Under world.

Maria looked at the red sky.

"Xavier. What do we do now?" She asked.

There was a weird smell coming from Xavier.

"Something I didin't want to smell.." Maria said as she held her nose.

Satan appeared.

"Something troubling you?" He asked.

Maria jumped on his hand and Satan took her up.

"My mom and dad left me in the real world.." Maria cried.

Satan looked at her.

"I'm not the kind of person who helps people but I might have an idea." He said.

"You may live down here. I will treat you no diffrent then my imps. okay?" Satan asked.

Maria ned her head up and down.

"And Xavier?" She asked.

Satan turned to him.

"Keep a close eye on him.." said Satan with a dry look.

Maria smiled.

Satsn let her down and Maria walked over to Xavier

"You hear that X? We are staying in the under world!" Maria shouted.

Xavier clapped.

A dark portal appeared infront of them.

It was there parents. Mandy rushed over to Maria and picked her up and squeezed her.

"I think thats the first time I have ever saw her hug.." Grim said wipping a tear from his eye.

"No she did it to me. But she did it around the neck and squeezed it." Billy said.

Grim shook his head at the man.

"Alright, kids we are going home." Mandy said grabbing Xavier.

Satan looked down.

"Well well. A whole family of humans! Here! In the underworld. I'm guessing your the kids parents?" He asked.

"Yes. And we are taking them home." Mandy added.

Satan looked at Maria.

"I thought you were gonna stay with me." He said in a sad voice.

Maria looked at her mom

"Now that I know they love me still. I wanna go back home with them, sorry Mr Devil man." Maria said waving.

"Alright Grim..Now it's time for your doom.." Mandy said with an evil shadow look on her.

Grim did a big gulp.


Mandy was sitting on the couch watching TV looking relaxed.

"Am I done yet?" Grim asked.

"Nope. You still have to do it around the toilet." Mandy added.

Grim groaned. And lieked the toilet.

Billy was in Maria's room playing horsey.

"Higher daddy!" She shouted with joy.

Billy did a loud "Nay!" And jumped in the air. Maria was screaming with joy.

"Well I'm done for now Maria." Billy said getting up.

Maria smiled at her dad.

Billy walked into the living room and sat down next to Mandy.

Maria walked in holding something in her left hand.

"Here mommy..It's the little sythe.." Maria said as she gave the sythe charm to Mandy.

Mandy got her broken necklace and put the charm back on.

Maria jumped onto Mandy's lap and hugged her. Mandy looked the other way when she did. Trying to act like she liked it.

"Now that I know about the Grim Reaper. Whats a boogy man?" Maria asked smiling big.

She was sitting on air and she soon fell on the couch. "Where did they go?" She asked herself.

The End

I don't know if it was the best story you ever read but I did my best. I'm still a noob. I have alot of spelling errors. But understand that spelling isen't my best subject. Thankyou for reading.