My first Degrassi fic and my first fic on this site.

A/N: This set after HF Part 2.

Pairing: Palex… some Darco.

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Chapter One (Part One)

Lugging a box of her hygiene products outside, Paige Michalchuck narrowed her eyes at the sight of her brother and her best friend Marco as the two fooled around on the hood of her Explorer. "Um, I'm really glad you two got back together and I have been since two months ago when it happened, but get over the second honeymoon faze and help me load up, 'kay?"

Marco pulled away from his boyfriend's lips and smiled sheepishly, "Sorry, Paige. We got carried away." The dark haired teen got to his feet and walked over to the girl and took the box from her. "How much more stuff do you have left?"

The blonde shrugged, "About four more boxes."

"Three," stated Alex, coming from the Michalchuck's house with a box marked 'dress clothes' in her arms. She passed her two friends and placed the cardboard carrier into the SUV. "Can we go to The Dot after this? I'm starved and a little bit tired from hauling both of your guys' things all morning." She leaned up against the vehicle and looked pointedly at Paige and Marco.

"Hey, you volunteered to help out." Paige gestured to the boy next to her, "And Marco had like, a gazillion boxes. I made a lot of sacrifices and only packed nine."

"Please," scoffed the aforementioned teen.

"It's true, honey." Dylan shrugged apologetically, "Paige had to give up some of her shoes to have room in the car for the two of you. For her, that's like really selfless."

Alex chuckled, "Yep."

"Shut up," pouted the blonde as she walked over to her ex and smacked her in the shoulder.

The raven haired girl rolled her eyes, "Why did I deserve that? Your brother said it."

"Yeah, but you agreed."

Dylan hopped off from the hood of the Ford and headed inside. "Come on, let's get back to work. The faster we get this done, the sooner we can relax and go to The Dot because I'm starving, too."

And so, that's what the group did.


"What's up, you guys?" greeted Spinner from behind the counter of the diner.

Closing the door behind Alex, Paige, and Marco, Dylan excused himself to the restroom.

"Just got finished moving out stuff and into the car for tomorrow," answered Paige. She sat on one of the stools and grabbed a menu, Alex and Marco doing the same.

The waiter grinned, "Must be excited as 'Harvard of the North' awaits."

Paige took a glance at Alex, her eyes filled with sadness. She quickly covered it up and looked at the menu, "Yeah, definitely."

"Definitely," echoed Marco.

Returning from the bathroom, Dylan plopped onto the seat beside Marco.

"Ready to order?" Spinner questioned.


After spending some time at The Dot, Paige drove her brother and Marco to the house and dropped them off. She knew the couple had plans for the rest of their last day together. The blonde turned her head to the girl seating in the passenger's seat. "Thanks for much needed help today," she whispered.

A few moments passed, till Alex met Paige's eyes and shrugged, "You gonna take me home?"

"I was actually thinking that maybe we could hang out?"

The raven haired girl nodded and the asked hesitantly, "You want to… I don't know… go to the mall?"

After graduation the girls had spent some time together, becoming friends again, but for some reason never went to the mall with each other. Maybe it was because that was where they broke up.

"Uh, last time I went there with you, I almost got into trouble because of a certain CD being placed into my purse by a certain person," she playfully threw out.

"I'm sorry about that," spoke Alex, her voice low. "It was stupid."

Paige slowly, nodded, "Yeah, well… it's in the past." She bit her lip and began to drive, "So, since it's in the past… the mall it is."

"Maybe we can bug Jay at the theatre. He told me he got a job there," snorted Alex.

Trying not to laugh at the image of Jay in the brown uniform, Paige failed miserably.

Her ex joined along with her in the laughter.


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