for her and teach her to hunt. If you stay with her, the vampire most likely won't reveal itself to you, and he won't come back. Sakura will either kill you and then die of starvation, or just die. So, I'd suggest you leave a farwell note to her and don't come back."

He walked out of the room and Ino fell to her knees. "Sakura-chan… how could this have happened?"

She left the next evening, having tended to Sakura all day. She left a note that said:

My dearest friend,

How this has happened, I do not know. I regret not being able to save you in time from the monster that has claimed you. Naruto says this vampire will come for you. I did some research today, and the next full moon is tomorrow night. That is when you will have to have killed at least one person. Also, I read that vampires turning females into vampires this close to a full moon are mating. I have no idea what you're going to be put through, but stay strong. Someday come back and see me. I'll love you always, vampire or not. You're my sister, not by blood, but by friendship. Don't ever break the bonds we had, Sakura-chan…


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