Another Baby

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Roy and Riza were on their way to the Hughes house hold to see the newest addition...Ryan Hughes.

Gracia had her son Ryan only one month ago and Maes couldn't be happier.

Roy and Riza rang the door bell and were greeted by a Miss Elysia Hughes.

"Hi Uncle Roy and Aunt Riza!" Elysia said cheerfully.

"Hello, how is Ryan?" Riza asks.

"Oh! He is very good! Come with me!" Elysia replies as she drags Roy and Riza's arms into the living room where Hughes and Gracia are.

"Ok! So how is my little nephew?" Roy asks as he takes Ryan from Gracia's hold.

Ryan has his father's hair and nose and his mother's smile and eyes.

"He's beautiful Gracia!" Riza exclaims as she looks over Roy's shoulder.

"I know! Right!" Hughes exclaims as he picks up Elysia.

After hours and hours of cuddling and playing, Gracia and Hughes put the kids up for a nap so they could talk to Riza and Roy before they had to leave.

"So, how was the honeymoon buddy?" Hughes smirks as he nudges Roy with his elbow.

"Shut up Maes! We already talked about this. It's been 3 months already," Roy says through gritted teeth.

"Talked about what?" Riza asks as she starts to get annoyed.

"Oh nothing dear!" Roy answers nervously.

"Why don't you just tell us the big surprise you have?" Gracia asks as she saves Roy from a potintial fight.

"Oh! Right!" Riza says as she gets focused again.

"Riza and I...Me and Riza...We...I...She...," Roy tries to say, but can't find the words.

"Roy and I are going to have a baby!" Riza says proudly.


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