A/n: hey guy's I'm doing this story don't know how far it will go but a very good friend of mine inspired me to right it hopefully it will give her some advice on how boy's work and for the boy's on how girls work if any read this.

A/n again: all dating advice comes from a very good dating book that I found in my moms room.


"So sakura how do you feel that you're a top nurse and the expert on dating" said a reporter. "Well I really don't know" sakura said look down and then at the reporter.

"So when is your book coming out?" said the reporter to the young woman standing in front of him. "Well it's already out" she said looking to the sky and back at the reporter

" Well I guess we will let you back to what you were doing" the reporter said walking away. "Man they are annoying," she said sitting under a shaded tree. " Sakura, sakura"

Said a voice coming from behind where she was.

"Sakura" a voice said from behind her. "Oh hinta it's you" she said standing up to face the young woman that was behind her. " Oh who did you think it was?" she said looking at sakura blankly. " Oh those dumb reporters that have been bothering me," she said sitting back down and gesturing hinta to set beside her under the shaded tree. Which she did because it was very hot out in the sun? "So there not leaving you alone again" she said looking at the ground. "Nope. But what did you need" she said looking at hinta and then back to the sky above her. " Um… some advice but I can come back later" she said looking at sakura and then to the sky to see what sakura was looking at. " Oh no hinta I always have time to give advice to my friends so what is it" she said looking at hinta.

"It's naruto he asked me out again but I told him that I would think about it but I'm not sure that I'm really ready for a date yet sakura" she said kinda rushing thought what she was saying and kinda confusing sakura but she knew that sakura knew what she was talking about.

"It's ok hinta," she said putting her hand on hinta's shoulder and rubbing it to comfort her. "My heart tells me that I'm ready but I don't know if I'm ready emotionally," she said looking at sakura and then up to the sky with a slit blush on her face. " Oh hinta just do what you feel that is right," she said getting up and walking a few feet away. " But sakura" she said fallowing her. "What I mean hinta is that if you feel that you can handle a date with naruto the go on one with him" she said turning around and to look at a very nerviness hinta. " But I don't know" she said setting back down under the tree. "Well hinta just tell naruto you need sometime to think about it" she said walking off to let hinta think about what she said " ok sakura I will" she said looking at sakura and then back at the sky "hope you have fun hinta" she said waving back to her with a smirk on her face.

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