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Chapter 7: Green Orbs

"I don't even have the slightest idea where to start," sighed Ino.

"We can search the town up and down until we find them," Hinata suggested, sipping her coffee.

"By the time we did that, the war would already be over. Plus we can't even be sure that we would find them," said Tenten.

"Then let's brainstorm. What green orbs do we know of?" asked Ino.

The three tired girls sat in silence as they thought.

"Well… the museum released the twin emeralds a couple weeks ago. They were found in some tomb in Egypt. We could check out the exhibit real quick…" said Hinata.

"It'd be a waste of time," argued Tenten. "If they were that obvious, the Hokage would have long found them by now. What else do we know of?"

"The Mermaid's Pearls. They were on a cruise I took a few years back. They were perfectly round green pearls—just like orbs," Ino said.

Tenten shot the idea down yet again. "No. He would have found that, too."

"Alright, well what great and wonderful suggestions do you have, Miss Know-It-All!" snapped Ino, obviously annoyed.

"I don't know, I'm just being realistic!"

"Ladies, ladies!" shouted Hinata. "Look, we're all obviously tired and irritated by this. But let's just calm down and think rationally. Maybe the orbs aren't gemstones or rocks. What if 'orb' is just a way to describe something. What do you know that's an orb besides a stone?"

That left the other two thinking.

"Maybe a sphere of somesort… like a ball? Or a marble?" Ino suggested.

"But what type of balls are green?" pondered Tenten.

"Like… green-coloured marbels or even a child's ball?" questioned Ino.

"Good suggestions, but once again… too obvious," sighed Hinata. "Perhaps a light of some sort?"

"But who can harness an orb of light physically?" asked Ino.

"Maybe you don't need to actually physically hold them…" Tenten thought outloud.

"Maybe you're right! What if they were like… eyes? Green eyes?" Ino continued.

"But there are tons of people with green eyes! We'd never be able to find out who it was!" said Tenten, irritated.

"Well, who's the Hokage hunting that has green eyes?" asked Hinata.

It took them a few moments, but soon the girls all shouted, realizing the answer,


Sasuke did a round-house kick on the Hokage, who easily caught it and flipped Sasuke onto the cold, hard rooftop.

"Unchi!" grunted Sasuke.

"Come, Sasuke, is that all you can do?"

The Hokage laughed and put his foot on Sasuke's chest.

It was almost like an open invitation. Sasuke grabbed his ankle and flipped the Hokage onto the floor. He began throwing punches rapidly, but almost every one was caught.

Sakura briefly watched Sasuke with dismay. He had come to save her, but was only getting beaten.

"So… now is the real test, Sakura. Teacher against student. They say you had become my equal with all the training I put you through. Shall we see?" asked Tsunade tauntingly.

"Yes, let's," hissed Sakura. Without thinking, she threw a punch at Tsunade, who caught it and used her other hand to punch Sakura, who also caught it.

For a few moment, they stood, blocking each other's blow, neither wanting to stop incase the other might succeed.

Sakura took advantage of this and locked her hands with Tsunade's. She swung Tsunade around and flung her against the ground.

Tsunade, who had landed on her face, stood up and wiped the blood from her lips. She charged at Sakura with a balled fist.

She dodged it and jumped up from behind Tsunade, kicking her down from the shoulderblades.

Tsunade stumbled in getting up this time. "You've gotten a lot better at fighting, I must say, Sakura. I truly am impressed."

"You flatter me," said Sakura dryly.

"I should take the wish for myself with the Hokage is occupied," she said randomly.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but I don't give a damn!" shouted Sakura, punching Tsunade flat in the face. It was almost as if Tsunade was letting Sakura win.

"There's a problem, though," said Hinata as the three girls walked down the street in the rain, searching for their friend.

"What is it?" asked Ino.

Hinata sighed. "The site said that once the wish is granted, that the orbs will be destroyed. If we wish the war to stop, will Sakura die?"

"Holy fuck… I hadn't thought of that!" exclaimed Tenten. "What in goddamned hell are we supposed to do now?"

"I don't know. Don't get irritated, Tenten. It won't get us anywhere. First of all, we should find Sakura," said Hinata calmly.

"Where do we start, though? Like Tenten said, by the time we searched the entire town, the war would already be over… with one winner," said Ino.

"There's three ways to find her. One: find Sasuke. Two: find the Hokage. Three: Find the major spot of the battle," explained Tenten.

"Good thinking. So we just follow the sounds of the fighting!" concluded Hinata.

The girls started running in the direction that they heard it. In about half an hour, they came upon a large battle between the creatures in front of a large business building.

Ino looked to the stop and saw the Hokage dangling Sasuke over the edge of the building. "SASUKE!" she screamed, but no one heard it, save her friends.

The other two quickly looked up and saw him as well.

"Let's go!" ordered Tenten. The other two girls followed her into the building, which was surprisingly unarmed.

They later found out why. All of the bodyguards and security were on the roof, watching the fight and waiting for a winner.

Just and Tenten was about to charge at the Hokage, Hinata grabbed her arm.

"Don't. It'd be an unfair fight if we helped," explained Hinata.

Dismayed, Tenten stopped. "I guess you're right. But isn't there something we can do? I mean, if we can't make the wish, what else is there left to do? Shall we go down and fight our own kind? Or should we make a speech—very likely only to be killed moments later?"

"I don't know…" Hinata whined. "What do you think, I…no…?"

The two girls looked around for their friend, and found her fighting the security and bodyguards.

"If we can't be in the actual fights," said Ino knocking one of the bodyguards out. "Then I say we destroy the backup plan."

The other two nodded and began taking out the henchmen, which were no doubt going to act if the Hokage or Tsunade fell.

"I must say, I expected much more from you, Sasuke," mocked the Hokage. "I thought a vampire would be much more of a challenge—they sure used to be."

"What are you talking about, old man!"

The Hokage answered with a punch in Sasuke's face. He was sorely loosing.

Tsunade watched Sasuke being beaten up and winced.

Sakura took the advantage of Tsuande being distracted and hit her neck, right where the pressure point is. Before she could realize what happened, Tsunade fell to the ground.

Sakura picked her up and put her on her lap. "Tsunade-sensei… I'm sorry…" She laid her back down on the ground (on her stomach, of course, so she wouldn't drown) before running over to her friends.

"What the hell are you three doing here?" demanded Sakura.

Ino knocked out the last henchman.

She glared at Sakura. "Why didn't you ever tell us that you could grant a wish?"

"What the fuck are you talking about!" snapped Sakura.

"Ino, Sakura, calm down," said Hinata in her usual peacemaker tone. "We found some disturbing news about you, Sakura. It explains why the Hokage wanted you, specifically."

"Great to hear! Let's go help Sasuke!" ordered Sakura, running to his side.

"Sasuke-kun!" screamed Sakura, but he wouldn't answer. She snapped her head around and glared at the Hokage. "You son of a bitch."

The Hokage laughed. "Stand up, Sakura. Let's end this."

Thinking he meant a fight, Sakura stood up.

"I wish…" he started, but Tenten knocked him flat to the ground, cutting off his sentence.

Sakura blinked and her eyes turned pure green. No white, no red, but all pure green.

"What is it you wish?" she asked in a monotone voice.

"Unchi! Sakura-chan, snap out of it! We don't want to make a wish!" yelled Ino.

"You must. I cannot return this girl's body unless you make your wish," the body said. They assumed it was no longer Sakura in there.

"I wish…"

"Hinata, don't! You know the outcome!" shouted Tenten.

"I wish for the war to stop."

"So it shall be…"

For a moment, it seemed the entire world turned bright green. The vampires all vanished, including Sasuke and Sakura, out of Konoha and into the woods surrounding it.

The feelings of hatred towards vampires left the humans.

The war… had ended.

"Sakura-chan!" shouted Ino, running inside the hospital room. "Is she asleep?" she asked the doctor worriedly.

The doctor sighed. "She's… in a coma."

"WHAT!" shouted three voices of her best friends.

"It's not looking like she's going to come out any time soon, and her body is in critical condition. We can't figure out why. It seems perfectly normal. We've had to conclude that she entered her coma by a severe state of shock," explained the doctor.

Hinata broke down in tears.

"This is all my fault…" she kept telling herself, no matter how much Ino and Tenten tried to tell her otherwise.

"Sakura-san… wake up, Sakura-san…" a voice kept calling.

Sakura stood up. "Where am I?" she asked. She stood in a pure white room.

"The wish was made."

"What wish?"

A woman stepped out in front of her. She had long, blonde hair and green eyes. She was wearing a long, flowing white dress with gold jewelry and was holding a long, white staff.

"Who… are you…?" asked Sakura, nervously.

"I am Ortuna, goddess of luck. Many years have I dwelt inside of you, Sakura-san. You have been hunted by the Hokage, and I have evaded him thus far. He found out that through you, I can grant a wish.

"However, if I grant a wish, then I must leave your body, which would kill you. But the wish was noble, as were your actions to fight it. So I decided not to kill you," the woman explained.

"Ortuna-sama… what's going to happen to me?" questioned Sakura.

"You are not dead. You are in a temporary state until the gods decided what to do with you. While you are in this state, you may do anything you please. Goodbye, Sakura-san…"

"Wait…!" shouted Sakura, but the woman has already left.

This had made Sakura weery and tired, so she laid down on the floor and fell asleep.

"Sakura-chan…" whispered Sasuke through the window. Her skin was noticeably darker. He slowly opened her mouth, only to find no fangs.

She's human again, he thought, how did this happen?

He ran his finger along her face, and quickly left in case someone found him. Sure, the war had stopped, but vampires shouldn't be in a hospital, ne?


"Sakura-chan, ohayou. Guess what? Naruto and I had a baby. It's a little girl. Do you know what we named her? Sakura," said Hinata, talking to the still motionless body of her best friend, who was still in a coma. "She was born a week ago. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. But enough about me, how are you? Has Sasuke-kun come to see you lately? He's our baby's godfather, and you'll be the godmother if you ever wake up."

A tear escaped her eyes. "Sakura-chan! Please wake up! I miss you so much!"

With that, Hinata left.

About twenty minutes later, Ino came in.

"Sakura-chan… how are you, sweetie? Sasuke moved in with me last week. We found that we can comfort the loss of you together. He still is an emotional wreck. What am I saying? You haven't left for good, right? You'll be back? Please?" begged Ino.

And so, she left as well.

When Tenten came in about an hour later, all she could do was sob. She couldn't control herself enough to talk.

After soaking the bed, the doctor had to force her out for Sakura's checkup.

"Sakura… wake up…" whispered Sasuke.

"Young man," said a deep, feminine voice.

Sasuke blinked and the world went white.

"You love her, do you not?" asked the woman. She appeared before him, just as she did before Sakura. Ortuna.

"I do, ma'am. I love her with all of my heart," said Sasuke.

"I am Ortuna, your girlfriend's patroness. I have spoken to the gods. I believe she was very noble and deserved a second chance, but the gods say we cannot alter fate," explained Ortuna. "So, Sakura must pass on."

"NO!" screamed Sasuke.

"I am very sorry, you must believe me," Ortuna spoke with comfort. "There is… one way to save her, if you are willing to pay the conciquences."

"I will. Anything to save her."

"Give your own life for her?"

"Even my life."

Ortuna raised her staff. "So it shall be. The girl lives, and you die in her place."

The gem at the top of the staff glowed brightly. Sasuke could feel the life being sucked out of him.

"You have done a noble deed, Uchiha Sasuke. Even though you are a demon from hell, I shall make you into an angel for what you did."

With that, Sasuke fell to the ground and the world turned back to it's normal colors.

"She's gone…" one doctor said. The heart monotors had stopped beeping.

"SASUKE-KUN!" shouted Sakura, suddenly jolting up in her bed. It was the first word she had muttered in two years.

The heart monotors immediately started beeping rapidly.

"She's alive!" the nurses around her rejoyced.

One nurse came up to Sakura about an hour later and took her to Ino's house.

"Goodbye, miss," the nurse said as Sakura got out of the car.

"He's gone, I can feel it," cried Sakura when the nurse left. She fell to her knees outside of Ino's appartment and began sobbing.


"Do you hear that?" asked Ino from the other side.

"Holy shit it sounds like Sakura!" shouted Tenten, throwing open the door. And lo and behold, there she was, weeping on the doorstep.

They brought her in and tried their hardest to make her stop crying on her first day out of the coma, but they failed.

"Sakura-chan, if we can't help, then what's wrong?" asked Hinata, holding her child on her hip.

"S-S-Sasuke-k-kun's… d-dead…" sobbed Sakura.

"Oh, poor baby," said Ino, cradling Sakura in her arms. (AN: Not literally… like hugging and rocking back and forth.)

Tenten leaned close to Hinata and whispered, "How did she find out?"

Hinata just shook her head.

Sakura felt a warm presence around her. She shot up immediately and ran towards the window. She saw a blurred image of Sasuke with… angel wings? Hai, that was it. He was an angel now.

"SASUKE-KUN!" she cried, but he disappeared from her blurred vision. "S-Sasuke-kun… I love you."

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