So, like I said I needed to take a break from this story. I am basically skipping chapters 14-17. That means that this chapter ties in with chapter 18 of A Lifetime of Regrets. So let's assume that the in thses past few months HAwkeye tried his hardest to find his wife but was unsuccessful. And if any of you are confused as to why Hawkeye is upset around the child on the plane, it is all explained in Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen. If you haven't seen the final episode Hawkeye's action won't be as understandable but it will still make sense. Enjoy!

Hawkeye stared sullenly out the window of the airplane. He didn't know what was the matter with him. He was going home, he should be ecstatic. He was happy of course, but the joy he should be feeling was countered by the fact the Margaret was not with him. He hadn't seen her in over a year. With the help of Colonel Potter he had searched for her for months. The army had simply "lost" her. Hawkeye came incredibly close to staying in Korea and looking for her there. But in the end he decided to go home and then decide what to do.

He wandered aimlessly around Honolulu for a few hours before getting on his next flight to L.A. Once there he was relieved that he was finally back in the states. If he would have had the time he would have purchased some clothes and thrown away his uniform. He was so sick of his stupid uniform.

He excitedly boarded his flight headed for Maine. He sat down and closed his eyes in nervous anticipation. He pictured the ocean, the beautiful ocean, mixed colors of grey and blue and green, crashing about the rocky beach.

A woman sat beside him and he groaned inwardly as he saw she was carrying a small infant. Try as hard as he might he couldn't shake his uneasiness around children. Hawkeye cringed as the child patted his arms playfully. He shoved himself against the window and closed his eyes. He was beginning to feel very claustrophobic.

Four hours, and twenty three minutes later the airplane landed in Maine. It was nearing six o'clock and Hawkeye felt hungry, sick, and desperately in need of a drink. As he tumbled out of the aircraft and into the terminal he took a deep breath, thankful to be out of his small seat and away from that baby.

He glanced around and heard someone call his name. He turned around to where the voice came from and he saw his father running towards him. Hawkeye dropped his small bag and threw his arms around his father.

"Hawkeye," a woman's voice called out. Hawkeye's head jerked up and he scanned the terminal anxiously.

"Did someone just call me?" He asked his father curiously. Daniel stepped back from his son, wiping his eyes and pointed to a woman standing nearby, her arms wrapped tightly around a blanket. Hawkeye stared at her; there was something about her that seemed so familiar. Hawkeye gasped and his mouth dropped open. He ran to the woman and held her close.

"Oh my Margaret," he whispered into her hair. "Oh baby, I missed you." Hawkeye felt warm tears running down his cheeks. He couldn't believe that Margaret was in Maine. It was the last place he would have ever looked for her.

He pulled back from her and smiled; she tried to smile but started laughing. Hawkeye worriedly led her to a chair and sat her down on his lap. He wiped away the tears that were streaming down her face. He rubbed her back as she tried to catch her breath.

"Hi baby," he managed to mutter. So many emotions were coursing through his body, so many questions.

"That's Major to you." She responded playfully. Hawkeye was shocked that she remembered something like that.

"Right; hi Major Baby."

She sighed and laid her head on his shoulder and Hawkeye found himself pulling her into a warm and comforting embrace. He tightened his grasp and a protesting cry was emitted from the bundle in her arms. Hawkeye jumped and Margaret laughed gently.

Hawkeye realized for the first time that the bundle in her arms held a baby. He uneasily pushed her onto the chair beside him and stared anxiously at the baby.

"Aren't you going to introduce me?" He asked, trying to play it cool. He didn't' want to have to explain his fears to Margaret. He didn't think that she would be able to understand his uneasiness.

"This is Danny," she looked up at him and saw his worried expression and she frowned. Hawkeye attempted to smile to put her mind at rest. "Daniel Benjamin Pierce."

Hawkeye gasped and felt as if his head would explode. Daniel Benjamin Pierce, that means that…that…Hawkeye tilted Margaret's head upward to look into her eyes.

"Mine?" was all he could manage to ask. As she nodded Hawkeye felt sick. He had a baby, he was a father. He noticed Margaret watching him tearfully as she chewed her bottom lip.

On an impulse Hawkeye reached for the child. Hawkeye tried in vain to control his shaking hands. He felt Margaret still them with her own and her gazed into the eyes of the baby. The child stared back at him with an equal curiosity and Hawkeye felt all his apprehensions fleeing his mind. This was his son, his baby. As his emotion peaked, Hawkeye threw back his head and laughed. He couldn't remember the last time when had truly laughed, without being weighed down by worries and cares. But as he looked into the bright blue eyes of his son he felt so alive. It was a feeling that was completely foreign to him, but completely welcome.

Hawkeye joyfully stood up and wrapped arms around his wife's waist.

"Come on Major Baby, let's get some dinner."