Darkness Unveiled

Chapter 17-Beginning to Unravel the Truth

A very expensive lamp found itself thrown across the room as a Dark Lord glared at it in fury.

He had just gotten back from a meeting with Lucius who was convincing the idiotic Fudge to transfer Harry to Azkaban. Lord Voldemort knew that the island prison was much easier to break into than Hogwarts, and under the watchful eye of the bumbling fool.

However, it seemed that Dumbledore's influence was widespread. Not only had the plan backfired, but the Headmaster also gained custody of the Dark Heir. Harry was now in the legal custody of Dumbledore and Voldemort knew how hard it was going to be to bring his son home now.

'Damn it!' thought the Dark Lord as another lamp found itself smashed.

Ascending the staircase, as Harry reached the top step; he heard a protruding voice behind the door of the Headmaster's office say, "Come in Harry!"

Silently fuming, Harry did just that and looked into the eyes of a twinkling Headmaster.

The fact that the old wizard acted so familiar towards him drove him insane with rage. Despite how many times Harry told him to refer to him by his last name, the old fool always resorted back to "Harry."

Stiffly, Harry crossed the small office, looking at a glance while feigning boredom. He could see the small silver trinkets littering the office along with a perch of which a large ruby phoenix was occupying at the moment. He looked at the majestic bird who looked like it was in its top form and concluded that its burning day was past for a while and the next still won't happen for another week or two. The phoenix was now in peak, beautiful form.

The bird's watchful clear eyes followed Harry as he looked at the room and reluctantly returned his attention to the Headmaster.

"Ah, how do you like Fawkes, my boy?" asked a cheerful Headmaster after seeing Harry's fascination with his familiar.

Harry opted to remain silent and responded, "What did you want to see me for?"

Not put off, Dumbledore continued, "Well, as you're aware, we must move you to another place since Hogwarts' wards are being strengthened over the summer. Therefore, no one can stay in here that has nothing to do with the job itself."

"So where do you want me to go?"

Harry stared frostily at the unfazed wizard.

"There are two options. The first is that you can stay with your family—"

"—ex-family," corrected Harry as he cut in the sentence.

"At Godric's Hollow or you can stay with your godfather, Sirius Black."

Dumbledore seemed to hesitate for a moment before saying, "If you stay with Sirius, it will be at his family house which is where the Order meets. . ."

'Why's he telling me where the Order meets?' thought Harry in puzzlement.

"Of course the place is protected by Fidelius so no one but those that the secret keeper tells would be able to find it."

'Well that answers my question.'

Harry thought about his options, which weren't all that great. Either he had to go live with his ex-family, who he was quite sure didn't want him either, or with his very annoying ex-godfather.

Oh the joy of choices.

Harry glared at the old wizard at his options but found that the barmy old was quietly humming some annoying tune with twinkling happy eyes. Harry growled. He knew that staying with his godfather would be quite masochistic but living in the same house as his family would most likely cause him to commit suicide—or at the very least murder.

With that though, Harry snarled out a simple, "Black."

After he said that, Dumbledore clapped his hands together happily before saying, "Great my boy! I'm sure Sirius would be ecstatic to see you!"

Harry didn't even bother to correct him on his "endearment" seeing as how the Headmaster wouldn't notice anyways or coincidentally having a moment of "deafness."

"Now with that business cleared up, I must ask how old are you Harry?"

The boy looked at him in confusion. After all, if they knew who he was, why would they as him his age?

The Headmaster, seeing his confused look, simply said cheerfully, "Just procedure that I have to follow to make sure."


"Ah, lovely," he twinkled, "That means that you will be starting your fifth Hogwarts year come September!"

It took a moment for the Dark Heir to properly process what the Leader of the Light said.


While outwards Harry only showed fury, inside his heart was picking up its pace from fear. Despite Harry's loyalty to his father and his belief that the Dark Lord surpassed Albus Dumbledore in power, there was a small part of him that knew that the Dark Lord feared the old wizard for a reason. Though over one hundred and fifty years old, the Headmaster of Hogwarts has not diminished in his skill with the wand.

"Why the hell would I need to go to school?! It's not like I haven't learned all this shit that you're doing right now years ago!" exclaimed Harry.

"Language Harry!" scolded a stern Headmaster, "And while it's true that you've learned some or most of the materials, you still need to take your O.W.L.S. in order to have a successful career," he lectured as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Harry stared at the other, not quite sure if he was serious, or at the very least all there in the head.

Why in the world would an heir of the DARK LORD need to take that stupid test to "succeed in life?" Somehow I doubt an O.W.L. in Defense Against the Dark Arts will show my qualifications for taking over the world.

With that thought, the raven haired boy almost burst out laughing.

Wow, I must be really tired or something to be thinking of that.

Not wanting to waste time arguing a matter that he would not win, Harry sighed and conceded, albeit reluctantly.

The cheerful Headmaster smiled before saying, "Lovely, now would today be a good time to move into Sirius' home?"

Harry bit back a, "NO!" simply because he knew the question was rhetorical and he would be leaving today no matter what. Forcing back a sign, Harry nodded.

"Well then, I'll floo you right over and your possessions can be sent over to Sirius' home."

For this statement, the Dark Heir had to try very hard to ask, "What possessions?"

With that said, Headmaster Dumbledore handed the teenager a small piece of parchment paper. Looking at it, Harry saw neat curvy handwriting that no doubt belonged to the Headmaster of Hogwarts. The parchment read:

The Order of the Phoenix

May be found at

Number 12 Grimmauld Place

No sooner had he read the piece of paper, it burst into flames, leaving nothing but ashes where it had once existed. Surprisingly, or rather unsurprisingly, the act did not cause any harm to his hands. The flames felt like a warming charm over his hands but no more heat than that. With a glance at his hands, they looked perfectly normal with no burn scar to be seen.

Phoenix power, thought Harry as he threw a sharp glance at the phoenix. The magnificent bird returned his gaze calmly and innocently which caused Harry to narrow his eyes. He didn't for one minute believe in its innocent act.

"I'm sure Harry, that you'll have remembered about your—ah—restrictions here at Hogwarts," said Dumbledore.

The black haired teen bit back a growl. How could he forget the constant reminder of his imprisonment?

"Well I'll just place a charm on it so that the next building you are in, it will be the same as at Hogwarts. You will not be allowed to leave the grounds of Headquarters; everything would be the same, including the pain. I'm afraid that Ministry regulations can be a bit trying."

Really?! You think, you manipulative old coot! And I'm pretty sure you weren't even trying to fight this stupid restriction.

The older wizard stepped forward with his wand extended and it took all of Harry's willpower to not allow his training to take action. He had been raised that should any approach him with a wand, it was attack and ask questions later.

A faint silver glow emitted from Dumbledore's wand as Harry heard him chant a rather long incantation, which wasn't Latin as the teen was fluent in that.

As a small chill went throughout his body, Harry watched as the Headmaster stepped back, satisfied with the results.

"Now Harry, just step up to the Floo and shout out the address. Please note that should you shout any other place, the floo won't work because it's only open to Headquarters right now."

The Dark Heir forced back a roll of the eyes. Honestly, how low was Dumbledore's opinion of him if the Headmaster thought he was going to try something that obvious and stupid in front of the Headmaster? Obviously he had very low opinions of the Dark Heir.

Harry grabbed a pinch of the powder before tossing it into the spacious fireplace in Dumbledore's office.

"Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place!" he shouted into the green fire as he stepped into the fireplace.

Suddenly, the familiar swirl of flooing caused him a slight disorientation as he arrived at his destination. Despite his using this method of traveling many times before, Harry stumbled slightly as he exited the fireplace.

Blasted floo, he thought.

As he stepped out of the fireplace's path, Harry dusted himself off of the dust and soot.

And that's why I don't like this method of traveling, he growled internally in annoyance.

The Dark Heir surveyed the room of the place that he would be spending the summer in. All in all, it was rather gloomy with an air that screamed uninhabited. Apparently, Black hadn't lived in it for a while but was using it for the Order's headquarters.

The room wasn't uninhabited however.

As soon as he felt someone's presence in the chamber, Harry straightened up from dusting himself and stared coldly into his ex-godfather's blue eyes. His facial expression could be considered emotionless at best and passionate hatred at worst, depending on how hopeful the person was.

"Black," hissed the teen as the fireplace flared again and the Leader of the Light stepped out of it.

Unlike Harry's exit however, he stepped out with careless grace that made it seem like stepping out of a whirlwind traveling across great distances was an everyday occurrence (which it most likely was).

Dumbledore didn't even seem perturbed or even notice the scene unfolding before him. He was quite cheerful as he twinkled at them, seemingly ignoring the glaring teen and the pleading look the other wizard gave him.

The Headmaster was interested at their relationship, if you could call it that really, seeing as Harry hated Sirius for reasons unbeknownst to him. Harry kept referring to his childhood with Sirius as abuse. For reasons to the best of his knowledge, Sirius treated Harry as one would treat a son—if not better. Every time that Dumbledore went over to the Potters' house, he would see Sirius giving gifts to the elder Potter child along with playing with him. So what abuse was Harry talking about? Was it possible that Voldemort twisted Harry's memories of his childhood? If so, the Dark Lord might have just lost his main follower!

His mind began whirling with this new information. Of course! How could he have not noticed it before?! Dumbledore felt like he could have smacked his head at his own stupidity and blindness. Many situations came up on ways that the Headmaster could get Harry to "repair" the relationship between the two.

Dumbledore wasn't ignorant. He knew that Harry was a major piece in the chess game that the Dark and the Light played. His role could tip the scale in favor of the Light.

Deciding to ponder on the matter at a later time, Dumbledore asked Sirius, "Sirius? Why don't you show Harry to his rooms? I'm sure he's tired and there'll be a meeting as usual tonight," finished the Headmaster amicably.

"Farewell Harry, Sirius," he greeted before flooing back out in a flash of emerald green.

The silence that followed was almost deafening.

After moments of shifting uncomfortably, Sirius summoned enough courage to ask the teen, "Shall we go?"

There was no response but Sirius turned and started walking towards a rather old looking staircase. Harry made to follow him, seeing as how there wasn't any chance of his escape.

"BLOOD TRAITOR!! A DISGRACE TO MY NAME! YOU ARE NOT FIT TO LEAD THE MOST NOBLE HOUSE OF BLACK! GET RID OF ALL THE BLOOD FILTH FROM MY HOUSE!" screeched a voice rather loudly as they passed by a curtain partially hiding something.

"Bloody hell," he heard Black swore as he tried to wrestle with the curtain to cover it.

As his ex-godfather swung the thick curtain, Harry could see a corner of a portrait. So who was the portrait off?

From what he had deduced from the constant shouting, it was no doubt Black's mother, or grandmother. The Heir deducted that it was of kin to Sirius Black and obviously one of his father's supporters. Also, the voice was feminine, taking out the option of it being a patriarch or the family.

Finally the offending voice was cut off. Harry thought it was just because she was slightly miffed at being cut off from speaking.

"Bloody portrait," muttered Black as he ascended the stairway. The ascension was filled with rather colorful explicates about his mother, whom Harry now knew as the person of the portrait.

For a moment, Harry looked at the man in amusement. However, that was before he caught himself and maintained a constant stolid, if not hateful, look.

As they approached the top of the staircase, Black pointed to a room.

"This is your room for the summer," he said nervously, "I hope it's to your standards Harry."

Like with the Headmaster, Harry glared at the name but then turned to survey his new room.

Though not overly spacious, it was somewhat similar to his room at his father's Headquarters. Dark red and gold seemed to be the prevailing theme of the room, he thought in disgust. A bed, bureau, desk, and chair adorned the room. Even though the house was rather old, Harry thought that the chambers looked quite modern and very nice.

The teenager realized that Black wasn't about to leave anytime soon without a signal so he nodded slightly and went into the room as his ex-godfather descended the stairs.

Sirius Black was at a loss of what to do.

His long lost godson—who was thought to be dead—was back to him, but hated his very being. Furthermore, said godson also happened to be raised by an evil Dark Lord who actually seemed to care about Harry, he concluded at the amount of loyalty Harry showed towards his "father." As if that wasn't complicated enough, Harry's parents didn't seem to want him. They apparently thought that he was evil or some of that rubbish.

This is stuff that muggles would think of in that soapy opera, or whatever it was that Arthur was talking about.

Sirius forced back a bitter laugh.

It seemed that life and fate would always throw him curveballs.

Sighing, Sirius thought back about his situation with his godson, whom he regarded as a son.

Harry hated his guts. Actually, Harry hated any and all from the Light, but he seemed to focus all his hatred towards Lily, James, Moony, and him. Briefly, he thought about all that Harry said about him.




What did Harry mean when he said that?

Sirius replayed all the moments that he stayed with Harry. From the teen's birth to his final birthday, in which Sirius gave him a snake (which he now felt slightly guilty for), he and Moony had always treated him with love. The pair had noticed how Lily and James were slightly cold towards the lovable boy, so they poured all their love into him.

So what did Harry mean?

From what Sirius could remember, he had never hurt the boy.

Could it be that Harry remembered different memories than what had happened? The Animungus was about to rule out that option had it not been for one fact: Harry grew up with the Dark Lord.

After all, six years was a long time in a child's early years. No matter how little children were, they would not so terribly mix up the facts as to mistaken love for abuse.

Then it clicked.

Voldemort did something to his godson.

A bubbling fury started to rise within him. It wasn't enough that the Dark Lord took away his godson, but he made it so that they would never get him back. They may have him physically, but mentally, he would forever hate them for something they never did.

That thought tore at Sirius' heartstrings.

They just have to find out how to fix this!

After a thorough examination, Harry found that there was a small eavesdropping bug within his room. He allowed himself a roll of the eyes. Who in the world would he discuss crucial information to in the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix??!! It was just common sense!

He laid on the rather comfortable bed (not that he would admit this to anyone) and thought about his little predicament.

One thing stuck with him, and that was the fact that Black seemed to be puzzled when he mentioned his memories of abuse at their hands. Was it an act so that Dumbledore wouldn't see that his perfect Gryffindors aren't so perfect? Or was it…something more?

Despite what his heart told him, his mind screamed that they weren't lying. After all, Gryffindors can't properly lie to save their lives. That was a Slytherin trait.

So if they weren't lying, then what?

If Black and the Potters were telling the truth, then his father was lying.

But that can't be true!

Despite what his loyalty to his father said, Harry couldn't help thinking that there was something more to this. What frustrated the hell out of him was what he didn't know what.

"Just what the bloody hell is going on?" he whispered into the silent room.

As the Dark Lord rubbed his ruby red eyes wearily from reading the vast reports in front of him, he felt a small pang of confusion followed by a full-blown feel of it.

What confusion in turn caused him to be confused…and slightly apprehensive?

What was his Heir so confused about?

With that line of thought, Lord Voldemort sent a trickle of power to start a mind conversation with his heir and son. To his surprise, he couldn't gain access to his heir's mind.

That wouldn't have startled him if not for the fact that his son was in the hands of the enemy. Therefore, Harry was utilizing very strong Occlumency to protect his mind. However, if he was feeling confused (and therefore pondering in private), why would his mind be closed?

The Dark Lord couldn't shake the small feeling of unease from appearing.

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