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Fate, what is fate? Something that is bound to happen? Why?

What does control fate? Is it something given to us by a higher power? For a higher purpose?

I don't know… I will never know, I can assume things to try to explain and make everything that happens to me more acceptable but I'll never truly know… is fate truly something given to you? What if fate was something you earn? Like the crops the farmer rips after sewing?

Can you truly change fate? I don't know… but I don't believe I can change something I am not aware of… to change something you need to be aware of it in the first place… if I don't know my fate. How am I supposed to change it?

But one thing is certain… fate seems to like to play with mankind… in any way this mischievous force pleases and the more substantial and radical the change… the better.

Things within our reach, are suddenly swiped away, hard work is wasted, fortune becomes poverty and then, it becomes a fortune, luck becomes your downfall, tragedy becomes your strength, relationships die while others are born… there is no such thing more changing and daring than fate.

And I can tell you… you can't know the true face of fate… The moment you think you do, the moment it comes crashing down on you.

I've been in trouble a great deal of my life… especially after becoming the manager of Hinata Sou, there I've met people, very especial people, I've had many adventures with them, and most of all, I've made the best memories of my life.

Being honest, I've done things I'd only had dreamed of since I moved there… I've been living with many girls, as a matter of fact I took a photo sticker with one of them, making it the first photo with a girl besides my sister… and that's not all.

Shortly after settling in Hinata Sou, I failed my entrance examination to Tokyo U… again, but that time I wasn't alone, that time I had a fellow 'ronin' and went to a trip together to clear our minds (of course I need to remember that we never meant to go together but it still happened as if fate had had it) and right after that I met another 'ronin' although she is not staying at Hinata Sou she is very especial to me, after all, she gave me my first kiss… even though she kisses all the people she likes.

I could ramble all night about the good and the bad times I've had but none of them would explain my situation right now… I am in a bed, a hospital bed, in my first day of attendance to Tokyo U, my long awaited dream and yet… so short lived.

It's funny, I have received a lot of punishment over the last few years and somehow I've found a way to get out of it almost unharmed (one scratch or two every once in a while), heck even the tenants thinks I have some kind of immortality for taking so much punishment. I was even starting to believe that but then…

To make a long and painful story short, at the entrance ceremony at Tokyo U I received some of the usual punishment, not like I did something wrong or perverted, but now that I think about it, I surely embarrassed Naru to the breaking point (I was jumping around the campus happily like a jerk), and that earned me a flight towards the University cupola but the thing is… I didn't mind at all! I was so happy to let that get me down, I even danced up there! But moments latter I heard a loud creaking sound and some terrified gasps as the cupola slid off it's hinges taking me along with it… falling on me, and so, here I am with a broken leg and a broken spirit, my dream of becoming a Tokyo U student along with Naru was suddenly swiped away from me.

I… I feel as if the world was playing with me, taking everything I've worked hard to get, my dreams and efforts and turning them into smoke, I… I feel bad, troubled, nothing more can't be taken from me, right? At least it can't take everything I've lived until now, can it? No… it can't. It can't take away all the experiences I've had with Naru… my promised girl, the only girl I am willing to wait for…

Just as I was sinking into my thoughts, I received visitors; all the girls from the Hinata Sou came to visit me, but one, Naru… she should still be in the entrance ceremony with Mutsumi, they would come here after the ceremony was over, I was sure of it.

Hours passed and the girls had to leave for the day, it was fun having them here and I feel much better now, it was a good time, but something still bothers me… Naru. She hasn't come to visit me, to make it worst, the visitor's hours are almost over.

Just when I was about to give up hope, I heard a noise come from outside the room, it was a light noise, as if someone tried to come here quietly or unnoticed, I didn't know who it was until she greeted me.

"NARU!" I screamed in joy to see her, I knew she wouldn't let me down.

She suddenly gestured me to quiet down. We started talking about today, I asked how was the entrance Ceremony, and she gave me a very enlightened response, she had a good time today, I was happy for her but It made me sad too, I explained that I would have to lose this semester because of my broken leg.

She seemed a little disappointed with that last bit of information, but she tried to cheer me up, telling me that at least I was already accepted and when my cast came off, I could start my college days.

True, it was true… In some fashion I was already into Tokyo U, but that was not it, my promise… I was supposed to get into Tokyo U with her! But, but I couldn't tell her that, there was no point, she had already left me behind, she had attended the entrance ceremony, the last step to becoming a full fledged Tokyo U student while I was being taken to the hospital because of a broken leg.

I felt myself despair… I despaired because everything I had worked for, all of this time trying to fulfill my promise had been taken away when I was about to grasp it, I hadn't fulfilled my promise entirely and I was afraid… afraid that Naru would be taken away from me.

The time passed, and I still felt miserable, but I tried to hide it, I didn't want Naru to see me down, but as time passed, I realized that I didn't need to try too hard, Naru was so happy… she didn't seem to understand me, and for a moment I felt as if she was very far from me, even tough she was sitting right next to me.

The next thing I knew was that Naru was leaving, she said her good-byes and started walking out, that would have been usual for me in any other circumstances but to me in that very moment, she was getting farter and farter, as if she was slowly and surely walking out of my promise, out of my life.

I couldn't take it, I wanted Naru to be a part of my life, I didn't want to lose her, with all the despair and frustration, I managed to pull out enough strength and courage to tell her something… something I had been meaning to tell her but I never grew the spine to.

"I… I LOVE YOU!" I shouted from my bed, trying to shift my body so I could try to reach her before she got too far, but I couldn't… I couldn't reach her… but she stopped in her tracks, silently, I could only see her back but I noticed that she had her head looking down on the floor.

Silence reigned; everything seemed to have stopped, frozen. We stayed motionless I don't know for how long, but to me it was an eternity, but I only had to wait, I didn't dare to say more, just wait her reply, I was fighting my anguish the best I could.

The answer never came… she stayed motionless for a while and then… she began to walk away, I felt my anguish grow, she was walking away from me, I couldn't stop now, I had to know that answer!

"NARU WAIT!" I called out to her, but it seemed to scare her off, she began to walk even faster trying to reach the door as fast as she could.

'No… NO!' I screamed inside, this couldn't be happening! I had to do something! Something to keep her close to me, I couldn't spoil this or I could lose her!

After that… well, it's funny, its funny how I tend to forget about certain 'details' about myself, but that time I wasn't thinking straight, only one thing was on my mind, 'Get Naru, don't let her leave!'

Without thinking, I got out of my bed as fast as I could, she had just reached the door, I could still catch her, I was wrong… I felt a sharp pain go through my entire leg, and I felt it give off, not being that enough I fell backwards and hit my head hard against the little table besides my bed. It must had been really hard, I remember my vision beginning to cloud, everything was getting blurry but with the last of my strength I looked at the door for the last time… She wasn't there… not anymore.

'Fate truly is a bitch' – I thought before falling into a dark hole in my mind, falling into oblivion.

The next day

I awoke, feeling dizzy and disoriented, my vision was still blurry but it was clearing slowly, I sat in my bed so I could take a look at my surroundings but I couldn't recognize them.

Just as I was looking around the window, I felt a sharp pain in my head, it seemed that bright light was out of the question for me, I grabbed my head, trying to lessen the pain by rubbing my temples, I did this as a man in white came to my room.

I looked at the man approaching me, he seemed concerned and at the same time angry at me, he ordered me to stay still in the same way a general orders a private so I didn't put any resistance and he started examining me. First, he took my head in his hands and began pressing and touching in certain spots I couldn't recall the name, but it certainly felt horrible, pain was everywhere he touched and checked.

"Hmmm… It seems that you didn't manage to get a great deal of damage, but still that was one hell of a injury, you were lucky" He told me finally releasing my head, I felt relieved that he was finally over with it… I was being too naive.

"Now, lay down on your bed so I can take a look at your leg…Again" The man commanded me, I didn't pull any resistance, hoping that if I could get the doctor in a better mood and maybe, just maybe he would treat my leg better than he did with my head.

The doctor started touching my leg, he started a little above my knee, and he pressed, I didn't feel any pain, he then began pressing downwards until down my knee, I was relieved that I wasn't feeling any pain, but then the doctor told me to hold on to something with my two hands, I didn't get what he meant by that but I found out too soon.

A sharp pain came from my leg, the pain was so bad I wanted to scream and instinctively I grabbed the sides of my bed, I gritted my teeth trying to stifle the scream as much as I could until it was over.

"You were lucky you didn't damage your leg further; you will be able to check out today later after I give you your X-Ray photos from both your head and your leg, but first, you have visitors" The doctor opened the door and I heard many people walk in the room, I tried sitting in the bed so I could greet them.

"Sempai, are you okay?" Was the first thing I heard when I looked at them.

"Keitaro, you should take it easy" Another voice came from the door.

"Yeah! If you are in the hospital, who is going to play with me?" A childish and high pitched voice called my attention.

"Yes dork, you should get back as soon as you can so Kaolla and I can ki… I mean play with you" A voice full of mischief and intent called, I felt a shiver run down my spine at that.

"Yes nephew. You made the doctor pull an all nighter" A familiar voice came from the door.

I was astonished that so many people cared for me their way, but something was bothering me… just trying to figure that out made my head ache, I took one hand to my temple and took my bed's handrail with the other so I could face them even better.

"Everyone, I am sorry that I made you worry, and I am grateful that you are visiting me but…"

"What is it sempai?" The young girl asked me, I saw her worried expression in her face, and a strange light in her eyes… I didn't know what that was, so I just decided to hurry up my question.

A question that hurt everyone in the room.

"Who are you people?" Everyone stared at me, their faces showed shock and disbelief, but no one said a word.

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