Sakura's World

By kittykute

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A crying girl of about six years old sat in front of her house. In front of the nice and plain house was a large Sakura Tree. Its blossoms were in full bloom this season. Head in her hands the girl continued to cry bitterly as loud screams came from inside the humble yet beautiful house. A plate broke and the sound of someone being thrown into the wall followed.

"Daddy… stop hurting Mommy." She once asked her father, the man with short navy cut black hair and dark blue eyes growled.

"You're mother is a disgrace to this world!" he shouted, Sakura started to quietly whimper and slowly back away from her father.

"You shouldn't stand up for her! You're just like her!" he exploded and came closer to the pink haired girl. Sakura let the slow running tears fall from her eyes and down onto her cheeks.

"Get out of my sight Sakura! You're making me even madder." Sakura stayed still petrified by her father's words. She wished everything would be fine. That her beloved parents would stop fighting each other. Being so young, Sakura didn't understand why they fought. Sakura imagined that an evil fairy had found its way into their hearts. Sakura thought of herself unlucky by the evil fairies being inside her parents. And worst of all, she had no refuge. Her grandparents from her Mom's side had died a few months previously, and her Dad's parents disowned him when he was a teenager. They lived in the Village Hidden in the Mist, far, far away.

Sakura hear even louder screams coming from inside the house and then the front door opening. Her mother came out, blood on her face and her clothes torn and a tear streaked face.

"Mommy, did you two stop fighting yet?" asked Sakura. Her mother looked down at her daughter.

"Sakura, hunny, you'll never have to hear that screaming again, you know why?" Sakura shook her head.

"I'm leaving Sakura. You're gonna live with Daddy until he stops being an idiot to Mommy.

I'll see you in a few months, ok baby?" Sakura's eyes opened wide.

"You're leaving me?" she asked,

"Yes Sakura dear." Said her mother fresh tears spilled from both pairs of eyes as Sakura's mother squatted down and put her shaking hands onto her daughter's shoulders.

"Sakura. Whatever happens here in this house stays in this house, ok? Never tell anyone where I've gone and stay away from Daddy as much as you can. IF you get hurt, go to the Hokage. He'll help you. OR run to the Uchiha mansion. They'll help you. Say that Yumi Haruno sent her daughter here and tell them that you're Sakura Haruno, her daughter. Ok dearie?" Sakura was shaking terribly as her mother walked over to the road.

"Remember, Sakura-chan." Her mother called out to her.

"I love you!" Sakura waved good-bye to her mother.

"Bye Mommy!"

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