What Kind of Name is Seeley?

By: MachinaMaw Kana & x.Ninja.No.Yuki.x

Chapter Two Can you say Obsessed?

"Booth?" a woman walked up to Angel. She was carrying a skull in one hand and reaching out the other towards the vampire, but Angel jumped back, startled.

The woman had chestnut colored hair gathered together in a ponytail; her face was contorted with anxiety. "Booth, are you alright?" she asked again.

"I don't know who you're talking about, Devil Lady, but my name's not Booth."

"Excuse me! Did you just call me 'Devil Lady?' " Bones was offended.

"You're holding a human skull; the blood is still fresh, I can smell it!" Angel was backing away, the smell of human blood was getting tempting.

"Okay, I'm guessing you hit your head pretty hard when you fell from the ceiling, thin air…wherever it is you fell from, you must have hit the floor pretty hard to call Brennan a 'Devil Lady'." It was another woman walking towards them. She was light-skinned, her black hair was also in a ponytail.

"Stay away from me." Angel was ready for a fight.

"Booth, I think you should lie down," said the chestnut-haired woman.

"No, not 'til I get some answers," the vampire demanded.

"Um, alright for starters, my name is Angela Montenegro. This is Dr. Temperance Brennan." She pointed to her friend. "And those two gentle men up there," she pointed to a middle-aged man, whom Angel at first glance, had mistaken for a mouse, and a quirky looking kid. "That's Dr.

Jack Hodgins, and the little boy is Zack Addy."

"Hey!" said the one named Zack.

"And you," Dr. Brennan began, "are Special Agent Seeley Booth, you're the FBI's finest." She smiled.

Angel looked at them like they were insane and forced a laugh. "Okay, I can see you're all mentally unstable, so, I'll just let myself out." He was slowly making his way towards the door of the lab. "I don't know who you think I am, but I'm not him."

"That's impossible, you look just like Booth, and I'm sure he didn't have a twin brother. So you must be him!" She walked up to him examining his face.

"What are you doing?" Angel asked.

"I'm an anthropologist, I should be able to-" she stopped suddenly and before Angel knew what happened, Dr. Brennan hit him hard on the head with the skull. "Sorry, Booth." Angel was out like a light.

"Alright, Brennan!" exclaimed Hodgins, jumping out of his chair. Angela glared at him.

"Dr. Brennan, what did you do that for? You could have damaged the skull."

"Oh, don't worry, Zack, Booth's got a pretty thick head. He'll be alright." Bones reassured him.

"Not Agent Booth, that skull." He pointed to the bloody skull in the doctor's hands.

"Oh, this skull! I think it's okay." She examined it and they continued working on identifying the bodies.

World of Bones : 5 Hours later…

"This doesn't make any sense," Brennan said, a little frustrated, as she stared at the computer screen, eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

"What doesn't make sense?" Angela asked, standing in the doorway of Brennan's office.

"Nothing," Brennan answered casually. Or at least, she tried to. She fumbled with the mouse. As she did so, Angela approached her desk with a raised brow.

"What are you doing?" she asked, still coming closer.

Temperance continued fumbling with the mouse, trying to X-out of the telltale window, but for some reason, it wasn't allowing her to do so. Instead, tired of the fumbling, she just shut off the monitor. She looked back up at Angela and smiled.

"Like I said, nothing."

"Oh, really?" Angela didn't believe it for a second. She reached over Brennan's shoulder and tried to turn the monitor back on, but Brennan slapped her hand away.

"What are you doing?" Brennan's eyes narrowed.

"Just trying to figure out what's got you so jittery." Angela tried to turn the monitor on again, but this time, Brennan grabbed her arm. "What are you hiding, Temp?"

"Nothing, why are you so nosy?"

"It's in my nature," Angela said, smiling briefly before reaching out again, but Brennan's grip held strong. "Just let me look at-"

"No. It's none of your-"

"C-mon! Just-"

"Angela, stop-"

"Just what is going on here?" a loud, authoritative voice boomed out.

The two women looked up to see Dr. Goodman glaring at them from the doorway. They glared at each other then looked back at their boss and said, "Nothing!"

Dr. Goodman raised a brow. "Right. If you two are not doing anything, work-related or otherwise, then I suggest you start doing something. Preferably work-related." He gave a stern glare at the two of them, then he looked at Brennan. "Brennan, I need a word with you."

"But-" She glanced at Angela, who had a smug look on her face, then back at Goodman's strict-expression. "Yes, sir." She followed Goodman out of the door and into the hall.

Angela snickered and sat down at Brennan's desk chair. "Let's see what's got you so riled up, Temp," she said as she reached for the monitor.

"Angela?" Goodman poked his head back in through the doorway. She drew her hand back and looked up at him innocently.

"Yes, sir?" she asked.

"Get back to work!" he boomed and left again.

She looked back at the blank computer screen reluctantly. "Yes, sir." Angela sat up and Goodman left. She watched his retreating back and sat back down again. "Now that he's gone, a little peek couldn't hurt, could it?" She grinned and switched on the monitor. A brief look of surprise flickered over her face, but it was soon replaced by a mischievous smirk.

"Oh, this is good. This is really good."

She switched off the monitor and left the office in time to see Goodman leave Brennan in the hall alone.

"So what was that all about?" Angela began casually.

"He wanted a case report. He also wanted to make sure we were focusing our full attention on it." Temperance sighed.

"Ah, yes, well I can see where his concern comes from."

"What do you mean?" Brennan eyed her suspiciously.

"Well, how can his employees be focused on their assignments when they're busy constructing biological profiles of their crushes?" Angela raised a brow in triumph.

"Angela, you didn't."

She grinned. "I did."

"He's not my crush, that's so sophomoric." Brennan grimaced.

"Really? Then why do you have an archive of his medical information?"

"It is not an archive!" Brennan hissed. "And I'll tell you why." She went back to her office and returned with a CD. "Come here."

She and Angela walked briskly to the hologram simulation system. Brennan inserted the CD and Booth's face came up as a hologram along with a double helix.

"You have his DNA? Can you say 'obsessed'?"

"I could, but I'm not going to. Anyways, look at the nucleotide sequence." Brennan pointed and the strand of DNA.

"Yeah, DNA. How did you get it anyways?"

"Hair sample," she answered simply.

"Ok… That still doesn't explain why you have a medical breakdown of Booth on a disc."

"Just in case, you know," Brennan stared at the hologram of Booth's face. "Just in case something like this should happen." She gestured toward the image.

"Like wha-"

"The sequence here is AGTCCTCA et cetera, et cetera. But look at this." Brennan punched a few keys on the keyboard and an identical face came up, but…

"The code's different," Angela said, confused. "Why? And what does it mean?"

"It means that the person who came here today is not Booth."

"That would explain a lot. But, if he's not Booth, then who is he?" Angela asked, looking at the face.

"Dr. Brennan?" Zack poked his head in through the doorway.

"Yes, Zack," Brennan answered as she tapped the keyboard and the simulator turned off. She and Angela smiled at him.

"Ok…" He was a little creeped out by their faces. "Um, Booth just woke up and I think you may have cause him brain damage when you conked him with that skull."


"Ok, let's go over this again." Hodgins was holding his head in aggravation. "Your name is Seeley Booth. You're an agent for the FBI. Dr. Brennan, whom you have so lovingly christened 'Bones' is your partner when the FBI and Jeffersonian do joint cases. You-"

"For the last time, my name is not Seeley Booth! What kind of name is 'Seeley' anyway? My name is Angel!" He punched the nearest thing: a filing cabinet. When he drew his hand back, there was a very deep dent in the metal. Hodgins stared at it, awed and a little scared.

"Wow. Alright, I can see you're very passionate about this whole 'Angel' thing and everything, but may I recommend therapy for the identity confused and maybe some anger management?"

"I am not-" Angel began heatedly, but he was interrupted by Brennan.

"No, he's right."

Meanwhile in the World of Angel

The elevator dinged and the doors opened. A very confused Booth stepped into the hellhole known as Wolfram and Hart. He walked to the center of the lobby, he looked around, he saw well-dressed men and women all carrying suitcases talking on cell phones, well-dressed demons were also carrying suitcases and talking on cell phones.

"Angel! Angel!" He heard a woman call him from behind the desk. She was blonde, wearing a pink blouse and white skirt. Still confused, he walked with caution towards her, looking over his shoulder to make sure nothing was there. He made it about half way to the desk, when a black blur dropped in front of him. He jumped back, startled.

The blur became clearer. It was a man with platinum-blonde hair. "Heh, heh. Did you think you could hide from me, Angel? The Great Spike!" he exclaimed.

"Excuse me? Do I know you?" Booth asked him.

"Oh, don't be your dumb-self, Angel! You know why I'm here, you git!" he yelled.

"Um no, sorry, I really don't." Booth backed away some more.

"Well then, mate," Spike grinned. "Let me remind you." He put on his game face and made his away towards the frightened Booth.

"Oh, shit!" Booth cursed.

To Be Continued…

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