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Chapter Five

Another day, another Emerald, I think as I hold the blue Chaos Emerald up to the light. This one was pretty tricky to find…it was stuck in the hole of some burrowing animal. Tails and I had walked around for HOURS looking for it. As I handle it, I find myself talking to it.

"Why are you giving me these visions?" I ask it, half-expecting an answer. "Am I really supposed to remember something?" The gem, of course, remains completely silent. It doesn't even glint as a response, and I feel silly talking to it. Sure, these gems could make miracles…but talking was one miracle I should not have been expecting.

I lay the Emerald on the dresser and take one of the nearby remote controls, and turn on the TV. The first thing that showed up was some propaganda program by Eggman's regime. In disgust, I change the channel…more propaganda, this time GUN. I change it again, and again…each channel change makes me more and more frustrated. After about sixty changes I'm ready to throw it at the T.V., when I reach a news channel…and I see those two hedgehogs clashing again.

"This was the scene today not far from downtown Cairo," the news reporter says as images of their battle flash on the screen. "These two former heroes continue their city-wrecking battles, neither one claiming victory. Forces from Emperor Eggman's armies tried, but failed to contain the two, and they soon split off. Some speculate that they're searching for something…or someone. Whatever their object of their search is, no one has the…" I switch off the set and lay back in my bed, then I pick up the blue Emerald and start talking to it again.

"I wish things could go back to the way they were." I whimper to it. "Before all this happened…before they started fighting…before everything fell apart…I…I want my time back…" I hold the blue gem close to me as I cry myself to sleep…

-- -- -- -- -- -- --

"W-w-w-what are going to do to me?" I stammer as the metallic facsimile of Sonic looks me over with his red, glowing eyes. I thought I saw a twinkle of curiosity rather than sadism in those eyes, but I was too afraid to truly comprehend it at the time.

"I am merely performing a full data scan…I will not lay a finger on you," the robot replied coldly. As he continued to stare, I wondered what processes could be going through his head. He stood up, and his expression suggested that he would be smiling, if he could.

"I never would have guessed…" he replied before walking away.

-- -- -- -- -- -- --

I wake up from my vision with a start. Remembering a technique about dream analysis, I quickly scribble down the contents of my vision as the memory of it fades away. What sticks out at me is the robot's last words…I never would have guessed. That has to be a clue. I know that somehow…Metal Sonic knew something about me that I didn't. Now I have another mission in mind: find that robot and get him to tell me everything.

I look at the blue Emerald…it seems to be glowing a bit more than usual. As I clasp it, I heard two words: Chaos Heal….another power. But how was I going to test it? I look around, and find a small shard of broken glass that the maintenance crew had missed. I try to shake off the idea, but I want to make sure it worked before it was needed.

Uneasily, I pick up the shard. With a gulp, I slash my upper arm, cutting it open a little. I cringe and try not to look. I whisper the words "Chaos Heal", and wait. For a moment, nothing happens, and then I feel a pleasantly cool sensation as the wound closes almost instantly, leaving no scar. I smile and fall back asleep.

-- -- -- -- -- -- --

"You're pretty peppy this morning, Amy," Tails says off-handedly as I sit down at the special dining room provided for us. To my surprise, I see him casually sipping a mug of something. He looks at me like I've said something stupid.

"What? It's hot chocolate!" the fox says with an annoyed tone. "There's some coffee being brewed if you're interested." I sit down and grab a pre-sliced bagel from the plate at the center of the table. I pull it apart and take some cream cheese. As I spread it, I tell Tails about my latest vision.

"I think Metal Sonic knows something about me that I don't…I want to find out what he knows." Tails stops and suddenly spits out the hot chocolate he was sipping and looks at me with fearful eyes.

"Amy, have you lost your mind? Metal Sonic's a menace…he's probably working for Eggman!" Despite his protest, I remain adamant and ask him if GUN has seen him recently. With a sigh, he tells me that the last time Metal Sonic was seen not far from the ruins of Station Square, and he may still be there.

"It's settled then…we're going after him…"

He sighs and shakes his head. "Amy…you're nuts."

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

"Chaos Emerald located, Metal Sonic," Omega said as he skidded to a stop in his lair with Metal Sonic, while clutching the purple Emerald. Metal Sonic looked over at his companion.

"Good work, Omega. Leave it on the table." The E-series robot walked stiffly to the table and placed the gem on it. He looked over at Metal Sonic in a way that would be attributed to a questioning expression.

"Metal Sonic…what is our purpose for gathering Chaos Emeralds?"

The robot hedgehog simply dimmed his eyelights and leaned back in his chair. "It will come in due time, Omega…all in due time…"