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Chapter One

Coruscant – Approximately Ten Years Prior to the Attack on the Star Forge

It was unpacking day for Jedi Knight Revan, who was more than thrilled to escape her Padawan accommodations. The Order had single-occupant apartments for their Knights and Masters in the Jedi Temple. It wasn't any bigger than the Padawan quarters, but it was all hers.

She had completed her trials almost a year earlier, but she and Malak had been off planet on missions and she hadn't had time to completely move in. The return to Coruscant was bittersweet. She was excited to be moving on in her Jedi duties with her newly appointed responsibilities with the Senate. However, Malak had been accepted into the Guardian Master training program on Dantooine. It would be the first time they were to be separated on such a permanent basis, and both knew they would miss each other deeply.

Many members of the Order thought they should have been separated long before now. However, together they were too powerful to ignore and their value as a team was too great. The Council was rather surprised to see the duo request the assignments that would separate them. But Revan and Malak both knew the respective paths they must take in order to become better Jedi.

Malak had chosen the path of the Jedi Guardian. Therefore, most of his training was concentrated on combat. He found it easier to concentrate on the quiet plains of Dantooine compared to the busy life of the city planet. The Jedi Temple had extensive training facilities, but many were fabricated to simulate the natural environment already offered on Dantooine.

Though Revan enjoyed the combat teachings, her strength in the Force was better used as a Jedi Consular. Her training required her to be closer to Coruscant. There she would have access to the larger archives and a greater number of Masters. She and Malak were each other's biggest supporters in their quest for individual growth.

Malak would leave for Dantooine in the morning. Therefore they planned a big night out in Coruscant. Revan was unpacking a container when Malak arrived. As soon as he saw her he rolled his eyes, "Of course you're not ready yet."

"Hey, back off. I've got a lot of stuff here," she said.

"Yes, and you'll have the next year to unpack it. Now let's go," he said.

She picked up a small container full of datapads and handed it to him. "Here, make yourself useful."

He looked down at the contents with distaste. "And what exactly am I supposed to do with these?"

She pointed to a shelving unit. "Put them in chronological order on the second shelf while I get ready." She walked into the sleeping chamber to change her clothes.

He stared at the box, not wanting to even think about the mundane crap that must be on each of the pads. He went to the shelf and arranged them all neatly without worrying about the dates, Like she keeps anything in order. By the time she figured it out, he'd be too far away for her to yell at him. Although he was sure she would try anyway.

He walked over and leaned against the entrance to her bedroom. Storage containers were everywhere, the bed was still messed up from the first time she'd ever slept in it, and clothes were thrown all over the place. He shook his head and asked, "So did they tell you who you're assigned with?"

She came out of the fresher, pulling a shirt over her head. "Yeah, but I don't think I know him."

"Who is it?" he asked.

"I don't remember. I think it's lying out on the table," she waved a hand and welcomed him to look for it.

He took one last look at the hopeless mess of a room and turned to walk back to the common area. There were datapads spread all over the dining table. He searched through several before finding the details of her assignment. He tabbed through a few screens until he saw what he was looking for.

Point of Contact: Jedi Jek-Tal Roon

Malak froze. He read it again to make sure he saw it right the first time. His expression turned into a deep frown. Jek-Tal Roon had been his rival ever since Malak first made Padawan.

Revan came out of the room. "Ok, let's go."

He looked up from the datapad. "Jek, Revan? Jek?" He emphasized the name hoping she would have some recognition.

She gave him a quizzical look. "What?"

He shook the datapad in front of her. "You've been assigned with Jek-Tal Roon."

"So…" She paused a moment before she realized the connection. "Ohhhh, Jek. I never knew his full name. You always just say, 'Jek…I hate that guy!'"

He tossed the datapad back onto the table and shook his head. "I can't believe they stuck you with him."

She seemed to think about it a moment. "That does suck. You always say what an ass he is."

He nodded while another thought occurred to her. "Hey, didn't he beat you once?" Malak and Jek had been in the same dueling class. Master Sypian had set up various matches to be held throughout the year. There was no chance that Malak was going to pass up his opportunity against Jek. Malak truly believed the older Padawan didn't have a chance against him, regardless of Malak's ailment.

He huffed, "I had the flu!"

She smirked. He growled, "Don't give me that look."

She rolled her eyes. "Alright, are you ready? I don't know why you're so upset. I'm the one that has to work with him. So don't screw up our last night by brooding over it."

He sighed, "Fine, let's go."

The Senate had designated office space for the Jedi to use while working on assignments, such as assisting with many aspects of senatorial duties. The Republic was constantly trying to add new worlds. Some worlds were a little more difficult than others, and the Jedi were a great help in negotiations. They also helped individual senators with peace treaties and trade agreements on their home worlds.

Jek-Tal Roon stood at the window in the Jedi office wing, waiting for his new partner. She was late, which didn't help to ease his mind. He had received the news two days before and wasn't the least bit thrilled about it. He recalled talking to his long-time friend, Tocchu. His friend had offered little help.

"Revan? Ah man, that's just your luck." Tocchu laughed, "Can you picture Malak's face when he finds out?"

"Well, I just hope she's not as arrogant as he is," Jek said while he tied his light brown hair back into its usual style.

"Ha…I heard she's worse!" Tocchu wasn't helping.

"I thought you knew her?" Jek asked.

"Yeah, when we were kids. I haven't spoken to Revan in years…ever since she became Padawan."

Tocchu looked at his chrono. "Hey, I have to go." He smacked Jek on the shoulder. "I feel for you…really, I do."

Jek's blue eyes were drawn from the cityscape view when the door slid open. He turned to see a person walk in with a full cloak on, eyes covered by the hood. The figure lifted an arm, and with a wave of the hand, lowered the light setting. The hood pushed back to reveal the one he had been waiting for. Her black hair fell limply around her face and she had darkened circles below her eyes. Great, she's hung over.

Jek was reeling. He'd had misgivings about the appointment with Senator Krishon of Thyferra. Prior meetings had not gone well. Now, he was about to face, in his opinion, the biggest jerk on the Senate with her at his side. Wonderful.

He walked over to her and offered her his hand to shake. "You must be Revan. I'm Jek-Tal Roon."

She smiled and accepted his hand. "It's nice to meet you." She looked around for something and finally asked, "Is there any caf around here?"

Jek hadn't paid much attention to his colleague on the way to their meeting. He handed her a datapad and walked ahead of her as he gave a brief explanation of the situation.

They waited twenty minutes for the Senator to be ready for them. Revan took advantage of the time to visit the fresher. She's probably getting sick, Jek thought He became anxious for her return, thinking the Senator would call for them at any moment.

She still hadn't returned when the aid announced the Senator would see them now. Not wanting to keep the Senator waiting, though the sentiment was obviously not returned, he went in without her. Jek immediately went to the man and shook his hand. "Senator Krishon, it's very good to see you today."

The other man was straight to the point, "So what brings you here today, Master Je-," he paused as he looked behind Jek. "Revan, is that you?" he asked with surprise.

Revan stepped forward and Jek did a double take when he saw she had her hair pulled back in a much more stylish manner. The rings under her eyes had disappeared and she seemed very much awake. She held out her hand to the elder man. "Senator Krishon, how good to see you again."

Krishon had a pleased expression as he gently held the woman's hand. "I had heard you would be joining us. The Senate is very lucky to have you here."

She smiled, "Thank you, Senator. Tell me, how is Lady Krishon doing?"

His smile grew, "Fully recovered, thanks to you." He gently led her to a seat in front of his desk. "So tell me, to what do I owe the pleasure of your company today?"

"Unfortunately it's only business. I must say that Jek, here, would be the much better one to explain."

Jek was dumbstruck - who was the woman before him and what had she done with the one he met earlier? He quickly recovered and began to explain the requests from the Vratix.

Thyferra's native species had begun to develop a unique healing substance. They were in hopes that it would some day be an acceptable alternative to kolto. The first step in accomplishing this was for the other sectors of planetary government to agree upon a research plan. Jek was sure the Senator would send him back with another unsatisfactory option, but that was the way of politics.

After Jek recited the proposal, the Senator leaned back into his chair and formed a point with his fingers on his chin. He looked over at Revan. "I suppose you think I should accept this?"

She looked at Jek, who was also curious to hear her answer. She looked back at the senator and said with a firm voice, "I think you owe it to them. And I'm surprised to see this is still an issue. You know first-hand the value of their resources. Your wife…"

Jek couldn't believe the Senator almost looked ashamed at Revan's statement. Moreover, he couldn't believe she had been so bold with the Senator. The older man nodded slowly as he contemplated all that had been said. He finally stood and addressed Jek. "Tell the Vratix we will grant them the land they require and the necessary funds to prepare it for cultivation."

Jek wasn't sure he heard the man correctly and stared at him in disbelief. He had figured on making this same visit with yet more proposals several times more before they came to an agreement.

Revan stood and offered her hand to the Senator. "Give Lady Krishon my best."

He stood and smiled while shaking her hand. "She'll be glad to know you asked about her."

He turned to Jek. "I trust you'll oversee the preparation of the documents?"

Jek said, "Yes, Senator. I'll see to it that everything is in order."

As they walked down the corridor away from the Senator's office, Jek said, "Well, that went a lot better than expected."

She scoffed, "I'm sure…he can be a real bastard."

He smiled, "So do you think you can do that in all of our negotiations?"

She smirked, "Yeah, well, how about giving me a challenge next time?"

He sighed. Ah yes, the arrogance. He could definitely see how she and Malak had remained such good friends. They probably get a real kick out of each other.

After their day, Jek had hesitantly offered for them to grab a drink in order to get a chance to know her better. They would be working with each other quite a bit and he at least wanted to try to get along with her.

She declined, "Oh no, I'm not walking around feeling like that for two days straight. I'm going to sleep."

Truly curious, he asked, "Why didn't you use the Force to ease your hangover?"

She stated, "Sometimes suffering the consequences of your actions makes you feel more…real."

"As opposed to…?" he asked.

She looked at him thoughtfully, "A Jedi." She turned and walked away, "See you tomorrow."

He stood looking after her, glad to finally realize what it was about her that gave all the Masters headaches.

After a few months of working together, Jek and Revan were about to go on their first off-planet mission. The night before they left, Jek went out with some friends.

"How's it going with Revan?" Tocchu asked.

Jek shrugged, "Okay, I guess."

"Is she as bad as you thought she would be?"

Jek took a sip of his drink and then said, "Oh yes."

The other Jedi laughed, "What's so bad about her?"

Jek shook his head. "She has got to be the most irritating person I've ever had to work with. She's cocky, stubborn, always late, always argumentative." He paused for another drink. "And she asks more questions than anyone I've ever met. And did I mention impatient?"

Tocchu listened to his friend's tirade over his colleague. When Jek finished with a deep breath, Tocchu said, "Man, she's really gotten under your skin. How does she do with the assignments?"

Jek sighed with a frown. He looked away as if not wanting to admit it. "Great. Excellent." He shook his head again, "I've never accomplished so much with politicians in such a short time frame."

His friend questioned, "Good enough for you to overlook her bad points?"

Jek scoffed, "Yeah. To top it all off, we're going on this mission to Garqi…which happens to be not far from Dantooine."

Tocchu nodded slowly, "Let me guess, she wants to stop and visit Malak."

Jek didn't respond. He had lamented that she wanted to go there. He knew it would be a great chance to brush up on some of the skills he had learned from his training there. However, during the time he had worked with her, he had been thankful enough not to be around her when Malak came to Coruscant. He was also thankful Dantooine was a week's journey – it meant that those visits didn't happen very often.

The mission to Garqi went much better than anticipated. The scenery alone was very peaceful, just like Dantooine. Jek felt he and Revan got along much better on the mission than they would have on Coruscant. Without having archives, classes, nightlife, and all the other things that seemed to distract her, she wasn't quite as bad. He'd even found he enjoyed her company on some occasions.

They had been granted a shuttle-class vessel to make the trip and Jek used the opportunity to improve his piloting skills. Revan, to his surprise, seemed content to remain co-pilot. They were forced to spend much more time together on the vessel for the long journey. He was slowly getting to know her better, and she didn't seem as bad as he had made her out to be.

After leaving Garqi, they meditated together in the cargo hold. At one point, he felt as if her attention was turned to him. He opened one eye to see her looking intently at him. "What?" he asked.

"I want to know something," she said.

He smirked, "You always do."

She rolled her eyes. She gave it more thought and then said, "What's the deal with you and Malak?"

He groaned as he stretched out his legs. "I'm sure he's already told you his version. What difference does it make?"

"When in negotiations, do we ever only listen to one side?" she said as a statement more than a question.

"We've just never gotten along…ever since the day we met. We're…very different. In fact, the only thing we have in common is we're both Jedi. Surely you've figured that out by now?"

She chuckled, knowing he was right. She then asked, "So did it all start when you beat him?"

He grunted and then stood up as if disgusted. "No…it started before that. He was the youngest Padawan."

"So you teased him?"

Jek nodded regretfully, "It didn't last long though. He may have been young, but he was tough. Nobody was beating him up." He sighed as he thought back, "Sometimes I wish we never had that duel. All it did was make things worse."

"You certainly drew a lot of attention from it," she mused.

He crossed his arms over his chest. "It was all completely ridiculous. He shouldn't even have been in class that day. He was so sick I didn't want to fight him because I didn't want to catch anything." Jek started to pace before he said, "He just has this damn…" he glanced over at who he was talking to and decided he'd said enough.

Revan had heard what she was looking for anyway. She knew Malak better than anyone. Many young Padawans developed rivalries within the Order. Malak and Jek's obvious difference in overall disposition made it completely natural for them not to get along. She was just confirming to herself that Malak was indeed the continued provoker in their long-standing feud.

A day later, they received the landing codes from the Academy and set down in their designated area. It was mid-day and both had hoped to catch a training session before the end of the day. They didn't waste much time and left their vessel quickly to find their respective classes.

Jek didn't see much of Revan for the first day and a half. Between weapons practice, sparring, meditation, and classes, they were both quite busy.

The first night, Revan and Malak had dinner in his quarters. She was tired from the trip and hadn't felt like doing much else. The second night, the pair made their way to the nearest cantina. Jek assumed they must have had a great time, because they didn't return until most everyone else had retired for the night.

Jek had stayed up late that night to do some research. He was leaving the archives when he walked past the Knight's quarters. His attention was drawn to a giggling sound coming from the corridor. He knew he'd regret looking, but he did anyway. Malak had lifted her and was carrying her into his quarters, eliciting many moans along the way. All Jek could see of her was her black hair draped over the other man's arm. Jek felt his gut wrench at the sight. It wasn't unusual for a Jedi to engage in sexual situations. In fact, Jek had done so on more than one occasion. But the thought of the two of them together made him forget about how well they'd gotten along on the mission prior to their arrival at the Academy.

Jek continued to walk towards the upper level. He knew the training room would be unoccupied, so he went there to access the computer.

The room was dimly lit and the computer was at the far left corner. When he was about to log in, he heard a noise emerge from the Council chambers. Curious, he walked over to the doorway to check it out. The circular room appeared empty at first. However, upon another sweep, the light caught motion at the opposite end of the room. He stepped in for a closer look and was completely surprised to find Revan sitting in one of the High Council members seats. I thought she was… He then remembered he never had seen the face of the woman in Malak's arms.

He decided it would definitely be something to give more thought to later, but for now… He walked towards her and when he was close enough asked, "Picturing yourself in that chair some day?"

She laughed, "No. It was the only spot I could find that didn't make my head spin." She leaned forward and put her head in her hands. "I've got to stop having drinking competitions with Malak." She lifted her head and threw out her arms. "I mean…the guy's like…five times my size."

He had to laugh at that. He was unsure as to why he was so relieved to see her here as opposed to… He shook the thought out of his head before he asked, "So what about this?" he held his arms out to take in the room. "Do you some day see yourself sitting on the Council?"

She gave him a thoughtful, if not glossed over, look. "Who knows…but I think you do."

He gave her a half smile. She was right. He did hope to one day be on the Council.

She pushed herself up from her seat and swayed slightly. He stepped forward to catch her if necessary. She steadied herself. "Can I help you to your quarters?" He offered her his arm, certain she would need it for the journey. She accepted.

The next two days were very busy. Jek and Revan would leave soon and both wanted to get in as much training as possible while they were there.

However, the day before their departure, word started to spread throughout the Academy that someone had challenged Malak to a sparring match. Apparently in their drunken states two nights before, Revan had insisted she could beat her long-time friend. Both had remembered the next day and had continued to taunt one another until Malak finally decided he would put her in her place.

Therefore, at the end of the day's sessions, a no-weapon, no-Force sparring match was set up in the training room with Master Zhar as the overseer. All the seats that lined the walls of the training room were filled by many of the Academy attendees…and Jek. He, for his part, wouldn't have missed the match for anything.

The two contenders stood opposite each other on the rectangular mat. Master Zhar announced the beginning of the fight, but neither moved at first. They stared intently at one another, each sizing up their opponent. Revan smiled, turned, and began to walk along the edge of the mat towards Malak. Malak smiled as well and walked in the opposite direction. They circled each other for quite some time…whether they were communicating or not, nobody knew.

Finally, she spoke, "I've been practicing."

He smirked, "Really?"

Their eyes never left the others. She said, "I'm going to win."

He laughed, "I don't think so."

They stopped. Both stood in a ready position for a moment and then lunged at each other. At first their movements were basic thrusts accompanied by ducks. Both were doing a very good job at dodging the other's blows. The routine went on for several minutes until Malak kicked out and landed his foot in Revan's gut, sending her backwards.

Regaining her breath, a feral smile graced her lips. At that moment, the air around the room sizzled. All in attendance could feel the shift in the mood as each challenger let the other know they weren't playing anymore.

The pair attacked again in a whirlwind of movement. The strikes were no longer those used in sparring…instead, they were much more intense. Jek sat on the edge of his seat. He found himself saying, Come on Revan. The movements were fast, each barely dodging match-ending blows. Malak risked a high kick that if landed, would have knocked Revan unconscious. Instead, she used his momentum to knock him off balance. She flipped behind him and kicked him in the back to send him the rest of the way to the ground. She quickly regained her footing and pounced onto his back. He threw an arm back to rip her off. She grabbed his wrist and twisted it around with herself so she faced his feet. She lodged her foot behind his knee and used her other foot to bend his leg back far enough for her to reach it. She then held one leg and one arm together and pulled with every bit she had, painfully stretching his joints to their limits. Malak yelled out, "FUCK, REVAN!" She glanced over at Master Zhar who called the match in her favor before she released her hold.

The entire room was eerily quiet. Jek sat in shock as it set in that she had actually won. She did it. She beat him. Quiet murmurs began to circulate among the crowd and Jek started his own inner celebration. He screamed in his head, She frigging beat him!

Revan stood and looked upon Malak's prone form. She could tell he was seething with anger. She reached down a hand to help and sent to him, / Unless you want to make a total ass of yourself, I suggest you save your flip-out until later and accept my hand graciously /.

He was barely able to reign in his frustration, but he did so enough to accept her hand. He remained silent as they walked over to where they had left their towels. Master Zhar approached them and said, "There was no loser in this match today. You both fought admirably."

Malak walked off to the side with his back to everyone still in the room. Master Zhar studied Revan closely a moment before he walked away. Revan watched Malak while she dried off. She wasn't sure how he would handle the loss. But one thing she would make certain of was their friendship would stay intact. The room wasn't quite empty yet, so she sent silently, / I'll meet you at the bluff. /

He didn't respond for a few moments before he replied/ I can't. /

/ Why/

He turned and looked at her. She could tell he warred with his emotions. His natural instinct told him to be angry…and he was. But, while other opponents might shy away from his wrath, she wasn't going to put up with it. She sent, / I'll be at the bluff/ before she turned to leave.

The bluff was a rock formation the pair had gone to ever since they first came to Dantooine with their Masters. It wasn't exactly a secret place, but nobody else seemed to go there.

Revan sat upon her usual rock and looked out upon the landscape. She had thought of the consequences to her and Malak's friendship before challenging him. But they'd survived many relationship jarring incidents before.

There was the time he swore to his master that he wouldn't go to the Daughters of the Republic social. He had gone anyway and she stayed in his room to cover for him. His Master was sure to check that Malak had done as he'd said he would. Revan didn't even want to go to the stupid dance, so she never thought they'd check her room too. She got accused of going to the party and they found her small collection of ancient Jedi holocrons she'd snuck out of the archives. There was no point in implicating Malak at the time…she was going to be punished regardless.

The resulting punishment ended up with her cleaning the fracking fountain instead of going to the Lower City Swoop Opener. She had been looking forward to racing in it ever since she came in second the year before. So there she was, cleaning that Force-forsaken piece of rock while he went to the race. Bastard.

He'd had to do a lot more than bring her cookies to make up for that one. She laughed out loud as she remembered how he had to call her 'The Exalted One' for a week.

She knew he would come to the bluff. Their friendship was too important to both of them for him not to. He did, of course, take his time though.

When he arrived, he went to his rock and sat down. They sat together in silence for several minutes. He looked out at the grasslands when he spoke, "You say you've been training. Were you training with the intent to beat me?"

"Yes," she admitted.

He snorted, shaking his head slowly. "You know…everyone points at me as being the guy that hates to lose." He looked at her for the first time. "But you…you refuse to accept defeat."

She said nothing.

He asked, "Was there a point you were trying to make here?"

She contemplated her answer. She and Malak were very strong compared to others in the Order. She didn't feel it served any purpose to face those she undoubtedly would defeat. He seemed the logical opponent. "Am I supposed to ignore the challenge ahead of me because it's you?" She paused a moment before shaking her head in answer. "I don't expect you to ignore me as the challenge ahead either."

He rested his elbows on his knees and rubbed his hands over his face. He sighed deeply before asking, "So what now? Will you be a saber master next? You plan on taking me down in that too?"

She smiled, "Maybe I'll warn you next time."

He huffed, but with a hidden smile. He was quiet a little longer. He had recognized the hint of Echani techniques in her sparring. He suspected that she'd sought the teachings of Master Kae's companion. The Jedi Master had been expelled from the Order when her affair with the Echani warrior was revealed. Malak knew Revan could never admit to being in contact with either of the lovers. Nevertheless, if he was right, Yusanis had taught Revan well. He said, "You were really good. I'm very proud of you."

That was all she needed. "Thanks Mal."

They talked a while about what their plans were. He had avoided asking her about Jek since she arrived. He took the opportunity to do so now. "So…how are things working out with the Senate?"

She shrugged. "It's okay. We've done alright."

"How are you getting along with Jek?" he asked.

Revan thought about it before answering. Though he and Jek hadn't spoken since their arrival on Dantooine, she still sensed Malak's tension. Beating him in a match in front of Jek didn't help matters. She'd thought about that briefly beforehand, but considered it a necessary, yet unfortunate outcome. However, the appearance of Jek had somehow created a slight fissure in her and Malak's friendship…she expected the day's activities would no doubt create another.

Regardless, there wasn't much she had to say about Jek. She had actually begun to like Jek and enjoyed his company, though she knew she couldn't tell Malak that. Instead, she smiled. "He's not pulling my hair or pushing me down steps or anything…so I suppose we're getting along fine."

He laughed, "Well if he ever tries, I trust you'll be able to handle him."

She was glad Malak was pleased with her answer. However, she was also excited about her new roll within the Senate and wanted to share it with him. She added, "We're going to start pushing for tougher assignments." She started to explain one in particular they were trying for. It was for a junior senator attempting to negotiate trade between his planet and the Republic. The problem was another planet in his sector wasn't as willing to let that happen.

Malak didn't listen for long before he gave her a bored look. "Please spare me the details."

Her lips formed a tight line. "Would it hurt you to learn a little about what's going on in the galaxy?"

He said, "No, but I have to consider maintaining my sanity while you babble on about Outer Rim politics."

She quickly punched him in the arm. He rubbed at what would soon be a bruise and said, "Hey, haven't you done enough for today?"

She laughed, "You know what they say…the bigger they are, the harder they fall."

He said, "Oh yeah? Well I wonder how hard you'd fall if I pushed you off this rock right now?"

Her eyes lit up as she challenged, "I bet I hit the ground before you do."

With that, they both jumped out of their seats and leapt off the fifty-foot bluff, using the Force to slow their descent. They landed at the same time and he unexpectedly took off into a full run for the enclave. She yelled, "Hey, no fair!" He just laughed as she ran after him.

They both raced to the enclave courtyard, but with his much longer legs, he won.

Once he caught his breath, he said, "I suppose you're going to start cross-training so you can beat me at that too."

She scoffed, "No, if you keep bulking up those muscles like you are, you'll slow down enough on your own!"

He looked at her in awe. "Finally somebody noticed!"

She laughed, "Take off your shirt, let me see."

He pulled his wet shirt over his head to show off his muscular build. She whistled in approval. He laughed as he threw his sweaty shirt into her face and walked away.

Jek was waiting when Revan and Malak showed up in the morning. He boarded the ship, while the other two exchanged goodbyes. Once they received their departure codes, they were on their way back to Coruscant.

Not long after they entered hyperspace, Jek found her sitting on the floor of the cargo bay amidst various lightsaber parts, including new crystals she had apparently found. During their time on Dantooine, he had gained a whole new understanding and respect for Revan…and her friendship with Malak. Jek was glad to realize she and Malak were separate, despite their close connection. Truth be known, he wanted to like Revan. But there had always been a wedge of misconception between them…on both parts. He decided it was time to change that.

They spent the rest of the day on the floor of the cargo hold adjusting their lightsabers. They even took a few moments to spar as they started a brand new friendship.

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