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Kaen woke with a start. Arashi had just rolled over and stretched out his arm, smacking her in the face. She pushed his arm away and looked at the time, 5:47. I might as well get up, at least I won't have to fight with these two over who gets the bathroom. She rolled out of bed and went to clean her teeth and take a shower.

When Kaen had finished in the bathroom it was already quarter past six, but when she walked back into her room the boys were still asleep, both snoring loudly. She walked to her wardrobe and got dressed then she waked to the bed and took hold of the cover in both hands and pulled it off the bed. The boys moaned at their disturbed sleep. Razu started to wake up but as usual Arashi simply curled up tightly, trying to keep warm. That was their cue. They both started tickling him: if he wouldn't wake up it was his own fault.

Razu and Arashi had stayed at Kaen's house a number of times. Every time Razu and Kaen had had to wake Arashi up and so far tickling was the best method. To start with he swatted at their hands while he was still half asleep. When that didn't work he started to wake up and tried the same method again. After a minute or two he was awake after having fallen out of the bed.

Razu took a shower next, followed by Arashi and by ten past seven they had all finished their breakfast. The three genin went back to Kaen's room and sorted their packs then left to meet Jiraiya. They knew they were early but they didn't want to be late, they all wanted to see what was outside the village. A whole new world none of them had ever seen before.

Jiraiya walked toward the bridge at quarter to eight, he wanted to be there before his students, mainly just so that he could wind them up by complaining about them being late, even f they weren't. He was quite surprised when he came into sight of the bridge and found all three of his genin there already. They were all sitting on the railings of the bridge talking about the mission they were about to leave on. He walked up to them "You three are early aren't you, couldn't you wait to spend more time with your amazing sensei?" He loved winding them up and he knew this would at least set Kaen off.

Sure enough she had to challenge him "Why don't you show us what's so amazing about you then sensei?"

"Ok then, if that's what you want" He reached inside his robes and pulled out a small notebook. "This is just some of why I'm so amazing! No pervert has ever been able to gather this much information without being caught and having it taken away!" 'That should really push her over the edge, she'll kill me if I carry on! Ha, she's so easy to annoy, it's just too much fun.

"You're disgusting sensei! Can we leave now please?" She said as she stood up. She knew he was just trying to wind her up and unfortunately he knew just how to do it. She couldn't believe he had just admitted to being a pervert and he wasn't even ashamed of it!

"Yeah sensei, can we leave yet? I really want to get going!" Arashi said. He had seen these little game between them before and although he found them funny the last thing he wanted all the way to Grass country was them arguing.

"Ok then, let's go." He said as he led the way off the bridge and away from Konoha.

They travelled west from Konoha, through the forests. It was a warm sunny day. The weather had been dry and so there was no humidity to make the heat uncomfortable.

All three of the genin had been in the forest outside Konoha before, chasing lost pets, so the area they were currently in was familiar to them. After another half hour however all three of them where in unknown territory, for them anyway. Jiraiya watched them as they pointed out features in the forests and the surrounding land to one another. It had been a long time since his first mission outside Konoha but watching his students brought back the memories of his awe at seeing a new world. His students however had the luck of getting along and being able to share their feelings whereas his team had always been fighting, even from the first day.

After about two hours they cleared the forest and soon came upon small towns. Some of them they had heard of, Jiraiya of course knew all of them and probably for the wrong reasons, Kaen thought.

At midday they sat down at the side of the road to have lunch. They weren't out of Konoha yet but Jiraiya didn't mind that, he had given them more than they needed because he wanted then to see their surroundings rather than rush through them just to get to a mission. The journey to Grass country only took two days to get there and back at a normal shinobi's speed but their client, who they were meeting in Kusagakure to bring back to Konoha, wanted to stop off at a number of villages on the way back. This meant that the journey was going to be a lot longer than that. Then he also had to take into consideration the fact that, unlike older shinobi, his students needed a lot of sleep because of their age, but that would probably be the same amount as their client anyway so he didn't think it would make a huge difference although it would slow them down a bit. Also, again because of their age, they needed more food than an older shinobi. This meant more stops. He really didn't mind though, he liked his students and he was willing to wait for them a while. He wasn't one to rush anyway.

As they were eating they started discussing the mission.

"So what are we actually doing on this mission Sensei? All you told us is that we're escorting a business man and that we're going to grass country. Why is it going to take two weeks?" Arashi asked.

"Well as you can see we haven't got the client with us which means that we're meeting him in Kusagakure. He's going to have a few of his products with him, not many, just a small bag for each of you to carry, and he wants to visit the villages and towns on the way to Konoha. He wants to stay in some of the towns for about two or three days which gives you time to explore and us time to train. His name is Takeuchi-san." They continued to talk about the details of the mission and finally packed up heir belongings and carried on.

A few hours later they reached a medium sized town where Jiraiya decided to stay for the night, despite the fact that it was only four in the afternoon. He walked into a small hotel and booked the room for the night. Because Arashi, Kaen and Razu were so young they weren't allowed to have separate rooms so they ended up sharing a four person room. As Jiraiya was doing this Razu Spoke up.

"Jiraiya-Sensei, why are we stopping so early?"

"Because I like this town, it's full of beautiful young girls." Jiraiya said, almost drooling at the thought. At this Kaen rolled her eyes, took the keys off Jiraiya and walked toward their room with the two boys in tow.

Kaen opened the door and dropped down on the nearest futon. They had been walking all day and her legs were starting to get tired. "So what did you think?" She asked excitedly.

"It was great! Everything's so different here and we aren't even that far away from home yet!" Razu said as he sat down on the next bed along. "There's hardly any shinobi here either! It's really strange."

"Yeah! It's Different to Konoha… But I can't wait to see grass country! Think about it, another country! If its different here just imagine how different it's gonna be there!"

They carried on talking until just a couple of hours later they fell asleep.

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