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Chapter 2: Bryson Hayden:

Rory had thought and thought about it. She was going to be her brother and go to his school and try out for the soccer team and then she would play in the Watkins-Chilton game and prove she could play on a guy's team. Since her stupid ex boyfriend and the stupid coach wouldn't let girls play she had to do something. There was no way she could just not play soccer and there was no way her brother could just not show up at school. So she enlisted the help of her friend Mark to turn her into her brother. Then she would show up at Watkins and be Bryson. She wore a wig and adhesive side burns and eyebrows. She packed up the clothes her brother had left behind and told her mom she was staying at her dad's for two weeks. Then Mark drove her to Watkins. She had a freak out saying she couldn't pretend to be her brother. Mark being the good friend that he was convinced her she could so off she went to Bryson's dorm where she met his roommate Tristan and two of Tristan's soccer buddies Eddie and Jamal.

'Oh crap.' Rory thought as she looked at Tristan. The guy was hot and she was awed. 'You are Bry. Act like him.' She told herself.

"So you guys play soccer?" She asked in a manly voice.

"Uh yah." Tristan replied.

"Cool me too. Center-forward." Rory replied as Bryson.

"I play defense." Tristan replied.

"So uh when are soccer tryouts?" 'Bryson' asked.

"Tomorrow." Eddie replied like that was the dumbest question ever.

The thought going through her head was this 'No one can ever know that I'm a girl dressed up like a guy.' She didn't know what would happen if that got out.

Soccer tryouts started early the next morning. They went through a million drills and some scrimmages. 'Bryson' ended up on second string an event that seriously bummed Rory out. She was used to being first string so she took the news very hard. After tryouts when all the guys were heading to the showers the coach came in the locker room.

"Hayden, principal wants to see you in his office." Coach Bluestone said.

'Thank you.' 'Bryson' thought as 'he' walked out all dirty and sweaty. Having to shower with a bunch of guys would blow Rory's cover.

She walked into to the principal's office and was sitting in a chair when she noticed a file cabinet.

"Bry's file." She said to herself.

She walked over there and tried to open it. Then she heard someone walking towards the door and quickly shut the drawer without grabbing the file and ran back to the seat. The headmaster came in and said, "You must be Bryson Hayden."

"Yes that would be me." 'Bryson' replied.

Headmaster Marshal did the whole welcome to the school speech for the student sitting in front of him and then excused 'Bryson.'

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