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It was quite some time before they could approach the book again. Saitoh took a deep breath. "Okay, so as Okita, Soujiro, me and Tanuki-" here Kaoru stuck out her tongue, but the cop ignored her, "-have already read this…thing, I vote we make Battousai read" Much to the red-head's misery, everyone agreed. "Sessha hates you all" he whimpered as he took the loathsome book and opened the page they were reading.

Mitzu cerpt quitly as a snake as she reached tah clering were batto was waiting. His yellow iz glemed in tah nite sky. He was astonded by Mitzu's beaty. "buttful maiden" he sad "u r lik tah moon on a moonless nite, the stra on a starless nite, howmy heart bleds to fite thy fair face! But als, tis fate!" he dramatized and tried to fite her. mitzu knew in her hert that he waz tah one she was luking for, and decided to go eazi on him. he was no mach foe Mitzu's skillz, but she took piti on him-

"Stop already! Kenshin, how can you read that junk?" Sano and Yahiko roared at the Rurouni, while Kaoru made frantic hand gestures to quiet them as Hiko and Saitoh roared with laughter. The pink glow returned, and they all watched it warily. Sano, showing rare presence of mind, slapped some of the ofudas he had thrown earlier at Okita. They watched the glow eagerly. Nothing much happened, but the pinkness subsided a little. Hiko gestured Kenshin to continue, and the lavender eyed man did, sulking a little. Saitoh had a slight smile on his face. He was quite enjoying this.

"y do u not kill me?" battosai asked Mitzu. She pushed her beautiful blond haer off her prtty face and said "I do not wish to kill needlessly. Luking into ur heart, I can see ur soul. It is pure as snow" Batto's eyez widened at this sugoi woman. "My lady" he said "u are the only one who saw me for who I am. I tink I'm in love with u, my lad-y-eh?"

Kenshin trailed off, his face distasteful, as Kaoru began to turn red. Not the embarrassed red. The 'I'm so going to kill you and drink your blood' red. The rest of them were laughing their heads off, Yahiko and Sano actually crying in mirth. Kaoru looked like she would explode any second, and Kenshin rushed to shut her up before she insulted the book. It wasn't necessary though, for Kaoru left the room gracefully, and shut the screen behind her quietly. The laughter had subsided a little, and Okita was coughing like mad now, while Soujiro lay curled up, trying not to laugh again.

They heard a blood curdling scream followed by several loud crashes and swearing so bad that Sano's jaw dropped and Saitoh started choking on his cigarette. After about fifteen minutes, Kaoru returned, her face serene. "Sessha thinks that um… someone else should read this now. How about Yahiko?" The boy gaped at him, but took the book anyway.

"oh Kenny! I tink so 2! My hert haz found u at las, my one tru luv!" she said as Kenshi embrazed her.

"Uh… I know I read only one sentence and all, but I really, really don't want to read this any more… I'm only a kid!" Yahiko whimpered, throwing the book into Saitoh's arms. The said cop smirked widely at Kenshin's sickened expression and read-

"tell me, were r u fom?" Kenshni asked her. Mitzu's violet eyes shimmred wit tearz. They slid down her perfect porclain cheks. "I'm sorri, ny fair Mitzu. Did I hurt u?" she shuk her head, her beautiful golden hair carrasing Kenshin's cheek. "No, it's just that my famili died long ago. They were murderd in one nite"

Kenshin kissed her, and it was magical. The glede seemd to glow as the moon bathed itz rayz on the cople.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH" Kaoru screamed in frustration as she lunged for Saitoh, clearly intent on ripping him and the accursed book to shreds. Saitoh neatly stepped out of the way, and a startled Soujiro found himself run over by the enraged Kendo instructor. Hiko grabbed her before she killed the boy, and gestured to Saitoh to leave the room, which the cop did.

Sano looked too scared to laugh. Okita looked at Soujiro uncertainly; wondering if he should console his new son or not, while Kenshin buried his face in his arms, shaking like mad. It took a whole hour and half a dozen blows to the head from Hiko to calm Kaoru down, and to be assured over and over that it was a book, a story and that there was not a shred of evidence that something like that had happened, except the theory that Soujiro was Okita's son. A few paces away, Tae soothed the red head with the same words while Yahiko patted his arm sympathetically.

Saitoh returned to the room, with the book and his usual scowl. "Now listen. The book tells a story. Can't you control yourselves?" he snapped. "Easy for you to say" Sano piped up surprisingly, frowning "you behaved the exact same way when she slandered the Shinsengumi" Saitoh glared at him, and continued anyway "So, if anyone feels sick or angry at that… that absolute fabrication, go out of the room! Why didn't you do that, Tanuki? You showed that self control before right?" Kaoru shook her head a little sadly and apologized, causing Hiko to wonder if he had hit her head too hard. "Now we all know what to do, so let's continue" Saitoh ordered, and promptly dumped the book into Sano's hands. The rooster head sighed, and opened it. He read it quietly for a second; then looked up, face green. "I don't think we should read this. It's an NC-17 scene"

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