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-Love Thy Brother-


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8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8 Recap! =8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=

"Did you need something?"

Standing Neji motioned toward the back door, "You're wanted outside, the well endowed woman wants you two to learn your parts so you don't quote 'Fuck everything up'."

The Uchiha growled, finally lifting himself off of Naruto who glared, "You weigh a ton Teme."

He smirked, leaning in a little, "Well you know they say sex is the best way to burn calories."

Naruto blushed and, with a hand on his face, pushed him away. "Hentai."

Sasuke watched Naruto walk around the corner, smirk still firmly in place before he followed Neji falling into step with him as Naruto slammed the door behind him.

"You're awfully active when it comes to Naruto-kun, aren't you?"

Sasuke shrugged, opening the door, his attitude much better now that he'd been able to molest Naruto a little. "You could say that."

Neji chuckled, "So is this going to continue once you become brothers?"

Okay, good mood gone. Sasuke shook his head, "No."

"I see."

Sasuke left Neji with Hinata who was blushing as bad as Naruto when the boy went over to her, he made his way toward where the woman was shouting herself hoarse at Naruto for being a pain in the ass and Naruto was shouting back at her for being a demanding old hag while Iruka tried to calm them down and Kakashi looked on laughing.

=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8= End Recap! 8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8=8

Naruto sighed as he relaxed into the chair, relief plain on his features as he pushed away his bowl, he was, as usual, the last person finished eating dinner. But he didn't mind, part because he didn't care but part of it was because Sasuke had stayed behind with him. The boy, seated a crossed from him smirked.


Naruto nodded, "Yup!"

Sasuke shook his head standing, "I swear you eat enough to support a small village."

The blonde grinned after Sasuke, swearing to any who asked he wasn't checking him out as the Uchiha put Narutos dishes away.

"And somehow I still manage to have an excellent figure!"

Sasuke scoffed but turned and gave Narutos 'figure' an obvious look over, the boy feeling like Sasukes eyes were undressing him and feeling mild embarrassment about how that didn't sound too bad.

After a moments appraisal Sasuke nodded, "Granted."

Naruto fought the blush and stuck his tongue out at the boy who smirked but left whatever comment he had unsaid as they walked into the living room, seeing Gaara had already gone to bed but Neji was awake and talking with Kakashi who had an arm slung around Iruka while the man read.

Taking note of the boys Kakashi smiled, "All done?"

Naruto nodded, flopping down in the chair and curling himself into a comfortable position before Sasuke walked passed him, giving a good shove to the back of his head and sending the blonde flailing right out of it on his way to the couch. Naruto glared and Sasuke ignored it, Sasuke was such an asshole. However before he could dwell on that Iruka closed his book and looked over at Naruto for a silent moment, he gifted his father with a smile and Iruka smiled back before standing.

"Naruto, could you come with me for a second?"

Eyeing his father suspiciously Naruto paused, "Why?"

The brunette smiled, leaning down a little oblivious of the pointed stare from his fiancé and the curious looks of the two boys, ".Et."

Naruto still hesitated, the crafty man was either going to try to trick him into a chore or actually wanted to talk, after a moment Naruto decided if it was a chore he could always weasel out of it, or maybe get the man to have the asshole do it as revenge for the push a moment ago.

Nodding he stood, he wasn't going to be able to get comfortable in that chair again now thanks to that bastard so he stood, following his father who led him silently up the stairs. Naruto was moderately curious and tailed the humming man as he was led from the hallway to his fathers room. For a second Naruto panicked, usually he was only ever brought for a one on one when he'd done something and gotten in trouble. But a quick recount of his recent activities reassured him that he hadn't done anything that bad recently. Iruka motioned him into his room where Naruto walked over and sprawled out on the bed, resting his chin on his hand to watch his father as he shut the door and came over grabbing the chair by his desk and pulling it up to face him.

"Okay, I know we've been over this before but I just wanted to make sure...are you...are you really okay with me getting married?"

Naruto sighed rolling his eyes but felt his skin prickle a bit as he spun around to sit cross legged on the bed facing his worried father. What did he want from him? Naruto had no problem with the marriage, he liked Kakashi and Sasuke...well...

"Because if you're not then we can cancel. I just don't want you to be unhappy."

Naruto offered the man a smile he didn't feel, "Nah, I'm fine. As long as you're happy then I'm happy."

The man smiled a little, "You say that, but are you sure?"

Naruto paused, when their fathers got married he and Sasuke would have to give up whatever it was they had now. The thought made Naruto want to double over, his stomach hurt and he knew it would be hard and painful. He almost wanted to tell him, Sasuke was an asshole but he meant a lot to Naruto, his whole life people had avoided him, an unwanted child, unpopular at school and rejected by almost everyone. But Sasuke liked him, Sasuke really liked him. And he really liked Sasuke. He liked the feeling he got when Sasukes dark eyes locked on his and when the boy kissed him and he felt like his heart had stopped. He never wanted to lose that...but Iruka was his father. The man who had taken him in when there was nobody, Naruto wanted nothing more in this world than for Iruka to be happy...he couldn't tell him.

"I'm sure."

Iruka bit his lip a little but nodded, Naruto smiled at him, plopping a hand on his shoulder and grinning. "Cheer up, in a couple days you're going to be married to the pervert!"

Iruka laughed and nodded, Naruto got up, suddenly feeling tired to his very bones, however as he reached for the door knob he stopped, hesitating only for a moment before turning a little and looking at his father. The man cocked his head and waited.

"Just curious...how does it feel, you know, to be in love?"

The question made his stomach clench but Iruka smiled, "Well, I think it depends on the person...ya know?"

Naruto turned back towards his father, looking at the carpet instead of the man in front of him, his heart beating a little faster as he thought of Sasuke, the boy was an asshole, totally bipolar and probably more perverted than his father. Noone in the whole world pissed him off more, but when Sasuke was nice, like staying behind with him while he ate, or when he would smile at him...something in Naruto squeezed and tightened making it hard to breath...something that felt like more than a crush...

"Naruto...if you love someone...it's best you hold on to it, because it's almost impossible to find twice."

The boy looked up at his father as the man smiled sweetly, resting his chin on his hand, "Are you in love Naruto?"

"Wh-whatareyoutalkingabout?! That-that's stupid!!" The question made Naruto blush almost to the roots of his hair as he sputtered, a very inappropriate picture of Sasuke popping into his head as he felt himself go redder and Iruka laughed a bit.

"Don't be such a girl, it's nothing to be ashamed of, besides I'm glad you finally found someone who can stand you."

At that Naruto glared, the blush still holding strong to his cheeks, sometimes he really felt his father adopted him to make fun of him. Iruka leaned back in the chair, grinning impishly.

"Anyways, while you're awake do some dishes, okay?"

The blush disappeared and Naruto gaped for a second before leaping into the mans face, "No fair! Why me?!"


Naruto turned, sulking as he shut his fathers door as the man shouted for Kakashi, he headed from his fathers room and for his, changing into his pajamas even though he was aware he wouldn't be sleepy for a while. His thoughts switched from the injustice of him always being picked to do dishes to Sasuke as he headed downstairs finding Kakashi almost running to the landing, ruffling Narutos hair on the way up. Naruto swatted at the mans hand and wandered over, seeing Sasuke had taken his chair so instead he stretched over the recently vacated couch, Sasuke watching him curiously but he only shook his head. Neji smirked knowingly at them both. Naruto wasn't really sure he liked the boy, he seemed nice enough but was kind of cocky, honestly he reminded him of Sasuke.

Thankfully however Naruto wasn't allowed to investigate why that thought chilled him to the bone as Sasuke looked over to Neji, "You seemed to get along with Hinata today, Hyuuga."

At that Neji perked and Sasuke gave his friend his attention, probably sensing as Naruto had that the boy had hit on a subject the Hyuuga was very interested in.


Neji crossed his arms looking at Sasuke seriously, "Hinata-chan and I...we look a lot alike, don't we?"

Sasuke looked thoughtful as he nodded, it was something Naruto had noticed too, though it had only been in passing, though on deeper thought, their eyes...not a lot of people had those light, almost white eyes.

"I was speaking with her today about her family, I think...there might be a strong possibility that we could be related."

Sasuke nodded, "It's probable."

Naruto perked, "You're related to Hinata?"

Neji shrugged, "She told me she had a uncle who had left the main family due to some tension between himself and his brother...it bares looking into in any case."

The conversation was interrupted however as Iruka came down, looking slightly disheveled while Kakashi followed him, smirking proudly. No one wondered what they had been doing, honestly they were leaving very little for the honeymoon, catching his fathers eyes Naruto grinned and winked, the man blushing a little but ignoring it.

"Okay, we're going to get Gai and Lee, do any of you want to come?"

Naruto shook his head already in his pajamas and Sasuke looked at him for a moment before declining as well, Naruto blushed a bit, deciding maybe he should have accepted as Neji agreed to go, standing and brushing out invisible creases in his pants.

"Okay, we'll be back in a bit, if Gaara-kun comes down tell him where we went and offer him some dinner since he hardly ate before he went to bed. Okay?"

Naruto nodded, hardly listening as his skin prickled, a few seconds he'd be alone with Sasuke, he didn't even bother to pretend to himself that he wasn't slightly looking forward to it. Sasuke waved goodbye as the three got their coats and left the house, the door shutting behind them with a click that seemed louder than it had ever been before. Naruto looked from the slightly worn couch he'd been staring at to the boy who was studying him with a smirk on his face.

"You're blushing, Dobe?"

Naruto scoffed, pushing himself up to sit while facing Sasuke, attempting to look away before his attention was once again drifting to Sasuke who had remained in his chair, Naruto felt kind of like a deer in headlights. He really maybe totally should have gone...

"Stop staring, damn it!"

Sasuke only chuckled, "Why are you acting so shy idiot, finally realizing how much you like me?"

It was said in jest but Naruto blushed a little, looking to the floor before glancing up at Sasuke who was watching Naruto a little more seriously. Naruto knew he liked Sasuke, he wouldn't have agreed to any of this if he didn't. But he was beginning to think maybe he really...really really liked the quiet boy.

"Naa, Sasuke...?" The boy lifted his eyebrows to show he was listening and Naruto toyed with his pant legs. "...You like me right?"

Sasuke gave Naruto a blank look, "Are you stupid?"

Naruto huffed, crossing his arms, "Don't be an asshole, it's a serious question!"

There was a moment of silence before Sasuke spoke, his voice holding a sharp edge that made Naruto blink for a moment, "Do you think I would have gone through all this if I didn't like you?"

Dropping his head into his hands Naruto flung his head back, growling a little, why the hell was he having such a hard time with this?! He just wanted to know if Sasuke was feeling the same confused guilt-ridden stomach twisting attraction he was!!

With a sigh Naruto dropped his hands he glared at Sasuke, "Stop being a dick, you know that's not what I meant."

Sasuke watched him for a moment, "Why are you asking?"

For a moment Naruto toyed with the idea of telling Sasuke how he felt, but the urge was gone in a second, knowing that asshole he would just mock, then molest him. Though to be honest Naruto expected that to happen anyways, especially now that he had Sasukes full attention.

"I'm curious...just tell me."

Sasuke slowly nodded, "Okay, I will."

With only that as warning Sasuke stood, making his way toward Naruto who started to move away but stopped the half hearted attempt at avoiding the boy as he knelt down on the couch in front of him, one hand holding him up against the back of the couch and the other worming it's way between Narutos arm and his side.

"We don't have as much time as we did this morning though."

Naruto smirked up at Sasuke, "Yeah, so how 'bout you just answer me and not touch me!"

However Sasuke only smirked wider, the face inches from his sending shivers down his spine, "Sure Dobe, as if you really want that."

Sasuke leaned in a little, brushing his lips over Narutos. Once again Naruto felt the nerves in his body spiking as his lips tingled and his blood burned in his veins. He made a small nose in the back of his throat as Sasuke licked his lips, Naruto parting them as an invite which Sasuke ignored, offering a nibble to Narutos bottom lip while leaning over him more so Naruto had to lean back against the couch.


Sasuke smirked against Narutos lips, the blonde frowning slightly as Sasuke teased him, beneath him Naruto was laying almost all the way back against the couch and Sasuke took the opportunity to lay his body against Narutos. Sasuke let his hands move to lightly touch Narutos cheeks that were turning from a pretty pink to a deep red while Sasuke finally entered Narutos mouth, flicking his tongue in before retreating again. The smaller boy made an impatient sound and moved his head up, catching Sasukes lips as the Uchiha felt a smile tug at his lips before delving into the boy. Narutos mouth was hot and soft, the combination making Sasukes body heat as his hands moved to his shoulders, letting his fingers trail so the boy would know where Sasukes touch was headed. Meanwhile Narutos own hands which usually clutched at Sasuke or stayed stubbornly at his sides moved to Sasukes shoulders before draping themselves over his back, pulling the Uchiha closer.

Sasuke smirked, Naruto was getting impatient, it must have been from the episode that morning, he could recall it perfectly and was suddenly in a very big hurry to get back to where they left off. With that thought in his mind Sasukes hand trailed to Narutos sides, feeling for the place where his pajama shirt ended. He found it and slid his fingers under, pushing the fabric up as Naruto arched his back a little to let the material uncover a toned, tanned belly then once agin those adorable nipples were exposed to Sasukes lavish attention.

Breaking the kiss he looked at glazed blue eyes before he moved down a little, kissing Narutos breastplate while his fingers circled the hardened nubs. Naruto arched into Sasukes touch and the boy breathed over the flesh before taking it in his mouth, offering a lick to it before a searing suck, Naruto shuddered, whimpering a little.


That time Sasuke did smile against the boys skin, the sound of his name coming from the boy making him aware of his slowly blossoming erection, however he was glad to see Naruto was having the same problem and nibbled lightly on his nipple before letting a hand tease the boys other nipple while his free hand moved down his stomach, resting his palm flat against Narutos belly button and pausing.

He moved up to lay beside Naruto and the blondes hand clenched the front of his shirt while the other grasped the edge of the couch, his eyes cracking open to look at Sasuke where the boy studied Narutos face, trying to memorize his every facial expression.


Sasuke lifted an eyebrow, "Really?"

Naruto blushed more but nodded, biting his lip as he before be spoke, "I don't...I don't want to be interrupted again..."

Sasuke smirked and kissed Naruto lightly, speaking against his lips as his heart picked up speed and he skipped his fingers underneath the blondes waistband, "Too cute, Naruto..."

The boy looked confused for a moment but his expression went blank as Sasukes fingers moved lazily through tiny corse curls, his eyes squeezed closed and Sasuke licked his lips, leaning forward to kiss Naruto as the blonde shuddered, his cheeks bright red. He moved a bit more, his hand sliding into the blondes pants to the wrist as his fingers brushed the blondes small but hard flesh, the feeling making both Sasuke and Naruto shiver. The Uchiha moved a little closer, his erection pressing against Narutos thigh as their breathing grew harsher, Naruto had his mouth open, panting as Sasuke ran his fingers long his length, feeling the very tip.


The sound was so erotic Sasuke did it again, his finger pressing against the slit, feeling the smooth heated skin under his fingertips give a twitch. Sasuke leaned down, catching Narutos lips as his hand gripped the blondes erection, moving his hand down to the base then back up while Naruto uttered a small moan into his mouth, his eyes closed as he squirmed a little, one leg falling off the couch as he spread them for Sasuke who was feeling so turned on he could barely keep his attention on their somewhat hurried kissing. His hand moved in a slow rhythm, up them down then back up palming the head before moving back down. Every movement of his hand made the blonde twist on the cushions, the hand gripping the front of Sasukes shirt opened and closed erratically.

Pulling back Sasuke moved his hand faster, feeling Naruto move his hips into the motion, wanting to have the boy make ever sweeter noises Sasuke once again attacked Narutos nipples with his mouth, speeding his motion as he bent his wrist a little, pushing down the pants to make the movement easier.

"Mmmmnnnn! Sa-Sasuke...."

Looking up as he offered a lavish lick to Narutos nipple Sasuke locked his eyes on Narutos as the boy lifted his head, the blondes eyes were hazey and his mouth was parted slightly his breath coming in tiny pants.

"L-Like you...a lot...Ahhhhh!" Naruto took a moment to recover after a long stroke to his length before attempting again, the blondes eyes, voice, and words making Sasuke want the boy more than ever before. "...I...I like you a..a lot...."

Sasuke swallowed through a painfully dry throat as he released Narutos erection only long enough to push down the boys pants a little, exposing the erection he'd only felt. Sasuke went back to pumping it, the alien sight almost as erotic as the noises Naruto was making, he looked back to Naruto, leaning up to kiss him.

When he spoke his voice was deeper and harsher than he could ever remember sounding in his life, but he meant what he said with every inch of his overheated body. Seeing Naruto like this, just made Sasuke all the more positive of his feelings.

"...I love you."

Narutos eyes shot open and he stared at Sasuke even as his body twitched, the speed of Sasukes hand bring him closer to orgasm. Naruto however only stared at Sasuke, his mouth wide as pleasure raced through his body and Sasuke moved downward, intent on making Naruto feel every ounce of pleasure it was possible to feel. Naruto watched his every movement with wide eyes, his expression pleasured filled and shocked at the same time, slowly Sasuke moved over Naruto, placing himself between the spread legs with his face even with Narutos weeping erection.

"We're home!"

Thud! Thud!

Sasuke stared blankly at the floor where he was currently laying face down, he was sure the gods hated him, with every ounce of ability there was to ever hate anyone he was hated by every deity ever thought to be in existence at anytime through human or any other history.


The small group was paused in the entrance way looking at the boys, Sasuke was laying face down on the floor at the end of the couch and Naruto was cowering behind the other end, shouting at the top of his lungs, not words in particular, just dattebayo over and over along with a slew of what were probably words if they had been slowed down.


Kakashi giggled behind his hand as Iruka gave them the most blatant 'are you stupid' stare ever, Neji smirked knowingly and Lee and Gai exchanged curious looks.

What the hell was that all about?

To be continued!

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