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"Larxene... What the hell are you doing?"

Larxene, one arm around his neck and the other clutching his shoulder, whimpered and lowered her head to the crook of his neck. "Axel..."

Axel stood frozen in shock. This wasn't Larxene's normal behavior, not at all. Larxene didn't come up to you in the library and throw her arms around you. Larxene didn't caress your neck. Larxene certainly didn't whimper. And she definetly didn't nuzzle against anyone's neck.Larxene was more apt to come up to you and cut your throat. I'd take the sadistic witch over this one anyday, Axel though as she whimpered again. "Larxene! What-"

Larxene, it seemed, had gotten tired of whimpering and caressing. She had lifted her head and placed her lips upon his. When she noticed that Axel wasn't returning her kiss, her eyes opened and her lips lifted partly off of his.

Axel was in even more shock. All he could do was look into her eyes. They were filled with love, compassion, undying devotion - emotions Larxene would never show. But now, among the others, sadness. Axel, never a man to leave a woman hanging, returned the kiss.

Feeling his lips moving slowly under hers, Larxene closed her eyes again and continued her kiss. Axel's eyes drifted closed, and his arms wrapped around her, bringing her body closer to his own. One hand went up, into her blonde hair, and held her head still. Larxene moved her hand from his neck to his hair, bending his head down slightly. During their kiss, the door to the library opened without warning and Zexion stepped through.

"Larxene, Vex-" was all he got out before he noticed Larxene and Axel standing in front of a bookcase, entangled in each others arms. "...Oh..."

Axel pulled away from Larxene at the sound of Zexion's voice. "Zexion," he said. "Why are you here?"

Zexion nodded slowly, remembering. "Vexen slipped a love potion into Larxene's drink earlier, and now he wants to give her the antidote."

"Love potion?"

"Yes," Zexion said, a smirk twisting his features. "She must've fallen for you."

Axel looked down at Larxene, who was resting her head on his chest, and then back at Zexion. "You have got to be fucking kidding me."

Zexion shook his head, crossed his arms, leaned up against the wall. "Am I the joking type, Axel?" he asked.

Axel sighed. "No."

"Let's go, Larxene," Zexion said, jerking Larxene out of a trance. "Vexen's waiting."

Against Axel's chest, Larxene shook her head. "No..." she muttered, gripping his shoulders tighter. "I don't want it."

Axel rolled his eyes, moved his hands to Larxene's waist, and pushed her forward until every part of her body was off of him. "Go with him, Larxene," he said, letting his hands fall to his sides.


By the door, Zexion yawned.

And a loud explosion resounded through the library.

"Demyx has gotten into Vexen's lab again, I believe," Zexion said. He sighed, ran his fingers through the hair over his eye, and pushed up off the wall. "Doesn't look like any antidote is getting into her tonight," he said as his hair fell back over his eye.

Axel looked at Larxene in front of him, and then back to Zexion. "You mean I'm going to have to put up with this?"

Zexion nodded, and Larxene was gripping Axel's shoulders in an instant. "Exactly."

Axel pushed Larxene off of him, onto the ground. "I'm going to kill Vexen."

"Along with everyone else in this castle, right?" Zexion said.

Axel glared at Zexion - and pushed Larxene back to the ground. "Dammit, Larxene, stop that!"

"She's not going to."

He pushed her to the ground again.

"She loves you."

And again.

"The least you could do is let her hang onto you."


"I kissed her, dammit," Axel said, irritated at Larxene's constant hugging and clutching.

"That's not enough." Zexion would have laughed right then and there if it wasn't for the death glare Axel was giving him. "She loves you, idiot. You just don't kiss someone who loves you and leave."

Axel clenched his hands into fists and welcomed the hard metal of his chakrams.

"So now we're getting violent," Zexion said, pushing off of the wall and standing on his feet. "I suggest you put those up, we're about to have company."

The door opened and Demyx rushed in, laughing, a beaker of greenish liquid in his hands. Vexen came in after him, his shield in his hand and a look of fury across his face. "Hand it over, Demyx!" Vexen yelled.

Demyx stopped in between Axel and Larxene and looked at the beaker. "What is this anyway?" He shrugged, brought the beaker to his mouth, and swallowed the contents.

"Demyx, you fool!" Vexen roared as Demyx dropped the beaker and shuddered. "That was the antidote to the love potion!"

"It's digusting..." Demyx whined, ignoring Vexen. "Why do all your potions taste so nasty?"

Vexen could have killed him.

Zexion was roaring with laughter by now. Enduring the sight of Axel being hugged by Larxene every three seconds without laughing he could do. Seeing Demyx drink the antidote that Axel so dearly wanted to give Larxene just to piss Vexen off was something else.

"Demyx..." Axel said. "You're a fuckin retard."

Demyx glanced over at Axel - and jumped nearly four feet into the air, howling, as his leg had burst into flame. "Ahh... That hurt..." he said, after he had put out the fire.

Axel scowled and started towards Demyx again, only to be embraced by Larxene. "Oh, dammit!"

Demyx joined Zexion in laughing at Axel's misery.

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