It was so easy. It somehow shouldn't be. But it is. She could do it any time. Even if she couldn't. She just needed a chance. And she made chances.

Jinx stood in front of Terra's...Terra. Her pink upright pig tails wafted as the supervillain-That's right. Not criminal with powers. Supervillain. That is what this is going to be about after all. Jinx knew she could be something more than another crook with an edge. The Red-X and Raven had shown that. She just needed to find out what that something was. And that mystery was more than likely behind a locked door. She knew what the door was. She just needed a key.

And here stood a lovely key. The best way to break a superhero's self-aggrandizing hypocrisy is to be better than they are. Hell, people didn't even think the Batman even existed until he was broadcast on national TV leading the Justice League better than everyone's favorite inspirational boyscout in a cape. And not one of the Teen Titans could help Terra. No level of technology, clue-hounding, dark magic, bitching or super happy grrl power could. Because the solution was so easy. In fact too easy...for them.

"Should I stay or should I go?", Jinx asked the rock in front of her. The form continued to glare with the intensity of a young girl trying to focus her powers, beyond her control though they may be, at stopping an erupting volcano that she herself had caused. "If I stay...there will be trouble.", Jinx pointed out while raising her right hand. "But if I go, there will be double.", she continued while raising her left. "You gotta let me know."

"Should I stay?"

"Or should I go?"

Jinx' eyes narrowed. Then glew. Then she slapped Terra out of her rocky prison.

Terra flopped on the rocky cave floor. It was as if she didn't know she was suffocating because she forgot to breathe. Jinx scoffed. Jinx lifted the only superpowered girl she knew with a smaller cup size than herself by the armor plate wrapped around her chest. Jinx pressed her lips to Terra's and blew as hard as she could with out pink glowing help.

As Terra's breathing returned to normal she tried to ask. "Whuh?"

"You were feeding your powers from the rock of the earth.", Jinx replied. "Your powers, in turn, kept moving rock from your surroundings around your form. So you were a statue. With the combination of probability precoginition, experience with combat applications thereof, yadda yadda yadda, I slapped you back to your blondy blue eyed self."

Jinx then grabbed the now prone Terra by an ankle. "Come on, Goldilocks. I got use for you.", she said while dragging the girl off.