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On the eve of V's revolution, no one knew what to expect. After the awe of Parliament's destruction, it dawned upon the masses that something needed to be done to stabilize the state of things. Many bewildered admirers of the scene clung to the idea of autonomy, of an independent anarchical society. However, the majority believed in the restoration of a government. Not to be mistaken with the fascist regime which dominated their lives after the Reclamation. No. A government which would not oppress its people, that would allow them independence and freedom whilst retaining fair order. How, when, or what form of government would assert itself in the absence of Sutler's regime was yet to be seen.

Two years have passed since that fateful day. Since then, considerable progress had been made towards a more promising future for England. An almost democratic, self-governing state had assumed power over the majority of the country. The officials entirely appointed by the public, who possessed the absolute ability to govern themselves- save for the fundamental laws which allowed people to live harmoniously. For many, the entire function of the government was merely to handle foreign policy, which could not be done on an individual basis. For this purpose, ambassadors were necessary.

Two years after the destruction of Parliament, Evey found herself seated on a familiar couch watching a familiar movie. It was none other than The Count of Monte Cristo, viewed from the comfort of the Shadow Gallery. She had lived here since that day.

"Find your own tree."

Evey smiled.

"How many times have you watched this already?" A voice inquired from the other end of the loveseat. "A few hundred times? Maybe more?"

"Oh c'mon now Dominic." Retorted Evey, in a semi-playful (and semi-annoyed) tone. She jokingly grabbed a cushion from out behind her and tossed it at him from her end, only to have him catch it and tuck it behind his back for comfort.

Dominic, although somewhat disillusioned by the myriad of coincidences which riddled Sutler's regime, was as optimistic and as good a man as ever. He had met Evey shortly after the incidents of that memorable November 5th through her befriending Finch.

There were several occasions on which Evey and Finch met to discuss, among many things, V. Finch had often hoped to drain any tidbit of information regarding V from his female compatriot. Not that it mattered to the current state of affairs. He had simply wished to quell his curiosity. Though, much to Finch's surprise, Evey knew relatively little about her year long companion. It was actually Finch who was able to fill in the gaps to Evey. Thus, they bonded. A relationship held together by a thin wire, all leading from V. Finch provided the facts, Evey provided the motivation. This way, they were able to better understand the man in the mask. It wasn't long until Finch would introduce Dominic to his private acquaintance.

Following the events of November 5th, Finch's position as police chief had remained in tact. He had served a rather fine and unbiased term, despite his party allegiance. Dominic had also remained under him until recently, when Finch retired and resigned his position over to his young pupil. Finch, now spending the remainder of his days in leisure, accompanied the two less frequently now a day. It was their generation which would shape the future, and Finch had decided that after he had acquired all there was to know about V, that it would be time to step out of the picture.

Dominic initially had no interest in meeting Evey. For him, the ordeal of the "organization known as V" ended when Parliament was destroyed. It was only by Finch constantly dragging him along to meet with the girl that he had called "Bad Luck." However, it did not take long for her to spark his intrigue.

Despite her normalcy, her optimistic exterior, Evey was quite the enigma. There was something about her that was so calm and unfeeling that it almost gave Dominic the chills.

"Well." Dominic began to rise to his feet, lightly smoothing out his shirt. "I better be heading out."

"I guess it is getting late. Sometimes I lose track of time down here." Evey ran her fingers through her hair. It had grown back since then; a little passed her shoulders now.

Dominic was the up and coming example of the generation which would lead England out of its chaos. Although he was far more involved in the political process than he cared for, he had a solemn seriousness regarding his duty as police chief. Since the revolution, the country had been heavily demilitarized. The army had been reduced to mere thousands, in order to prevent any regimes from instilling themselves through force. Thus the police force was responsible for keeping law and order- how it should've been in the first place. In the government, at least, was no more "Finger" or co-operative "Head" for that matter. The remainder of Sutler's inner counsel had been disbanded and pushed to the outskirts of England.

Dominic may have been at the forefront of revolution politics, but Evey played a heavy hand in them as well. Evey spent some of her time managing a flower stand, still under the guise of a fake identity. Her collaborations with the current democracy were all done in secret. For even in this new liberated day and age, the girl known as Evey Hammond still had enemies. Not everyone wanted a revolution, especially those who had been well off under Sutler's control.

However, Evey caused a lot of sway within the newly formed "congress." Along with Finch, Evey was able to bring to light the crimes committed by Sutler's regime. Perhaps the most prominent of which was revealing the truth behind the St. Mary's virus. She spent many hours conversing privately with representatives to get legislation passed in order to ensure rights for citizens, decontaminating quarantined areas, and for the general good of the public. This was the lighter side of her responsibilities.

There still remained the loyalists to Sutler. England was still divided. While democratic process had invariably spread over most of the continent, along with the power and state of the current congress, the northernmost portion of England was still under the control of Sutler's former lackeys. Just north of Durham, along the border of Scotland, these remaining Norsefire loyalists plotted against the new political leaders of the time. Whereas V destroyed the previous political institution in order to bring about peace, it was Evey's time to protect it. And she protected it fearlessly. Evey had learned a thing or two since V's death.

This was the part of Evey that Finch and Dominic bring up.

Evey, taking on the guise of V, had become the personal protectorate to the new government and its officials. She was by no means as quick or as skillful as V, but during a year long seclusion in the Shadow Gallery, she had become quite formidable. The main purpose behind this was to intimidate the Norsefire rebels. If they believed that V was still alive, they had plenty to fear. However, much of this dealing was done in secret from the public. There was no need to give people a renewed hope in the existence of V, for they may treat it as a crutch. Evey knew that independence was key to the nation's survival.

Otherwise, Evey lived a comfortable live. She operated her flower stand on a quiet corner, selling among other things, Violet Carsons. It was more of a passion than anything else, for she was supported sufficiently by congressional officials, on what they considered too meager a funding. She never asked for much, just sustenance, which they were more than willing to give. She was, after all, central to the revolution. Aside from the occasional visits from Finch and Dominic, she enjoyed the majority of her time in seclusion, deep within the Shadow Gallery.

Dominic moved towards the door. "Don't stay up too late now, ok?"

"Banging on about what's good for me again?" Evey pouted.

"Alright, alright." Dominic offered her a slight wave before he exited. "We'll be discussing plans for the celebration. You might want to drop by." The office being the new, temporary building in which congressional meetings were being held. Dominic, though a police chief rather than representative, was often invited to witness the state of things. He could've very well been the head of such a committee, if he cared to. It was the middle of October, and they were in the process of planning the annual celebration of parliament's destruction.

Evey sighed and reclined back against the couch as he took his leave. It had been just about two years now. Well, almost. Two years since V died. The rest of the country would celebrate while she took the event as a bittersweet memorial. The days of black bagging and censorship were over, that much is true... But since then have been the days without V. The idea that he came to embody was like all ideas in that it was intangible. It couldn't love or caress her. Not like V could.

Oh, V.

She slowly began to slip unconsciously into the sweet lull of dreams. In her dreams, V was still alive.

He was still waiting for her there. In the center of the Shadow Gallery leaning over the Jukebox, V waited for her to share a dance with him.

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Sorry that its starting out slow. I just want to introduce the setting before I get into the plot. I plan to take my time with this.