Another Day

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It was another day in Central Headquarters.

The Colonel was slacking off on his paperwork, (again!), Havoc was taking (yet another) smoking break, Breda was playing chess with Falman, Kain was fixing something, and as always, Riza Hawkeye was left to do all the paperwork by herself. That was until she fired a few shots from her gun. But today, she was in no mood to boss or make people work. Heck! She didn't feel like working, but she continued her work at her normal pace.

Roy was awakened from his nap when he heard the phone ring.

"Blasted phone," he muttered.

"Hello? This is Colonel Mustang"

"Hello Hughes,"Roy answered in a not so cheerful voice.

"No! No for the 100th time! I do not want nor need a wife!" And with that Colonel Mustang slammed the phone back onto its receiver.

Yep. This was just another day.

Havoc, Breda, Kain, and Falman left for lunch, which left the Colonel and Lieutenant alone.

"Sir?" Riza asked as she still read over her paperwork.

"Yes?"Roy answered back as he stopped spinning in his chair like a child.

"You need to work on your,"Hawkeye answered coldly.

"Fine" was all that was heard from the grumpy Colonel.

After the Colonel got through almost half of his paperwork, he stopped and took a moment to stare at Hawkeye.

A rare thing that only happened once or twice a month.(As long as he didn't get caught.)

Hawkeye could feel the dark eyes of Roy Mustang on her like spot lights.

"Is something wrong?" She asked without looking up.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"Was her answer.

"Sir?" Riza asked back as she turned to look at Roy.

"Do you?" Roy repeated.

"No and I don't believe it is any of your concern,"Hawkeye snapped back.

"I don't have a girlfriend either," Roy said as he continued his deep stare into Riza's soul.

"And what? So...we are both single,"Riza responded.

"I'm free tonight. What about you?" Roy asked.

"Free for what?" Riza asked back. She loved torchering the Colonel like this. Maybe it was because she loved the Colonel? No! She couldn't! It's against the rules.

"Free for a date...with me,"Roy answered cooly.

Riza actually took the question into thought. Maybe dating the Colonel wouldn't be so bad.


"Really?"Roy asked getting excited.

"Pick me up at seven,"Riza answered as she left to go to lunch.

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