Summary- Um, I can't think of a summery for it. It's a Stargate/Farscape crossover.

A/N- Vala and Cameron. Stargate/Farscape crossover!

Remembering my life

Chapter 1- where have you been

Vala sat in her room staring at the wall, she had nothing better to do, no one ever wanted to talk to her and that pissed her off. People give her mean or nasty glances all day, in other words every girl and guy (dare I say it) in the Daniel Jackson fan club did.

She just wanted someone to call a reliable friend; she could never see that in Daniel. He would only see her being friendly as trying to seduce him to the end of time. She got up and walked out into the hallway.

She stood in the hallway not knowing where to go, she looked at the ground, up and then down the hallway which got fuzzy for her as she walked forward.

Suddenly she got the urge to cry, just cry and brake down. So she did, right in the middle of the hallway.

People gave her looks, cold and unfeeling, except one.

"Are you ok?" A voice asked, Vala looked up and saw the warmest look she has ever gotten all day. "No." Vala admitted, and the stranger took her hand and started stroking it soothingly.

"What's wrong Vala? Is there anything I can do to help? I mean I know I don't know you that much, but talking will help." The stranger said as he looked into her eyes, "Yes Cameron, I think talking will help, but can we talk in my room?" Vala asked addressing the so called stranger by name.

"Ok, Come on lets get you off the floor first." Cameron said as he took here hand and pulled her up. They went to her room.

In her room-

Vala turned on the light and sat down on the bed and motioned for Cameron to join her. He sat on the bed, ready to hear her story.

"Go ahead, I'm all ears." Cameron said and Vala nodded. "I'm so sick of being alone, I was before, but now it's starting to bother me. And the thing is I don't know why. I've been starting to feel like that I, in my past, was always part of something. A platoon, a group, a team." Vala said as she closed her eyes and memories came flooding back and it hit her like a 200 pound bag.

"So, are you trying to say that you feel you have a suppressed memory?" Cameron asked, then Vala grabbed Camerons' hand and brought it to her face. "What are you doing?" Cameron asked as she kissed his palm. "I remember, I need you to remember too." Vala said as she put his hand down.

"Remember what?" Cameron asked as he moved away from Vala slightly. "This." Vala said as she moved closer to him, she put her arms around his neck and their lips touched. At first it was sweet and soft, but then it turned into a kiss of exploding passion.

They broke apart because of the lack of air. "Do you remember, now john?" Vala asked. "It's me Aeryn, your wife."

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