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As Kaen entered the class room she felt confident. She had been up since the brink of dawn training with her father and knew that she was already beyond the level on a Genin. Looking around the room most of the other Genin were older than her, most of them about ten. But placed in between them were three or four other students her age. Six, she thought, far too young to be shinobi… But then again we are at war.

Personally she felt that the level of Genin was too high for children under the age of twelve and she knew that most of the other villagers agreed as that was what the rules had stated before. But with war everything had changed. Now even the children of her age were able to become a shinobi at any level and take on any mission normally taken on by shinobi of that level.

This morning as she had left her home her step-mother had wished her luck. She just wished it had been her real mother and that she had survived to see her on her first day as an official shinobi. But still, her mother had died when she was very young and her step-mother had almost fully taken over that position. Her father had been much less interested in the fact that today was her first day as a genin and that she would soon be facing a test. He knew that she had the skills she needed and that she was going to be a first-class ninja. She wasn't all too bothered about her first day either, she knew that today she would find out who her sensei would be and who her team mates were. That was very important to her as they would be together for a long time and would be relying on one another. But she knew the test wasn't until tomorrow so there was nothing to worry about.

She stood in the doorway and looked around for an empty seat. Most of her fellow genin didn't realize what was happening today and they had all rushed there so that they didn't miss anything and so most of the seats were already taken.

She knew almost everyone there as she had been in classes with them for a while at the academy so she knew who she would be able to bear sitting next to for the rest of the day. She had a rather short temper and an attitude most of her fellow genins despised.

In the second to back row was a boy she had seen a few times but had never spoken to and she wasn't sure of his name. He seemed to be her age, with maybe a year's difference at most. She knew that he was the current heartthrob, although she wasn't interested, and decided he was probably an unbearable big head, but decided she could put up with it for the day considering how much it would wind up all his 'fan-girls'. And that satisfaction was worth any torment.

She walked over to him and asked him to move his feet which he had comfortably stretched out onto the chair next to him. She was quite surprised when he did this without a single word of disagreement, in fact, she was sure he had given her a brief smile.

He was about her height and had spiky yellow hair with bright blue eyes and he had a very laid back attitude about him. He seemed almost as relaxed about today as she was. However he seemed lazy, his whole posture spoke of an attitude she wasn't fond of: overly laid back, not bothered and all together care free. She on the other hand had a very dignified attitude about her. Although she was calm about everything, usually letting everything just pass her by, she paid a great amount of detail to everything that she came across and was probably more perceptive than anyone in the room, including their old chunnin teacher who had just walked in.

She sat down and the room became quiet immediately, awaiting what their ex-sensei had to say. He started off with a brief explanation of why they were there and the kind of things they should expect as genin. Kaen didn't bother to listen, she already knew all of it. Her farther was a legendary ninja after all.

As their sensei spoke she noticed the open window on the other side of the classroom. There was a gentle but substantial breeze lowing in. She loved the wind, the way it was so free, and also they way it represented logic and swift action. How she wished she had gotten here earlier and sat in that seat by the window.

All of a sudden she was shocked out of her reverie by a powerful sneeze next to her. She turned around to see the usually relaxed blond boy next to her looking rather dazed as if the force of his sneeze had shocked him. He gave her an accusatory look which she silently questioned as their sensei had started talking. He pointed to her hair. She had long bright but deep red hair that feel past her waist and curled on the chair behind her but from her daily training it was damaged and floated easily on the wind and from what he signified to her that is what had happened and had caused him to sneeze.

Their sensei then left the room to collect the list of the genin teams which had been amended that morning. When he had left the room burst out in chatter once again and this time the blond sitting next to Arell turned around and started talking to her.

"So what's your name then?" he asked.

Kaen laughed and just said, "Well aren't you polite! Whatever happened to introducing yourself first!"

"Oh yeah, hadn't thought about that, sorry. My name's Uzumaki Arashi."

She had to admit she was rather surprised by him, he didn't seem big headed at all! "I'm Hatake Kaen."

"It's nice to meet you Kaen-san! Wait a minute… isn't White Fang's name Hatake?"

"Yeah, he's my dad."

"That must be pretty cool. So does he teach you much or does he leave that up to the academy?"

"To be honest the academy hasn't taught me anything! My dad's taught me everything. My first memory is of him teaching me basic charka control. I think I was only about two. He's mad, as soon as I walk in the house he starts my training again! I don't really mind but its so exhausting. I've never been allowed to be a kid!" she said and laughed. The truth was that she acted far too old for her age in her opinion, and in the opinions of the other kids in the academy.

"You're lucky! As soon as I get in it's 'do this, do that' the only time I get to train is at night. And then, I'm always tired when I get to class. I don't think I've ever managed to stay awake for a whole day! That's why I came bottom out of everyone who graduated, I fell asleep in the exam and I'm always tired so I'm usually so tired I do the wrong technique or I don't use enough charka… It's pretty stupid really. But hopefully once I get onto my genin team we'll spend time training and I wont have to train all night"

"Yeah, I know what you mean, my dad can't seem to find enough hours in the day to fit in all my training! So, any idea who your sensei might be or who you want it to be?"

"I'm not actually sure of who the sensei's are. I'm not too bothered though, as long as I don't get stuck with some lazy idiot haha."

"Dad said that Tsunade and Jiraiya are both taking on new students… I really don't want to be on Jiraiya's team… Apparently he's a complete pervert and I really can't be bothered with that. Tsunade'd be pretty cool though. She's really clever and everyone knows about her healing abilities."

"I've heard about Jiraiya-" But just then their chuunin sensei walked back in and the room fell into silence once again, now with everyone expectantly and nervously awaiting their placements.

The chuunin rambled on through the long list. Kaen was quite surprised by the number of new genin that had passed this time. Then she heard her name and started paying attention. To her surprise Arashi was on her team as well as anther boy called Nuka Razu. So, she thought I'm the only girl, not that I'd expected there to be two girls on one team… This might be fun!

One by one the sensei's came in. There were nine teams in total, more than usually got to take the genin test in one go. Tsunade walked in with Jiraiya, the last two teams were waiting and Kaen started to get nervous, Please not Jiraiya, Please not Jiraiya, I'll do anything not to get him. Then Tsunade called out for her team, team four. The other team. Kaen slammed her head down on the desk, What have I don't to deserve this?

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