alright, people, Thorn here. this is really my very first fic that i've ever posted so….yeah. i don't know if i'm gonna keep posting it, 'cuz i don't think it's very good so……

disclaimer: no matter how much i wish i did, i do not own beyblade -sigh-

"This" is ppl talking

/this/ is ppl thinking

:this: is telepathic conversations

and so, with no further ado, here is my first ever fic (which is also posted at on the third page, under the same title, and by Thorn) :

Forgotten Memories
By: Thorn


It's the end of the Justice Five tournament and Tyson has jus defeated Brooklyn in his freaky alternate reality place (I know that's not really what happened but let's just pretend it did, huh?).

"I . . . I can't believe I just . . . Lost," Brooklyn whispered as he came back to himself.
"I'm afraid so," Hiro, Tyson's older brother, answered from just behind him. "Tyson's blading spirit was stronger than yours. You still have quite a ways to go, but at least you didn't lose your mind this time. And you're not likely to lose it again."

He smiled sheepishly over his shoulder and walked over to Tyson to congratulate him. Hilary, Ray, Max, and Kenny also started towards him.

"Yo, Tyson! That was awesome!" yelled Max, echoed by Kenny. All the others had also been pulled into Brooklyn's mind, but they had also returned to their bodies.

"That was a great battle, buddy," said Ray, more calmly than Max.

Brooklyn reached Tyson first and was about to offer his hand to shake when he noticed an odd, blank look on the other's face.

Hilary reached them a few seconds later. Tyson's back was to her and she saw the puzzled expression on Brooklyn's face. She soon knew why it was there. The moment she put her hand on his back to congratulate him, Tyson fell to his knees, then completely collapsed face-down on the ruined beystadium.

"Tyson!" she cried as she knelt and turned him over. Tyson's eyes had closed when he collapsed and Hilary did not see what had puzzled Brooklyn. Then she noticed that his chest wasn't moving, and she put her hand on it. Her eyes widened–his heart was beating, but . . . Tyson wasn't breathing!

"Guys! Tyson's not breathing!" she cried as panic overcame her. By now, all the bladers (G-Revolution and BEGA) had surrounded the three.
"We have to get him to start breathing again," Hiro said urgently, startling everyone (they hadn't seen him come over).
"Y-yeah," Hilary replied, trying to calm down.
"Hilary, do you know how to do CPR?" Hiro questioned. His expression couldn't be seen because of his sunglasses, but he sounded worried.

She nodded, hearing or sensing the urgency in his voice.

"Good. Ray, go call an ambulance. Garland, show him where the phone is," he ordered. Both teenagers nodded and hurried off. "I'll pump his chest, " he said to Hilary. She nodded, with a look of determination on her face.

Hiro and Hilary began the CPR. "1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . breathe!" and Hilary brought her mouth to Tyson's to force air into his lungs.

Two more tries later, he still wasn't breathing. "One more time, Hilary. His heart's still going," Hiro rasped as Ray and Garland came panting back.
"The ambulance should be here any minute," Ray gasped, trying to get his breath back, Garland nodded.

Hiro nodded his thanks to them. "1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . breathe!" And this time, a small gasp was heard, coming from Tyson as he started breathing on his own again. He was panting, almost as if he had been running.

Then, there was a welcome sound: the wail of the ambulance and the sound of running footsteps as the paramedics wheeled the stretcher in. As she hurried up, a pretty girl (no more than 20), with deep red hair tied tightly back and blue eyes a shade darker than Hiro's hair, placed an oxygen mask over Tyson's nose and mouth. Then her partner, a well-muscled man (in his late thirties), with shots of gray in his black hair, easily picked up the unconscious youth and placed him on the stretcher.

"Which hospital are you taking him to?" asked Hiro.
"St. Mary's, it's the closest," replied the young paramedic before rushing off.
"I'm going to follow them," declared Hiro as he turned and hurried off after the paramedics..

All the teenagers looked at each other.
"Should we go?" asked Ray. Everyone nodded solemnly.
"Wait up, Hiro! We're coming with you!" exclaimed Crusher. Hiro didn't slow down.
"Fine, we'll take the minivan," he threw over his shoulder.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the hospital's emergency entrance. The piled out and rushed in, to see Tyson flat on his back on the examination table with the heart monitor wires attached to his chest (his shirt had been cut off). There was barely enough time to notice this before they heard the steady beeping of the monitor become erratic and then send up the long wail that meant the heart had stopped.

Too shocked to react, Tyson's friends could only stare, except the doctor, who barked at the orderlies to prepare the machine used to make the heart start beating again using an electric shock (okay, so I don't know what it's called, so what?).

"Clear!" the doctor yelled, discharging the first shock onto Tyson's chest, making his back arch. On the third try, his heart started beating steadily again and there was a collective sigh of relief from all those gathered.