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Family Tragedy
By KarahBella

Disclaimer: Not mine. I'm really sure that if they did belong to me, I wouldn't be writing fanfics.

Summary: Trory. Rory and Tristan have been married for five years and are expecting their first baby. But when a tragedy occurs there lives are changed.

Author's Note: This was started a little while ago when I was thinking of some stuff that had recently happened and I got this idea. Some of the events are based on real occurrences. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Prologue: Emptiness, Pain and Loss:

Twenty-seven-year old Lorelai Leigh DuGrey sat rocking a chair in the half-done former nursery. Just a month ago she'd been happily awaiting the arrival of her first child. All that had been ruined in one horrible night. A night Rory would rather forget. She had been pregnant only two months when unforeseen complications in the pregnancy caused her to lose her baby. Now, all that was left was hurt, an incredible sense of loss, and an intense feeling of emptiness. While Tristan was at work, Rory sat in the rocking chair or laid in bed thinking about their baby and the life they wouldn't have. Rory was so deep in thought that she didn't even notice her husband was home until he spoke.

"Ror, it's late." He said kneeling in front of the chair.

"So tired, Tris." Rory mumbled, "Can't move."

"Baby, you okay?" Tristan asked helping his wife out of the chair.

Rory didn't answer so he took that as a no. He got her out of the chair and took her to their room to put her to bed. He hated to see the person he loved more than his own life, so empty and practically lifeless. He crawled into bed after putting Rory in and wrapped his arms around her.

'If I could go back and change this past month, I would.' Tristan thought as he fell into a fitful sleep.