The Purple Cape

Warp returns, but this time BB is the one who travels in time. The Titans must trust their nemesis to find their friend before a rebellion does. Warning: story contains some graphic violence, underage drinking, mild language and adult topics. Relax, there's nothing here that will scar you for life.

Chapter 1: Gone Fishing

Beast Boy dropped the tackle box on the bench then separated the fishing poles. It was a fine day to be out of the Tower; just him, the girls and a whole afternoon fishing in the park. Beast Boy took a deep breath sampling the fresh salty ocean air and looked up into the clear blue sky overhead.

"Ok ladies, who's ready for a relaxing day of fishing!" Beast Boy turned to his cohorts. Starfire returned an enthusiastic smile while Raven casually took a seat on the other end of the bench and opened her book.

Raven could feel Beast Boy's cold stare and paused to look up at her annoyed partner. She had to stifle a sudden urge to laugh; the tacky looking fishing hat and vest was so out of place on her partner. "What?" she said with a slight smirk.

"You're supposed to be fishing, remember?" Beast Boy mildly lectured.

Raven quickly turned her attention to the book in her lap. It was much easier to keep a straight face if she didn't make eye contact. In truth she figured "fishing" would be a much more pleasant activity then sitting in the Tower listening to Robin and Cyborg play ultimate fighter on their game consul.

"What are you going to do, read all afternoon?" Beast Boy cried in astonishment.

Raven looked down at the page and squinted under the harsh sunlight. The reflection from the open book was too much. She slammed it shut. "You're right; it's too sunny here to read without my sunglasses." With that Raven closed her eyes, assumed her meditation stance and began floating above the bench.

"I can't believe you're going to pass up a chance to take fishing lessons from one of the best fisherman this side of the Mississippi!" Beast Boy said.

Raven opened one eye and shot her friend an annoyed look. "I thought fishing was supposed to be a quiet sport."

"Fine," Beast Boy said in aggravation, "but don't ask Starfire and me for any camera time when we land the biggest fish in city history!"

"What's a vegan going to do with a fish anyway?" Raven quickly countered. She kept her one eye open long enough to see Beast Boy grinding his teeth.

Beast Boy struggled to suppress his temper. "It just so happens I fish for the pure sport of it," he said in a strained voice. He took a deep breath to cleanse the anger welling up inside him. "Starfire, are you ready to land the big one?"

Starfire pressed her hands together, smiled then looked puzzled. "Um, you mean fish, right?" Beast Boy nodded trying to maintain his composure. Girls were hard enough to understand. Raven and Starfire represented two extremes of the spectrum. Maybe it was too much to try and hang out with both of them at the same time.

Beast Boy quickly opened the tackle box and inspected his collection of lures. "Ok, lure selection is the key to a successful fishing trip."

"What about worms?" Raven quickly added. Even with her eyes closed she could sense Beast Boy's body tense up upon her suggestion. He was just too easy a target to pass up.

"Impaling a living creature for the cause of sport is not something I approve of," Beast Boy muttered through his clenched teeth. He took a deep breath and recomposed himself. "Besides, this is ocean fishing. A plastic spinner is all you need. Here we go Starfire, these should do."

Beast Boy pulled out two lures and closed the tackle box. He carefully tied them onto the lines of the two fishing poles. He handed one pole to Starfire and walked up to the rail that separated the bench from the large rocks that sheltered the park from the ravages of the sea. The waves broke lightly on the rocks spitting frothy seawater upwards before receding back into the depths.

"Ok, Starfire the next important thing is the cast. Watch the expert…"

"…hook his shirt." Raven interrupted.

Beast Boy gritted his teeth again. After a brief pause he reached back with his pole, disengaged the reel's locking mechanism and flung the lure into the ocean. "There, a twenty yard cast, not bad." Beast Boy slowly wound the lure back in. "Go ahead Star, give it a try."

Starfire arched her pole back released the reel's locking mechanism and quickly swung the pole forward. The lure shot skyward and the line whirled loudly out of the reel. Beast Boy looked on in astonishment as Starfire's cast easily covered five times the distance of his.

"Um, was that not a good cast?" she asked after her friend's face drooped in disbelief. Raven began to snicker as she listened to the events unfurl.

"Oh, yea, great cast. Now reel it in slowly so it doesn't get tangled up in the rocks." Starfire followed his instructions. Beast Boy suddenly became overwhelmed by a feeling he was being watched. He glanced back and frowned. The park was relatively empty. Behind them was a large clump of trees. He shook his head and finished reeling in his line.

"Star, do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?" Beast Boy casually asked as he leaned his pole against the rail and looked down along the shore before shifting his eyes back to the clump of trees.

"Sometimes," she casually replied as she continued to slowly reel in her line.

"What does it feel like?" Beast Boy whispered as he kept his eye on the trees behind him.

"It is fine, usually. I sometimes catch Robin watching me. I pretend not to notice. Sometimes I'll bend over…"

"Whoa stop, too much information Star," Beast Boy quickly interrupted her. He shook his head trying to cast away that visual then slowly strolled back to the bench.

"Umm, Raven?" Raven grunted but continued her meditative stance floating above the bench. "Do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched?"

Raven opened her eyes. "Yea, sometimes," she coolly replied

"What do you do?" Beast Boy inquired.

"Well, I usually leave the room to get away from you."

Beast Boy shut his eyes and grimaced. The girls were no help. It was time to do some reconnaissance. "Listen, I'm going to check out those trees behind us, in disguise. You got my back?"

"I'll watch you like a hawk. Whistle if you need me." Raven closed her eyes and continued to meditate.

Beast Boy glared at his friend in frustration. He took off his hat and vest then put them on the bench. He quickly walked down the path that paralleled the ocean to a port-a-pod then entered and quickly morphed into a turtle. He then struggled to push the door back open before making his way back to the bench.

Raven continued to meditate. A sudden whistle startled her. She dropped to the bench then looked down at a large turtle on the ground. It winked at her then slowly made its way back towards the tree clump behind her.

Starfire looked back at Raven and then watched the turtle slowly crawl away. "He could have chosen something a little faster," she commented as she finished reeling in her line.

"Well, at least he chose something green to turn in to," Raven dryly commented. She closed her eyes and returned to her meditation. "Besides, that should give us several minutes of peace and quiet." Starfire nodded in approval then turned and cast her line back into the ocean.

Raven reached her center. She concentrated on the sound of Starfire's reel slowly turning and the waves sloshing against the shore. The sun warmed her arms and her hair waved in the cool salty wind. Far off in the distance she could hear the cries of children playing further in the park. From the trees behind her Raven heard a sudden cry, the cracking of branches and a loud whoosh followed by a blast of warm air.