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-Love Thy Brother-

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For as long as Naruto could remember it had always been him and his father, Iruka. The man had adopted him as a baby and he was really the only father Naruto had ever known. They lived together, just the two of them, in Japan with Iruka teaching at a local school. Naruto always thought it was a fairly cool job, he always got to see his father, in and out of school. It was through that job that Iruka met Kakashi and Naruto...Naruto met the bane of his existence.

Iruka had been sent to a training service in the states, something they were now requiring all their teachers to take as they tried to up the class of the local schools. Naruto didn't get to go however and was stuck staying at the house of his best friend at the time, Sakura-chan. While the blonde was busy complaining about the uniforms they were being forced to wear, Iruka had been busy falling in love with a fellow teacher.

If you listened to how Iruka told it Kakashi had swept him off his feet, he was charming and funny and good looking, everything one could want in a boyfriend. Naruto of course didn't buy it for a second, his father had always been known to have an over romantic imagination, he could turn a car wreck into a love affair. It was a long distance relationship, but they made it work, Naruto finally met Kakashi and was highly unimpressed. The man had his face almost constantly shoved in a dirty book and was always making gross perverted comments about his father. He was lazy and weird and...well...kinda cool...in a lazy perverted weird way.

The only good thing, in Narutos opinion, that came out of this, was that Kakashi apparently had a son. Through the mans constant trips to japan to visit Iruka, Naruto learned of Kakashis son, who was apparently adopted as well. His name was Uchiha Sasuke, he was always too busy at school to come along with Kakashi on his visits, apparently he was a complete genius. Kakashi showed Naruto a picture and his first reaction had been that the boy was interesting looking. His dark hair and eyes contrasted with ivory skin and made the boy look like a scowling porcelain doll, he looked pissed off as well, a look Kakashi said never really left his face.

Naruto didn't like him. He knew it was unfair to rush to judgement and all, but just by looking at the picture and listening to stories he just knew they were night and day of each other. Far too different to get along. But some part of Naruto still could deny he did kind of want to meet the boy...


As far as fathers go Uchiha Sasuke figured his wasn't too bad. He was a teacher, and a decent enough man once you got passed the dirty books and the fact he was probably the laziest person ever. Kakashi had adopted him as a baby, his parents whom he couldn't remember save for flashes of a woman's voice and smile, had died. He wasn't supposed to know how, but he found out it was because his older brother had killed them. Thankfully the elder Uchiha had been hunted down then finally found with a needle in his arm and no pulse in a high class Crack House.

Sasuke had a natural bad temperament, something he picked up from his Uchiha blood apparently, Kakashi handled it well though. Almost infuriatingly well. Sasuke was fine with it being just him and Kakashi, so he didn't take to kindly to the fact Kakashi had apparently fallen for some teacher from japan during a training class he'd been told to go to. Kakashi had gone on and on about the man, finally dragging Sasuke along to meet him before he went back to Japan. He'd gone to the lunch with every intention of hating the man, a plan that fell through once they actually met. Iruka turned out to be a really soft-hearted, kind, decent person. He was patient and had a warm smile that almost reminded Sasuke of the one he could recall from his mother.

He ended up liking Iruka, though it was extremely reluctantly. After he left back to Japan Kakashi would go and visit him, coming back with new stories involving Iruka and his son. At first Sasuke wasn't sure what to feel about the boy he was hearing so much about, it wasn't until he saw the picture Iruka had sent for them to have that he started thinking on it more deeply.

The boys appearance caught Sasukes attention, reminding him slightly of a grinning fox perched on the bench. And that was about all he had going for him. He sounded like an idiot, a moron with a big mouth and even bigger stomach. He was a troublemaker and was apparently always in trouble with teachers, Iruka, and the neighbors. He was energetic and a ball of bright smiling happiness, as Kakashi put it. Sasuke figured the boy for a loud mouthed idiot...but still meeting him once didn't sound too painful...


Iruka nervously looked at himself in the full length mirror on his closet door while Naruto sat on his bed watching him with a are-you-serious bordering on bored look. Giving himself a final once over, wiping non-excitant wrinkles from his maroon silk shirt and flattening the black slacks he wore. Finally at least a little secure in how he looked he turned and smiled, holding his arms out wide.

"So? What do you think!"

Naruto studied him for a while making him even more nervous...was it too much! Did it look like he was trying too hard! He was seconds from pouncing on his son and shaking his opinion from him when the boy smiled, winking as he gave Iruka the aptly named 'nice guy pose'.

"Lookin' good! But what's the special occasion?"

Iruka smiled and hurried to put his shoes on, sitting next to Naruto as he glanced again at his watch. "Kakashi is coming into town again." Luckily he'd been able to time even the mans chromic tardiness and though he said he'd show up two hours ago he was due to show any moment now.

Naruto did a back flip only someone with his youth could pull off and sitting next to the brunette, "So? He's seen you naked before, why do you need to dress up now?"

Iruka blushed but smacked Naruto in the back of the head, jamming his foot in one polished black leather shoe. "Honestly, I don't know where you get this from...maybe you're spending too much time with Kiba-kun..."

Naruto chuckled at that before smiling, "Nah, I'm a healthy 16 year old, by now even I know what a vacuum is really for."

Iruka, who had finished with his shoes and was cursing his tie choked on his words looking to Naruto while fighting the urge to weep for both his son and his vacuums futures.

"Uzumaki Naruto! Don't say things like that!"

Naruto probably didn't hear however as he was having a strange fit somewhere between laughing hysterically and a stroke. Even in his panic struck state of mind Iruka paused to watch the boy for a moment. There were times Iruka wondered just what the parents were like if Naruto turned out like this...

Knock Knock Knock.

Iruka jumped off his bed like he'd been burnt and raced around grabbing for his jacket and trying to tie his tie at the same time. Naruto was racing behind him trying to help him as he raced about in his panic shouting about him acting like a prom queen. He didn't even have time to properly mutilate his beloved son over that as he tossed the tie away and grabbed the jacket Naruto was holding out to him.

Knock Knock Knock.

Iruka shot downstairs and flung open the door, trying not to look as nervous as he felt, an act made easier by the appearance of the stunning man on his doorstep. Kakashi was dressed in a black suit with a silver/grey turtle neck underneath. He wore no tie and had his jacket open with one hand in the pocket, giving off every once of sex appeal a man could. Irukas mind only one thought echoing through the inactive mess.

'Oh my...-insert wolf whistle here-..'

He was shaken from his thoughts that were headed in the direction to make him need a tissue and some privacy by Kakashi speaking, smiling passed his shoulder.

"Evening Naruto."

Iruka blushed at his hungry stare he knew he was going to have to pay for later and looked back to Naruto who was walking down the stairs.


He probably would have gotten a more intelligent response (probably) if it weren't for the fact that last time he had visited Naruto had been forced to stay at Kibas because Kakashi wouldn't take no for an answer and the walls in their house were paper thin.

Kakashi chuckled and looked to Iruka, "Ready?"

He nodded and looked into the kitchen where his bottomless-pit of a son had disappeared into, "Naruto if you need anything just call Tsunade."

"Got it"

There was an exasperated sigh and mumbles of being treated like a kid and the pushy woman and something Iruka had to make a mental note to punish Naruto for later involving asking for the damnation of male offspring of female dogs.

They turned and started to leave when Naruto popped his head out of the kitchen, "Be good boys, and remember safe sex is no sex!"

Naruto got a second to stick his tongue out as his father before Iruka gave him an unimpressed look and shut the door. Kakashi chuckled again and Iruka followed him to the car. He wasn't usually this jumpy, in fact they had both gotten fairly casual with one another...okay, very casual. Iruka recalled Kakashi wandering the house naked for a full morning, making Naruto shout about going blind before Iruka had forced him into clothes. But this time once he'd arrived in town Kakashi had called him and told him 'they needed to talk'. Iruka had immediately gotten uneasy, something like that was either really really good, or really really bad.

They drove to the restaurant with Iruka talking non-stop, a nervous habit he'd picked up from Naruto, and Kakashi listening calmly, talking when he was spoken to but not offering much to the conversation besides that. The silence of his usual talkative companion was making Irukas stomach tight with worry...he couldn't be wanting to break it off could he?...Not after so long...right?

Once they reached the restaurant they were ushered to their table while the waiter gave them a strange look, Iruka was used to it by now, when you're openly gay you get those looks a lot. Though recently there has been a large jump in the amount of girly squeals and compliments on how well they fit each other, it was strange but a welcome reprieve from the scowls and disgusted glances.

Iruka was fidgeting throughout the whole meal, disconcerted by the mans lack of emotion. This didn't bode well. Kakashi hadn't tried to grope him or talk him into a quickie in the mens room or anything! Granted he didn't really like when he did those things but at least he knew where they stood then! Iruka was fearing the worst as they drove back to his house, it was weird of Kakashi to ask him out only to dinner, Naruto wouldn't even be in bed yet...this was probably going to be it. He'd stop the car and tell Iruka it was over.

They pulled up to the house and Kakashi got out, opening Irukas door and offering to walk him to the door. Wanting as much time as possible with the man before he had his heart broken Iruka nodded, smiling through his pain. They made their way up the sidewalk, each step filling Iruka with dread as he wondered how the love of his life would break it off. He could handle pretty much anything, I need some room, we need some time apart, we should see other people...All of that was do-able, however if he said their was another man, or worse, a woman, Iruka was going to lose it.

They reached the dreaded front door and as expected Kakashi grabbed his hand, stopping him from b-lining it into the sanctuary of his home before 'the moment' arrived.

"Wait a second..."

Iruka stepped back from his door, a fake smile, another thing he'd learned from Naruto, firmly in place. "Y-yes?"

Kakashi looked away, opting to talk to the rose bush on either side of the front door instead of Iruka. That was just fine with the brunette, he wouldn't have to see a unapologetic face when it was over, or even worse, a regretful one.

"We've been seeing each other for near 5 years now...and it's been great."


Kakashi nodded, "But," Here it was, the end...Iruka could almost see their relationship dying in front of them like a wounded animal. "I just can't keep doing this long distance thing. It's a pain besides I've missed the last two new release parties of my favorite book, and I'm sure Sasuke isn't happy about it either." Iruka had a mental image of Kakashi handing him his heart with a wide grin and a thank you for the good time -wink-. "So..."

Kakshi held his hand up in both of his though he only knew because it was in his vision, the rest of his body had shut down to try to stay numb to the pain that was sure to come.

"So..." 'Lets break up' "Lets get married."

Iruka nodded looking away and letting his hand go limp in Kakashis, "I understand, it's for the be-..."


Kakshi held his hand up in both of his though he only knew because it was in his vision, the rest of his body had shut down to try to stay numb to the pain that was sure to come.

"So..." 'Lets break up' "Lets get married."

-End Replay-


The word hit Iruka with such force he staggered a bit and Kakashis arm shot out to brace him from falling into a heap in the bushes.


Kakashi nodded, a smile gracing his handsome features. "Yeah, then we could spend all our time together doing...whatever. Like." Here Kakashi stopped for a second to plant a soft kiss on Irukas forehead, pulling the brunette in by the arm around his waist. "One." Another kiss, this one of the bridge of his nose making Iruka blush and lean back in a pathetic attempt to maintain a grip on the situation. "Big." Here Kakashi suggestively wiggled his eyebrows and smiled, kissing Iruka on the cheek, "Happy." A kiss on the corner of his mouth and Iruka felt his senses reeling from the contact after a lack of it all night. He was completely OD-ing on the man. "Family."

After finishing the broken sentence Kakashi closed in, wrapping his other arm around Iruka and pulling him tight against his own body. His lips sealed on the smaller mans and Iruka felt his strength being sapped out of his body and could only submit to Kakashi. Which he really didn't mind. Kakashi invaded his mouth, sending Iruka into a dimension of pleasure he only attained with the silver-haired man. The taste that Iruka had grown used to in the years they had been together, washed over him making his head spin. Kakashi retreated offering Iruka one last lick to the lips as he brought Irukas hand up and kissed his knuckles before unfolding it to lay flat against his own and smiling as Irukas pleasured gaze landed on a ring placed securely on his ring finger of his left hand.


- - - - -

Naruto sighed as he watched his father pounce on the big idiotic man then mumbled to himself.

"I guess that's a yes..."

Below his bedroom window, where this all took place, the two grown men seemed to forget where they were as a heavy bout of groping and making out started. Naruto gave a disgusted face to no one in particular before turning and sliding his window shut on the nasty sounds coming from the rose bushes.

"Gross...Perverted adults..."


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