Billy was watching TV With his cup of coffie that says "I'm a big boy." Watching the TV show Juniper Lee.

A women walked in with Blond long hair and a black berret. And a black short dress that went up to the thighs. And black shoes.

"Billy where's Maria?" Mandy asked.

"I think shes playing in the back yard." Billy answered.

Billy got up. "I gotta get dressed and go to work." Billy said putting down his cup.

Mandy nodded.

Billy walked into his bedroom and changed his clothes.

Mandy ran to the back door.

"Maria?" Mandy shouted.

A little girl who was about the age of 3 came walking up. With red hair and a blue bow. Blue overalls and a pink under shirt with a picture of a skull on it. And black shoes.

"Hi mommy!" Maria said in a happy voice.

Mandy picked up Maria.

"Maria you nearly had me scared.." Mandy said in a quiet voice.

"Sorry mommy, I was bored and needed to play." Maria said looking at her.

Mandys eye brows went up.

Mandy walked inside while holding the girl. Billy walked into the living room wearing tan pants with brown shoes. A white shirt with a blue tie. And his hair nicely combed.

"Well I'm off to work." Billy said.

"Come home safely and don't get another ticket." Mandy said putting the kid down.

"Yes dear." Billy said back. And both of them shared a kiss.

"Eww.." Maria said.

Billy went to Marias level.

"You be good for your mommy now ok Mar?" Billy asked.

Maria nodded.

"It's your first day of the week without the dadster around. Will you be ok?" Billy asked.

"Well be fine Billy. Just worry about the way you drive home." Mandy said straightning his tie.

Billy smiled and walked out the door.

"Ok Maria. I gotta put Xavier down for a nap. While I do please don't make any loud noise." Mandy said waving her finger

"I promise mommy." Maria said smiling.

Mandy walked into Xaviers and closed the door. Leaving Maria in the living room.

"I wonder what's on TV." Maria said grabbing the remote.

Shadow turned it on and saw the News.

"Hey! This looks fun and safe!" Maria said looking exsited.

"News channel die is seeing some battle between two teenagers fighting over a carrot stick." The reporter said.

Maria was watching the violence on TV. Watching the teenagers punch each other and them useing language and guns.

Maria's eyes got big and wide after they said the F word.

"Maria, can you turn the valume down on the TV? Xavier-" Mandy didin't finnish once she saw the TV on the news seeing two people fighting with Guns.

Mandy ran and grabbed the remote from Maria.

"Hey!" Maria cried.

"I told you, you are not allowed to watch the News! It's dangerous stuff on there that can give you nightmares!" Mandy said crossing her arms.

From the otherside of the room she heard the baby cry.

Mandy turned around and ran back to Xaviers room.

Maria grabbed the remote and turned the TV back on.

"Time to die you idiot..!" Said a voice on the TV.

Bangs and booms were on the TV with the sounds of Guns.

"Guns.." Maria said to herself.

Mandy ran back in.

And grabbed the remote.

"Maria..!" Mandy said looking angry.

"But mommy, Daddy told me you liked distruction." Maria said.

Mandy shook her head.

"You dads an idiot." Mandy said with a mad look.

Maria made a sad face. "Do you always call daddy that?" Maria asked with tears in her eyes.

Mandy went to her level.

"If you were in my shoes from the day we met, you would understand." Mandy said going closer.

Maria smiled just alittle.

"Well, I'm making breakfast. What do you want?" Mandy asked Maria.

"Pancakes." Maria said back.

Mandy nodded.

Maria turned back on the TV and this time, she decided to watch Dora.

3:00 PM

Mandy just came in from outside watering the plants.

"Whens daddy coming home..?" Maria asked.

"Hopfully soon." Mandy said taking off her garden gloves.

Maria, still from this morning, was watching TV.

"How about I start a bubble bath for you? You need to do something eles then watch TV all day." Mandy said grabbing the soap.

"Yay bubble time!" Maria shouted threw the bathroom.

Mandy started the bath and got it running.

"I'm gonna go get some towels. The waters cold so you may want to wait a few minutes." Mandy said walking out.

Maria looked around the bathroom.

"Mommy! Can you get my toy duck and the Reaper?" Maria shouted over the bath.

"Yeah sure." Mandy said back from the kitchen.

Maria got undressed and jumpped in the tub. But quickly rapped her arms around her from the freezing water. Mandy walked in shaking her head.

"I told you to wait Maria." Mandy said while giving her the duck and the toy Reaper.

"Mommy, Where did you get this toy Reaper?" Maria asked.

Mandy didin't answere.

"I got it, from my mom." Mandy said while curling her fingers.

Maria looked up at her.

"Ok!" Maria said with a happy voice.

Maria watched her daughter play in the tub.

"Mommy, If dads an idiot. Is Xavier one to?" Maria asked as she dropped her duck in the tub.

Mandy looked at her.

"Your very curiouse." Mandy said.

"What's that mean?" Maria asked.

But before Mandy could answere, the door opened.

"Daddy!" Maria shouted. Maria was about to hop out of the tub when Mandy said.

"You are all wet. You can't come out untell you dry off." Mandy said getting up.

Maria made a frown.

(I wanna see my idiot dad..) She thought.

Mandy walked into the living room.

"Hey wife." Billy said putting his coat on the rack.

"Hey. How was work?" Mandy asked.

"Same as usuall. I did my part and no one eles trusted me with the computers." Billy said. Billy sat on the couch.

"Remember when we were kids. We would always hang out with the Grim Reaper?" Billy asked putting his arm around Mandy.

"Yeah, he slacked on his chores alot." Mandy said looking up at the roof.

Maria was hearing this.

"What do you think hes doing right now?" Billy asked.

Mandy looked at Billy.

"I bet hes still jumping for joy now that he is free. Or drinking at a party." Mandy said.

"Grim Reapers can drink?" Maria asked as she walked in with a towel.

Mandy and Billy turned there heads slowely at each other.

"The Grim Reaper. Who is that? He sounds nice." Maria said smiling.

Billy tried not to laugh.

"Um, The Grim Reaper is alot like the tooth fairy." Mandy said.

"Yeah, Only this time he doesen't leave money under your pillow. He leave eternal doom and sufering." Billy said looking proud.

Mandy elbowed his stomach.

And Billy put his hands on his stomach from the pain.

"So, Will I ever see him?" Maria asked.

"Umm..You will see him alright. Um, In your near 90s at least." Mandy said raising her eye brows.

"Aww..but thats like 87 years from now.." Maria said lowering her head.

Mandy looked at Billy.

"Did your father tell you that?" Mandy asked Maria.

"yup." Maria replied.

Mandy staired at Billy again.

"I have been doing well on my math at work." Billy said poking his nose.

"Maria, I told you to come out of the tub when your dry." Mandy said.

"Sorry mom.." Maria said walking back in.

Mandy was hearing the splashing from the bath tub.

"Hear from Irwin yet?" Mandy asked.

"Yeah. He said him and Mindy are in Osaka. Something about Tokyo video games for the kids." Billy answered.

"You know Billy, we should take a vacation." Mandy said.

"That would be fun." Billy said back." But where would we go?" He asked again.

Mandy gave it some thought.

"We could go visit my parents in Calafornia." Mandy said.

Billy poked his nose.

"Or mabey my mom in Texas." Billy added.

"Your moms boring." Mandy added.

"It's been like that ever since my pa died Mandy..Nothing really is going on there...Mas getting old." Billy said, as he looked at the roof.

Mandy staired at Billy.

"Your place it is." Billy said.

Mandy smiled just alittle.

"You know, thats your first smile ever since we got married." Billy said while looking at her.

Maria came out from behind the wall.

"Stop talking about mom and get back to the point on the Reaper!" Maria said.

Mandy shook her head and Billy was sinking in his couch.