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There are certain moments when she is undeniably a Black.

Moments when her laughter is too cold and her words too sharp, moments when he is struck by the dawning realization that she is what she is.

There are moments when her eyes are river-rock grey and her hair falls around pale shoulders in raven waves and he kisses her with his eyes closed. She looks too much like her kindred then and it makes his stomach knot.

It's foolish, he can't deny that. She is Tonks, of course, always and forever, his sweet clumsy Dora with eternally cold hands and a wicked grin and love for mix-matched trinkets. She is his and that, she has assured him time and time again, like recording on a loop, will never change.

Cross my heart and kiss my elbow…

But she is a Black too; old magic and old grudges and old pains that he isn't sure ever truly fade out, no matter how distant the blood runs.

Toujours Pur

Always and forever.




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