Chapter 6: Weekend Away:

Rory woke up the next morning, realizing she had missed dinner, having slept the entire night. When she rolled over, she found that Tristan was gone. She had no idea what time it was so she figured he had left for work already. Once she had gotten out of bed she saw a note on her dresser, which she picked up and read.


I took the afternoon off today so I'll be home at lunch. I was thinking we could go away for the weekend. We'll talk about it when I get home.


'Hmmm…Maybe I'll have time to go into work this morning.' She thought as she picked out clothes. She hadn't gone back after coming home from the hospital, instead choosing to do her articles from home. This was the first time she even thought about going back to work. She knew she would have to eventually, so why not now?

Rory got dressed and after grabbing some breakfast, headed out to her car. She sat in her car for about an hour before going back into the house without even putting the keys in the ignition.

'Ok, maybe I'm not quite ready to go back to work yet.' She thought as she sat on the couch throwing the keys onto the coffee table.

Her absence from work had been unexplained since no one there had known she was pregnant. In a way she was glad that the only people who had known were Paris, Lane and Tristan's family and her family, it seemed a little easier that way. How was she going to explain her absence from work once she did go back? Maybe she could just say she'd gotten a really bad cold or flu.

Rory turned on the TV to have something to do and maybe drown out her thoughts. She didn't know how she would explain the long absence from work to her boss or anyone else who would ask when she finally went back.

When Tristan got home at noon he discovered Rory laying on the couch looking at the TV. One look at her face told him she was thinking.

"How was your morning?" He asked her after a minute. He held his breath hoping that she wasn't going to shut him out like she had the other day.

Rory was broken from her reverie at the sound of Tristan's voice. For a second she was confused, as she looked around. She couldn't believe it was already noon. She sat up a little before answering. "It was…confusing." She replied truthfully. Rory had spent all morning thinking and not coming up with any answers. If anything, she was even more confused.

"Why's that?" He asked, his body relaxing as he sat by her feet, laying her feet on his lap.

Rory moved closer to Tristan on the couch and after turning off the TV replied "I woke up this morning completely fine thinking that maybe I could go into work but I ended up getting only as far as my car. I sat there for an hour before heading back into the house. Then I started thinking about how I would explain why I haven't been to work in so long. I don't know how to explain that since no one outside of our families, Lane and Paris knew we were expecting. I don't want people to ask why I've been gone so long and have nothing to say."

"At least you tried going back today, Ror. That should count for something." Tristan reassured her snaking an arm around her shoulders and looking at her as he talked.

"I want to be able to go back so badly." Rory said, "I know I'm not completely away from work but I want to go back to the newspaper office and experience the everyday craziness again. I want things to go back to normal." She added while leaning her head on his shoulder.

Analisa came into the living room to announce lunch was ready. "Oh…I didn't know you were coming home for lunch, Mr. DuGrey." She said to Tristan after telling the couple lunch was served.

"That's okay, Analisa. Only Rory knew." He remarked to the maid.

Analisa nodded as she left the living room, as Rory and Tristan got off the couch. He put his arm around her shoulders again as they walked to the dining room where lunch was waiting. After the couple ate lunch together, they went back to the living room to talk some more.

They sat together on the love seat and Tristan said "I was thinking, maybe we could go to the house in Martha's Vineyard for a little while. Leave today and spend the weekend there. What do you think?" He nervously, while playing with her hand. He wasn't sure if she'd be up to spending time alone with him.

Rory loved the idea and said "Sure. We just have to pack and…"

Tristan cut her off by saying "I was also thinking we could stay through Monday at least and come back that night or early Tuesday morning."

"What about work?" Rory asked him wondering if his missing one day of work would be a problem.

"I took the day off so we could spend the weekend and all of Monday in Martha's Vineyard." Tristan replied, "I don't have any pressing work right now anyway."

"And your dad was okay with you taking half a day off today and all of Monday?" Rory asked sounding very curious.

"He's actually the one who suggested I take all this time off." Tristan replied.

"Seriously?" Rory asked astonished. She knew Hugh DuGrey to be a very work-minded man and had heard Tristan say that he wanted his son to be that way as well.

"He knows how hard the past few weeks have been for us and said I should take some time off to spend with you." Tristan told her, "So what do you think? Are we going to The Vineyard?" She smiled, as she nodded her head.

"Sure. Maybe a weekend away will be good for us." Rory replied, "But we should go pack now." She got off the couch to head for the room and start packing.

"I'll go tell Analisa and the rest of the staff they have the weekend off." Tristan said also getting up off the couch.

She nodded in agreement. Before she could leave to start packing, Tristan pulled her into his arms and gave her a light kiss. When they pulled back, she was smiling, and he could see a gleam in her eyes that he hadn't seen since they lost the baby. 'This weekend just might be exactly what we both need.' He thought releasing her and heading for the kitchen.

Rory headed up the stairs as soon as Tristan went to the kitchen. 'Now where is that suitcase?' She asked herself heading for the storage closet. When they had gotten married five years ago Tristan's grandfather had given them a full set of luggage.

After a few minutes of searching the storage closet she found the suitcase she was looking for and took it into their bedroom. She packed her clothes first and then went to get shower necessities and packed them along with anything else she would need for the weekend. Tristan came into the room a few minutes later and started packing his stuff.

Just as he finished packing, he asked "Did you want to take the limo or should we drive ourselves?"

"Wouldn't taking the limo mean that John would have to work this weekend?" Rory wondered, watching as Tristan did up the suitcase.

"I guess it would." Tristan replied, "So I guess we're driving then." He picked up the suitcase and started leaving the room with it.

"Yup. Besides, this way we have a car to drive us around once we get there." Rory said.

They left the house and packed up the car to leave before locking up and driving off. They got to Martha's Vineyard just in time to get settled in for the weekend and grab something to eat before going to bed.

The whole weekend was spent, just the two of them, hanging out, and enjoying each others company. They talked about anything and everything, from serious topics to complete nonsense, which would have them laughing so hard they would be close to tears. Basically, they were having a great time. Everything seemed to be going great till Sunday night, when they ran into one of her co-workers and his wife who was about eight months pregnant. Rory couldn't deal with seeing them. Amanda was glowing from excitement at the knowledge that a new life was growing inside of her, and her husband Jason was just as excited at the thought of having a new son or daughter. She ran out of the restaurant with a fleeting look at the happily pregnant couple. The word and all variations of it that she couldn't bear to even think of since the miscarriage were now staring her in the face and there was nothing she could do about it. How she hadn't known about them expecting a baby was beyond her, seeing as how Jason worked at the same news paper.

Tristan had politely excused himself. He knew Jason and Amanda were probably confused to what could have happened, but he didn't have time for explanations. He needed to find his wife, and be there for her. They'd be making such good progress, and he couldn't let her relapse into keeping things to herself and not talking to him. The lack of communication between the two almost destroyed them both. He knew that they needed to talk more, and once he found her, that's exactly what they did. He thanked God that she wasn't holding back from him. All her fears emerged, and he sat there, holding her, listening, and letting her know it would all be ok. After all the talking and crying, she ended up falling asleep with her head against Tristan's shoulder, tears streaming down her face. Tristan gently lay her down on the bed and pulled the sheets up around her before climbing in himself. He fell asleep thinking 'Is this how she's going to react with every pregnant couple?'

Tristan woke up early the next morning, hours before Rory would ever be up, and walked out to the balcony, just outside their bedroom. The grounds of their house looked beautiful in the early morning sunlight. He saw the paper boy was about to drop off they're paper, and decided it was time to start the day. Once he got downstairs he put on the coffee and went to grab this morning's issue of the Vineyard Gazette that was sitting on the front step.

Amanda was grabbing their paper outside across the street and noticed Tristan. She had been thoroughly confused about what happened the night before when his wife ran away from the couple. She was worried that they had done or said something to offend her, but she couldn't think of what it might have been. She decided to walk across the street to find out about the night before.

"Good morning." She said figuring she'd start with simple conversation and before broaching the subject.

Tristan had just been heading in when Amanda spoke to him. "Good morning." He said, with a smile, hiding his surprise.

"So what are you and Rory planning for the day?" She asked fiddling with her newspaper.

"We're going to breakfast at Café Moxie and then we're going to head home." He replied wondering 'What's with the sudden questions?'

"Ah. Jason and I are going back this afternoon." Amanda said knowing she should probably just ask what she wanted to ask him.

"So what are you doing until then?" Tristan asked, being polite, but wanting nothing more than to go check on Rory.

"We don't actually have any plans." Amanda replied. 'Ask. The only thing that will happen is that he'll not answer.' She thought as she was speaking. "Actually I wanted to ask you about last night." Amanda started tentatively.

"What about last night?" Tristan wondered; again noticing how happy she looked pregnant. 'Rory used to have that look.' He remembered.

"It's just Rory…she left kind of fast." Amanda replied not really knowing how to ask, "Is she okay?"

'Rory is far from okay.' He thought when Amanda asked that. Instead he replied "Yah. She is now. She was just sad last night." Tristan knew it was half a lie but he couldn't tell her the truth.

"Oh. Well as long as she's okay now." Amanda remarked completely believing what he said.

Satisfied with Tristan's answer, she wished him and Rory a safe trip home, then said goodbye and headed back to her house. Tristan headed inside to check on Rory and see if she was awake. They had to get going soon for breakfast if they wanted to be back in Hartford soon. He wasn't going back to work until the next day but they were going to spend some time with her mom, Luke and her little sister, Marci Ann. The couple grabbed breakfast at Café Moxie and then headed home.