Me: Greetings everyone! Hero-of-Winds here, with a new, shorterproject for you. This one came to me when I was watching a trailer for a Sonic flash movie called "Sonic X Cosmic Chase" onNewgrounds.Ashot of a crying Amyin a burning city gaveme this idea. What more ironic way to watch the world die thanfor the sake oflove?

Amy:You have a strange mind, HoW.Don't forget about Ancient Ways, Ancient Evils now! You didn't finish Scores, and I want to see how AWAE ends before you work on this one.

Me: No need to get pushy, Amy. Anyway, on with the show! This is from Amy's POV.

-- -- -- --

You girls would probably like having boys fight over you. It's a real rush to watch two boys equally in love with you to battle it out to win the prize of your affection, isn't it? I used to think that. But I was young and naïve. I was so close to my thirteenth birthday then.

But guess what happens when those two boys are the most powerful beings on the planet? That's right…it gets out of control. You can't stop it, and soon everyone and everything you know and love is burned to the ground, while you stand around and wonder what the hell just happened.

Is this a rhetorical question I'm asking you? Not in the least. It really happened to me. I watched the world burn around me as my two greatest Romeos, Sonic and Shadow, dueled each other to win me over. What's worse, they're still doing it, four years later. The images of that day play again in my head at least one night every week.

It all began so suddenly. Shadow came back a few months after the defeat of Black Doom, and immediately proclaimed his affection for me. We went out for several months. Sonic saw me and Shadow together several times, and boy, was he jealous…so jealous that he and Shadow, who had formed a friendship of sorts, started quarreling. There was one thing they could agree on…I had no say in the argument. Every time I tried to intervene, they would tell me to butt out, and it was none of my business. This rivalry began escalating and became more and more violent. I was one day shy of my thirteenth birthday when it finally boiled over.

Shadow and I were out at a restaurant one rainy night. Sonic suddenly burst in, and the two started arguing. Finally, Shadow threw a punch, sending Sonic flying across the dining hall. I immediately ran out, but I expected the fight would be over before long, and Sonic would retreat again to lick his wounds, both to his body and to his pride. But several minutes passed, and police began to gather.

Did they really expect to get Sonic and Shadow, the two most powerful beings on the planet, under control with just police? I was foolish enough to believe it as well. But it just gave Sonic and Shadow stuff to throw at each other. The two, who has apparently been throwing knives and forks as well as punches at each other, had advanced to throwing police cars. Neither gave an inch.

As I retreated, I was crying and bawling. I was terrified. Sonic suddenly broke combat and grabbed me by the arm. He was trying to make a getaway, but Shadow stopped him, causing me to be thrown aside. By now G.U.N. was in on this, trying their best to keep these two hedgehogs under control. I had confidence in them. Again, I was foolish.

The real nightmare began when a rush of energy came from several yards behind me. Shadow had used Chaos Blast. Buildings were starting to shake from broken foundations and people were panicking. G.U.N. was bringing its strongest weaponry, but like the police cars, they became big, heavy objects for them to throw at each other. As I continued to flee, I saw a flash of golden light, and then heard several large explosions. Office buildings were coming down left and right.

I wondered how it was coming to was becoming less about winning me and more about crushing the rival utterly. I managed to escape to the city limits, and I watched the battle from afar. They were two shining, clashing stars gleaming in the rainy night, one trying to snuff the other out. My horror didn't end there…energy started raining down the city, setting it ablaze, like throwing a match on a haystack. I couldn't stand it any longer. I finally turned around and started to run…and I haven't stopped running…from them.

-- -- -- -- -- --

It's been four years now, four years that I've borne the guilt of being the reason the world ended. No one knows it, and no one would believe me if I told them that. If the guilt wasn't bad enough, that nutcase Doctor Eggman took control of the entire planet. He claims that he has the ability to stop Sonic and Shadow from wrecking everything, and to a large enough degree, he tries. After all, how can he have an Eggman Empire if there's nothing left to rule? Because of that, his regime has immense support.

The latest stop on my never-ending life on the run from Sonic and Shadow is a little backwater town that was mostly destroyed by them, but life still remains there. I know I'll be safe, at least for a while.

I've been able to survive by roughing it, scavenging through ruins for any food, and doing the occasional odd job to get it when I had no other choice. I salvage whatever clothes I can find that fit me. It doesn't matter if they're a little too small or a little too large. I have a small backpack with me, where I carry the two precious objects I had with me that fateful day four years ago: a picture of me, Sonic and Shadow together, just having fun. I had planned to use to remind Shadow that Sonic was our friend…but I never got the chance. The second was a black ribbon that Shadow had given me as a gift just before Sonic burst in. I've kept them in remembrance of the old days. I don't know why I bother to hold on to them. I've sworn a vow…I would never love anyone again. To like them as a friend, yes. But affection for me caused everything I knew and loved to die around me.

I find a good place for shelter and prepare to set up my makeshift camp. I notice that the shell of this house is already occupied: a short fellow in a black overcoat and brown hat. He's obviously trying to hide his face…why, I don't know. I decide to be social, and talk with him.

"Hey, there…mind if I keep you company?" I ask. He grunts, and I sit down next to him.

"So, what brings you to this dump?" I ask him.

"I'm just a treasure hunter…those two maniacs have unearthed quite a few undiscovered passages," the guy says in an oddly familiar voice. He's definitely younger than me. "I've been surviving by selling some of the more useful things…money's virtually worthless now. The real prizes are food, clothing, water and shelter in this world. People have no reason to have baubles and trinkets. But I'm after the ultimate prize."

I glance at his hands. It looks like he's holding some sort of tracking device…then I remember what it is, and who this character is.

"Okay, Tails…you can drop the act now!" I say to him. After a moment, he takes off the hat, and, as I suspected, it was Tails after all. But he now has a huge scar running over his right eye, and it looks like part of his right ear is bitten off. I cringe for a second, but realize it's him.

"To think I'd run into you here, of all places, Amy," Tails says quite happily. "I haven't seen you in four years! Where did you go?"

"Where didn't I go is a proper question, here," I answer, standing up. "You're looking for the Chaos Emeralds, aren't you, Tails? What's your big plan? You always have a plan."

Tails suddenly starts grinning nervously. "Eh-heh-heh…funny that you mentioned it…"

"You mean you don't have a plan…"

"Well…not yet at least. One will come to me eventually. Until then, I think we should travel together. I've only had companions on and off, and you've probably been all by yourself. Weren't you lonely?"

I smirk. "No…I didn't need anyone."

Tails' jaw drops open, and would have gone to the floor had it disconnected from him.

"You…Amy Rose…not need anyone! Am I really talking to you, Amy!"

"I've changed, Tails. This damn whole world's changed. And it's my fault."

Tails is silent for a minute. He seems to understand what I mean, but then asks what happened. I tell him everything that happened that day, four years ago. He simply nods thoughtfully, but I know he's listening. When I'm all done, he gives his response to all this.

"You really need to stop blaming yourself. It sounds like those two were acting really immature, like two brats fighting over a favorite toy. If they're still fighting after all these years, it's probably gotten beyond that."

I sigh. Maybe he's right. They couldn't possibly be that obsessed over me…could they? I'm not sure now. But at least now I have someone to talk to. I have no affection for him, but I was definitely in need of a friend in these dark times.

-- -- -- -- -- --

I'm getting ready to go to bed when I hear a sound that I've been dreading. It's that telltale sound of Chaos energy crackling, and the rush of air of someone flying. One of them has found me, and I fear the worst. But my curiosity is greater than my fear, and I poke my head out of the wrecked building to see which one has found me. The red indicates that it's Shadow. The lesser of two evils, I suppose. At least he had my affection in the first place.

If I could see the red on him, he could probably sense me. And he does. I immediately withdraw and silently indicate to Tails that someone's coming, and to disguise himself again. I can hear Shadow land, and I hide myself behind a wall near the door. Tails lowers his hat.

"Hey, you…did you happen to see a pink hedgehog go in here?" he demands. Tails simply shrugs and remains silent. Shadow leaves and flies off to continue his search. After a few seconds, Tails removes his hat, indicating to me that it's safe to come out.

"If you liked him so much, why didn't you confront him?" Tails asks. I never thought about it before. I had always hid myself from them. Maybe I'm afraid of them. Even Shadow, whom I thought I truly loved, strikes fear in my heart.

"I'm not sure…" I say.